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It's Not a Bad Dream: Suzanne Pleshette Dies

1/20/2008 4:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TV wife Suzanne Pleshette died at her home in Los Angeles last night at age 70, after a courageous battle with lung cancer. Just last September, while undergoing treatment, she appeared at a 35th anniversary event celebrating "The Bob Newhart Show."

Suzanne was married in 2001 to "Newhart" actor Tom Poston, who died in 2007.

Pleshette got a really big break in 1963, when Alfred Hitchcock cast her in "The Birds." She married heartthrob Troy Donahue the following year. Her most unforgettable appearance, however, was in the classic final episode of "Newhart," when she rolled over and revealed that the whole show had been a dream.


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Bobby G    

Suzanne Pleshette made quite an impact. I recall clearly how she was the model of the modern urban woman of the 70's. Women emulated her style and mannerisms. What a beauty. In the 80's when she made a surprise appearance in the final episode of Bob Newhart's second sitcom (which she wasn't in), the studio audience gasped, laughing and applauding. In the scene Pleshette and Newhart wake up in bed on the set from their old sitcom together. The joke is Bob Newhart greeting her as 'Emily' (his wife from the old show) and telling her he had "the strangest dream" as he described his newer sitcom (which was ending in that episode) as if the newer sitcom was all just a dream and he had really been asleep in bed with Emily all that time. You should have heard the audience sigh and cheer seeing them together again. And, the joke was just priceless. Pleshette never lost a beat. She never lost her touch.

2455 days ago


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2409 days ago


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2448 days ago


was she a smoker?

2466 days ago


That's pretty cold. The poor woman is dead. What does it matter if she was a smoker or not.

2466 days ago


TMZ you people are just plain heartless.
Some of your headings on the obits are just terrible and insensitive. You are a buch of losers. All of you that work there.
GET A LIFE WILL YA. Especially that loser that hosts your stupid show.

2466 days ago


She was a babe in her day.

2466 days ago

Really now    

RIP Suzanne. Thanks for the memories. You will live in our hearts forever

2466 days ago


Speaking of which, I just heard of a bizarre incident that took place over the past summer when a half a dozen writers and prducers from "The Colbert Report" began stalking a 50-year-old gay man in New York City's West Village dressed in a range of outlandish costumes worn over a period of four months. The incident started off as a mild prank but quickly turned vicious because one of the Colbert Report producers always has to come out "on top."

2466 days ago

Scott In Salem    

Maybe Nickeoldeon or TV Land and AMC will do a tribute, for her TV roles as well as her movies. Suzanne, thanks for the laughs and the memories. You will be missed. SMOOCH!

2466 days ago


The world is less classier today. Your wit, beauty and earthiness will be missed by many.

2466 days ago


What a beautifully written headline, TMZ-- for a very sad moment in our pop culture history. Really, it seems like a bad dream. From The Birds to The Ugly Dachshund to, of coarse, our Emliy, Suzanne played a sophisticated coolness that was also the epitome of warmth & good humor. For those of us lucky enough to have grown up watching her Saturday nights, a dear friend has left us. We loved her personality, her dark & sexy beauty and of course the voice. She's ours forever on film, thank God-- but our world seems a little more like an emptying house party right now. One that was full of fun-- with your favorite people leaving before the evening was over, much too soon. I've had the pleasure of meeting many of my favorite stars in my life, Ms. Pleshette unfortunately was not one of them. Although it wasn't for trying-- I bought several an expensive lunch at The Grill in Beverly Hills after hearing it was her favorite place to eat. Much thanks, our dear Suzanne-- for the years of fabulous work. We love you dearly and pray your journey is a blessed one in the hereafter as it was on this earth. How strange it is to cry tears for someone never met-- that's a powerful soul, folks.

2466 days ago


That's a regular shame. She was so much fun. Remember, she was in "The Birds" too. And her TV movie where she played Leona Helmsley was brutal and a riot. A great gal.

2466 days ago


Jeff-- sometimes I'm in complete agreement with you, but I think you missed TMZ's intention completely. The headline referred completely & thoroughly to the Newhart episode in which Suzanne reprised her role as Emily Hartly in the final episode. Brilliantly written & performed, it's hands-down the best final episode in television history. Bob awakens from a psuedo bad-dream and there's our Suzanne. TMZ was only linking the two in what I thought was a lovely, albiet sad way.

2466 days ago


RIP Suzanne, your back with Tom now, peace.

2466 days ago
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