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Lutfi Barges in on Naked, "Stinky" Brit

1/17/2008 1:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney's "manager" Sam Lutfi called into On-Air with Ryan Seacrest this morning -- and when he wasn't talking about Brit's mysterious pregnancy test or the possibility of her marrying Adnan, he was busy taking a peek at Spears' nekkid bod.
Britney & Sam: Click to listen
Spears is even heard yelling, "I stink!" in the background. Might be time for the unraveled Brit to get reweaved!


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Britney u suck!    

why so long to get the comments to inbox?

2441 days ago


77. Re: post #3
While some of what you said about Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) which you are referring to as Multiple Personality Disorder (a name and disorder which does not exist) is true, you are off the mark on a number of things and I would not want people to read what you said and take it as fact or even close to entirely true. Again, there is no such thing as Mulitple Personality Disorder, it is DID look it up. Second, you not only claim that true bipolar disorder is rare (not true) but you describe the symptoms and course of it with a general description like that is typically how most individuals experience the disorder. Wrong again! While the disorder if often over-diagnosed (if that is what you are referring) it is by no means rare in terms of mental health issues. Also, your descritption of a person who falls into "catatonic" low depressive states is inaccurate and not a common occurance of symptoms in someone with true bipolar disorder. Yes most (but not all people) fluctuate between manic highs and states of depression...but your depiction of the depressive state is not characterisitc or common. Please do not post something like that with inaccurate and gerenal incorrect comments like what you are saying is expert. It is irresponsible. If you are some type of so called "expert" then you need to go back to school and re-educate yourself on accurate information and diagnosis before you go out and treat another person. I am a professional and would never act so irresponsibly to make such sweeping, general comments to a post where so many people would read it and may never do their own research to clear up the inaccurate information.

Posted at 3:02PM on Jan 17th 2008 by Nikki


Your comments are very intellectual and make and good argument. Thank you for that. I have been a psychiatric nurse for over 20 years and have dealt first hand, in very close proximity, to the very mentally ill. True Bi-polar is a very rare menal disorder. Usually people who are really up, then down in later days, have some sort of depression. Bi-polar is a very severe mental illness that is defined by very extreme ups, followed by very extreme lows. I don't know how to explain it other than that.

2441 days ago


It's like a horrible wreck. You can't help but watch. However, I'm board now. Britney get over yourself and this I'm a princess diana thing. Your not, you can never compare to Princess Diana. Your very much a moron, most stars that came from your Disney childhood era have managed to get a grip. It's time for you to get a grip. Oh by the way. You are getting uglier and uglier by the day

2441 days ago


How 'bout we drop all the britney news and you all just let us know when she's killed herself? Save us some cyberspace.

2441 days ago


Hopefully Sam wasn't lying about her having Dr. appts this week. I hope she goes!

2441 days ago


Okay people ,need a great LAUGH ...look on the menu bar where you'd hit for the home page now 2nd to the end says "Nice stories" click on it you will laugh your azzzzzzzzzes off .Still ROTFLMMFAO ,just stopping long enough to type this and share with you all !!!

2441 days ago


I mean BIG DEAL omg, who cares, seriously who doesnt stink??? How stupidis this whole subject?

2441 days ago

Lori B    

Just to get this out to the public, my x-hubby was a methhead. He was ordered to take random drug tests by his work. He purchased a urine heater online, which he could just hide in his pants. Apparently he was also able to buy clean urine on line. When he couldn't afford that, he used other peoples' urine which he knew was clean. He was never caught. I'm not sure if they have someone actually in there watching as Britney urinates, but even if that were the case, this heater is very easily concealed. I've seen some nasty bipolar disorder, and my X was among those people. He liked the highs of the mania, and doing meth made the highs even more thrilling from what I understand. It's not at all unusual for people with bipolar disorder to do meth or coke as well, to make the high that much higher. The thing that I don't get is the whole British accent thing. I've never heard of that as a symptom of mania, but if she went psychotic, nothing they do makes any sense. The fact that she appears to be back to the old Britney within a matter of hours is just really odd. She definitely loves the spotlight.

2441 days ago


Re: #91
Thanks for your comments and for adding your years of experience to the conversation. Personal experience is a powerful background to pull from. As you know from your experience, true Bipolar Disorder is expressed in very different ways for each individual with each person demonstrating bery different symptoms and/or severity of highs and lows. That was more the point I was trying to make...that there is no "Catch all" generic picture of Bipolar Disorder, it is acutally a very individual occurance in the way it manifests itself for each individual who suffers from it. Thanks again for your input! I didn't mean to make this whole post a big mental health debate, I just wanted to clarify some of the information for people to paint a hopefully more accurate picture.

2441 days ago

Natalie Herbert, Il    

Brittany - you want to get away from the PAP's and relax come to my place, it's small but no -one will bother you.
Please people leave her alone. I am a 43 year old mother of 2 my kids are 15 & 19. Can't you realize that she is under the microscope every second of the day. This will never help her. I know that if YOU were being watched 24/7 that something that you did not want people to see would show up. If I was watched I would go crazy. All mothers have made mistakes and have regrets but you move on and learn by our mistakes, but how can you do that when people won't let you heal. You will ALL regret what you have done to her one day when something bad happens. Remember YOU pushed her there.

2441 days ago

2 1/2 Volts    

Taste like chicken.......................................Smells like fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2441 days ago


Brit and her guy pals are having a laugh!! They think it's funny to do stuff like this to gain attention. How immature! She is not mentally ill! Maybe on Drugs. But for sure CHILDISH and STUPID! Who does these kind of things?? It's all an attention stunt! Who demands that a store open for them at 2am? What manager is dumb enough to open it up? Make them shop like normal people. Who the heck goes shopping at 2am? It's all for attention!! Don't feel sorry for her! Feel sorry for her kids!!

2441 days ago


Sources tell us that Brit and Adnan are currently not on each other's good side, but the reason may surprise you.
Apparently, Adnan is FED-UP with Britney's lack of hygiene. She has to be coaxed to take a shower or bath at least once a week, and has not taken kindly to Adnan's requests.
For his part, Adnan is beside himself. He was prepared for a pretty rough roller coaster ride when he hopped on board with Brit, but cleanliness is very important to a Muslim, and her lack of it is a serious problem for him. In speaking with his friends back home in Birmingham, he said he's often so nauseous that he's taken to sniffing a small bottle of nilodor disguised as amyl nitrite. Most difficult for him is feigning amourous intentions when he's required to put his nose near the more 'odorous' erogenous zones (we know what those are)
Stay tuned for more

2441 days ago


By the way, post #97 was meant to respond to post #90. Sorry for the confusion, just typed the wrong number.

2441 days ago


Hopefully Sam reminded her to use soap and shampoo.

2441 days ago
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