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Adnan Says Brit Isn't Exercising Restraint

1/20/2008 3:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Adnan Ghalib, Brit's paparazzo pal, has just been in touch with TMZ, and he tells us he is not aware of any restraining order that has reportedly been filed against him by Britney.

According to online reports, last night, Brit's BFF Sam supposedly showed the order to two paparazzi. Adnan told us he didn't know anything about it and has been in Santa Barbara for the last two days. When asked if he and the popwreck had a fight, he said, "Everything is and was fine," but he's been out of town, and she's "been in the care of Sam."

Sam reportedly showed a photog the restraining order. The online report suggests Brit is mad because Adnan may be selling pics of her, but that's not grounds for a restraining order.

We're also told, Adnan and Sam are playing quien es mas macho over Britney.


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Here she goes again … manufacturing another story about herself because she does absolutely nothing. Her life sounds a lot more boring than mine.

2446 days ago


Compared to the Islam-fascist Ghalib - Brit Brit is pure royalty!

2446 days ago


I think she tried to use him for another baby, he's shooting blanks, and she is moving on...

Here's why:

She was seen shopping for pregnancy tests, for a "friend"

A couple of days later X17 showed pic's of her having her period, eww.

She must have thought she was pregnant............if you want another baby Brit, go to a sperm bank, it's a lot less messy

2446 days ago


britney, please just ask for help. this is all going to end tragically if you don't RIGHT NOW. go back to Louisiana for a little bit, go ANYWHERE else, but get out of LA for now. Not forever sweetie, just for now. take a couple years, get your head right and come back and wow us, b/c right now you're just scaring us all.

2446 days ago


He should be served for looking like an ugly 50 year old minimum wage boy!

2446 days ago


He was trying to make her stay home for a change and get her life straight and she got pissed off. Who the hell could get her to settle down. I think Sam is the one who is the slime ball I wonder how much money he gets off of her every month.

2446 days ago


Does anyone know the name of the funeral home where we can send our flowers for her funeral? Wait.. Britney isn't dead yet? Oh, just her career? I see. Umm.. what's the difference?

2446 days ago


Hey y'all...I don't want any paps bothering me today. I am going out without panties or a bra. I will have on a short skirt and don't try to bend down and take a picture under it. I do plan on standing still with my legs open, so don't even try it!!! When I bend over as far as I can, do not take my pic!!!!

I dumped Adnay for a much hotter swami. I am the luckiest chick in Hollywood that my hot tub broke down. My repair man (so cute) is such a cool dude and we have a deep understanding of one another. I have never dated anyone from this tribe before. Can you say shiite? Sunni's used to be my favorite, but now I find them a bit aggressive.

To all Paps...please stay away from me. I will be leaving the house in 1 hr and will have on a wild outfit that will have your heads spinning. Please don't follow me to Brentwood or to Studio City. I better not see you at my favorite luncheon restaurant!!!!

If you see Adnay........give him the "finger" for me. Tell him I washed him right out of my hair.

2446 days ago


I don't even believe this story x17 started.

2446 days ago


he probably would be served after he will come to los angeles,he is a gold digger and his agency too

2446 days ago


If she did wash him out of her hair. Please Brit wash your hair!

2446 days ago

Something smells fishy...    

"Quienes mas macho" my azz. They just want to see who has more control over her. Sam is trying to eliminate the competition, and I wouldn't trust his friend Chad either.

2446 days ago

Vanity Killz    

If she is unraveling and pisses adnan off to much .... oh the stories !

2446 days ago


And here I ALMOST thought you guys were actually going to just leave her alone for a while. Guess I was wrong. You guys are sad and I hope you all feel partially responsible when something truly terrible happens to her; not that it already hasn't.

2446 days ago

Julie G.    

15# Keely Shaye Smith has do nothing to do with this subject of Brit and Adnan on this thread.. At least,Keely Shaye Smith doesn't do run errands in the middle of the night- every night..Keely keeps her own children away from paps and keep her children safe... So,it does'nt matter now as if Pierce has had picked the swim suit out wrong on the day as the paps shot of her.. I rather for her to be a better mom over her swimsuit! your idiot!

2446 days ago
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