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Gwyn's Hubby: Coldplay Hothead!

1/17/2008 12:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

After leaving the hospital with his wife Gwyneth Paltrow early Tuesday morning, Chris Martin got into a bizarre altercation with a paparazzo in the middle of the street. Respect!

Chris tackled the photog and screamed at him -- but then the pap got up and went after Chris!


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Standards are badly needed.    

Absolutely. It's entertainment news, but the paps are supposed to report it, not instigate it. If you don't watch a busy street, accidents are still going to happen whether you watch it or not. Observers do not make the news happen.

2468 days ago


Of course Chris Martin's a douche, look who he married, a woman who thinks in the grand scheme of things that 'fashion' is somehow important. Believes it and internationally perpetuates it. Plus he's saddled with the knowledge that Coldplay peaked as a belittling "Radiohead Lite".

2468 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

One of these days.....

2468 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Paps should keep their mouths shut. They have no business addressing people they've never met, and baiting them with comments.That's attempting to manufacture news.

2468 days ago

just me    

oh, please chris martin is a talentless @zzhole! so uncalled for! get different jobs if they don't like it! he's a loser anyway!

2468 days ago


If you're paparazzi... fine, take your pictures, take your video footage.
However, it is NOT part of your job to verbally badger and/or ask their target questions.

If the paparazzi are close enough to touch/bump/trip their target, or touch/invade their homes or vehicles, that's harrassment. Celebs could argue that they feared for their personal safety and reacted accordingly.

I would consider someone charging at me, chasing me, or forcing their way into my vehicle a threat.

2468 days ago


Yeah paps sometimes cross the line but they weren't hurting her physically. He wasn't protecting her from an attack. They asked her questions, yeah. They're gonna. Come on now. Gwyneth and Chris MADE that sacrifice when they chose to become famous, enter the business and make millions. If you're gonna reap the benefits then you have to take the disadvantages too. It's their own fault for being in the business in the first place, and these two weren't thrown in as kids, they CHOSE to do what they do. They get photographed and harassed a lot less then other people so they need to get over it.

So what, a paparazzi hounded you? That doesn't give you the right to steal or attack them physically.

That just makes Chris even worse than them. At least they weren't resorting to physical violence.

2468 days ago


I love Chris Martin, something must be seriously wrong with the poor man for him to lash out like he did. I hope all is well.

2468 days ago


A waste of space paparazzi is one to dispense moral lessons.

2468 days ago


Good for him! There need to be stalker laws passed to keep these paps from endlessly harassing people, and until that happens, maybe the people being stalked just need to push back. I'm really, really afraid someone else is going to die ~ I say someone *else* because the paps are already essentially responsible for the death of Princess Diana.

2468 days ago


Shoulda had a cattle prod. Go Chris!!!

2468 days ago


these two are so freaking uptight. if you can't handle the paparazzi maybe chris should become a high school band director and gwyneth should go do community theater in paducah, kentucky. better yet, make a pact with the press that they'll stay out of your face if you promise to stay out of ours, i.e. we don't have to turn on the tv and see gwyneth trying to sell us cosmetics. get over yourselves already.

2468 days ago


The Martins are way too precious about themselves.

2468 days ago


right on man, leave her alone. I wouldnt want cameras there if i just got out of the hospital. He was protecting his wife. You paps go waaay to far for a picture.

2468 days ago


OK...for all of those who are defending the husband's WAY over the top reaction to a simple compliment and photo, why are you ON this website? If you are so against the paparazzi, this site should hold no appeal for you. These two guys were A LOT more respectful than others I have seen! And truthfully....Paltrow is a DULLARD and wasn't worth all this.

2468 days ago
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