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Adnan Says Brit Isn't Exercising Restraint

1/20/2008 3:23 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Adnan Ghalib, Brit's paparazzo pal, has just been in touch with TMZ, and he tells us he is not aware of any restraining order that has reportedly been filed against him by Britney.

According to online reports, last night, Brit's BFF Sam supposedly showed the order to two paparazzi. Adnan told us he didn't know anything about it and has been in Santa Barbara for the last two days. When asked if he and the popwreck had a fight, he said, "Everything is and was fine," but he's been out of town, and she's "been in the care of Sam."

Sam reportedly showed a photog the restraining order. The online report suggests Brit is mad because Adnan may be selling pics of her, but that's not grounds for a restraining order.

We're also told, Adnan and Sam are playing quien es mas macho over Britney.


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Mary Jane    

She is channeling ANS, and is trying on different paps for the role of LB. HKS is played by SL.


2438 days ago

Amy Silverman    

I agree with Heidi 1st paps then homeless men for a roll in the sack-they are probaby cleaner tahn her skank azz and wash their hair once and awhile and stink less

2438 days ago


It's been report already over and over he has been selling pics this isn't nothing knew if you go the site he works for you will see pics nobody else has, sry tmz you guys should really have more. Your serious stalkers! He is using her if your really in love you not going to sell pics to make a buck off someone you really care about.
I bet half the paps if they were involved with someone famous they would not do what this man is.

2438 days ago


Whatever you do, stay away from Larry Birkhead and Howard Stern. Birkhead would love to be the 'baby daddy' when you get involved with a Howard Stern Character. Birkhead can always use a 'backup' money machine because your life, Britney, is heading in the same direction as Anna Nicole's Smiths.

2438 days ago

Ima Skank    

Make no mistake about it, two of the lowest forms of life on this earth are the whores Paris Hilton and Slutney Spears. Nicole Richie don't give up, you're running a close second. Jamie Lynn Spears, I promise you will get there one day.

2438 days ago

Allred Tree    

Do you think maybe Adnan was repulsed by Britney's slovenliness and he was the one who told her to take a shower and clean herself up? Don't the Muslims have strict rules regarding hygiene and their dress? I hope he gets her to wear one of their headdresses and a burka or whatever it is they consider to be proper. She could not be more immodest or disgraceful to women everywhere.

2438 days ago


It is just like Larry and Howard over Anna Nicole. Will Sam take Britney to an island to get her away from US laws and let her die too?

2438 days ago


well wow I just read other places that this is true but he is saying it's not? I am not a fan of paps but some do treat old Brit Brit with some respect! If anyone knows anything that this sob is selling her out it's time to talk. Not only are you guys losing money off this pos, but she needs to really knows what's going on. K-Fed screwed her over and is after her money it sux to have to watch all over again her being taking advantage of.

She needs to move the heck outta there!

2438 days ago


I feel sorry if adnan and britney are finished She looked happier with him and maybe he could have talked some sense into her since she's listening to nobody.. I don't believe the reason behind the restraining order. Now she's further from home. when will she hit bottom?

2438 days ago


Although it doesn't make sense for Britney to get a restraining order against Adnan, since she knew perfectly well that he was taking pics of her, she does have a history of bringing up stupid lawsuits against people and losing. She also has a track record of being sued by others, and losing. Face it, she doesn't understand the legal system because she is a HUGE dummy, and this is perfectly illustrated by how badly she is handling the legal issues regarding the custody of her kids.

Part of the problem of course, is that she doesn't listen to others, plus she is is mentally challenged, so having her in charge of her own affairs is a recipe for disaster.

2438 days ago


This is not true or X17 would have had photos,interviews and restraining order all over.
Another ploy

2438 days ago

April Fouels    

#75, read #64 !!!!

2438 days ago


2438 days ago


A restraining order is issued by a judge/court not something you pull out of a cereal box, and they require a hearing. Given Spears aversion to appearing in court, I find this story a bit hard to believe. Even if she did get it filed through an attorney, there would be a court record of it, and the court would've had an obligation to inform Adnan of the order. Oh, the drama goes on...

2438 days ago

Mia Foxx    


2438 days ago
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