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Great White Way Ridiculous

1/21/2008 4:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Clay Aiken's Saturday night debut in Broadway's "Spamalot" was full of absurdity -- and not because of Monty Python's material.

As Aiken made his debut at Broadway's "Spamalot" on Saturday, TMZ was in the house and -- believe us -- the Shubert Theater was full of middle-aged housewives (who comprise the Claymates) elbowed and bitched their way through a crazy throng to get their Romeo's autograph.

If Kelly Ripa doesn't want him touching her, there are definitely plenty of 40-and-overs who do!


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TMZ was in the house? Yeah, right. Check out Not only was the theater Standing Room Only all weekend, but it was men and woman of all ages-even teenagers. And the stage door was also a mixed group. Why do write false stories? Is it because most people here are ready to believe those little pimply faced boys who write for you? You will never forgive Aiken for being a nice guy. Shove it.

2446 days ago


TMZ can spin this any way they want. Saw Spamalot this weekend-Aiken was great. Loved the show. The whole cast was great. It was so much fun. Ask anyone that was there this weekend.

2446 days ago

Belle Start    

He looks like Carrottop, only Carrottop is better looking and more talented. I wish Clay Aiken would go away, far away.

2446 days ago


25. It's official that Broadway is now the dumping ground for American Idol losers and their delusional SQUEEE fans.

Posted at 4:38PM on Jan 21st 2008 by Momma

Hey there, Momma. You got it backwards. Hollywood is the dumping ground. It takes talent and dedication to have success on the stage. To be a success in Hollywood, one only needs to drive drunk, use drugs and be sure to show up at all the clubs so you caa live vicariously through them.

2446 days ago

Belle Start    

He looks like Carrot top, but Carrot top is better looking and more talented. Why don't Clay Aiken just leave, go away, far away. He's just annoying.

2446 days ago

how dumb    

It annoys the crap out of me that comments are still made about the whole Kelly Rippa thing. I highly doubt that she didn't want Clay's hand over her mouth becaus he's GAY. She just didn't want ANYONE'S hand over her mouth because you don't know where ANYONE'S hand has been. Hell, I don't even let people I KNEW put their hand on my mouth... unless I see them washing it first!!

Would YOU let someone you barely knew put their hand over YOUR mouth??? Its not fair to say it was because he's gay or she's homophobic. Its just plain GROSS no matter who it is

2446 days ago


I'm still not seeing all those over 40 year old women in the video TMZ? OH, BTW...I'm a huge Clay Aiken fan and I'm only 33.

2446 days ago

Mary Jane    

Clay seemed to be really cheesing this role. Is this a comedy, such as in, Clay is purposely over acting and overcheesin his part for chuckles?? If not, wow.

((((jealous of his bouncy hair!!!!!!!!))))

2446 days ago


kelly ripa is the hottest mama on tv, yum!

2446 days ago


I went to look at the video of Clay Aiken and what comes up is Britney leaving the deposition. Appropriate. The Britney train wreck is much more worthy of tabloid TMZ's time than a great singer and entertainer making their debut in a popular Broadway show attending by many of his fans. To TMZ - LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE and LEAVE CLAY AIKEN ALONE!

2446 days ago

Karin B.    

I really like Clay Aiken.
He is talented and above all a nice person.
I wish people would leave him alone about this whole gay thing.
He is not gay.
He is just a decent person who has delt well with fame and fortune.
I guess it would be more interesting if the tabloids, TMZ, and other media outlets could find something wrong with him.
But you can't.
Clay congrats on Spamalot!!! You deserve it. I hope I'll have an opportunity to see the show, too bad it's all the way in New York!
The show will be a success.
And no, not all Claymates are forty plus.
Kelly Rippa - ugh, she's the one who will be out of a job real soon. I bet she still regrets what she said about Clay. It will haunt the remainder of her career. They should let Clay guest-host Regis & Kelly. Without Kelly.

2446 days ago

richard pierce    

I understand he's Harv's butt boy!

2446 days ago


I am so happy that Clay has this opportunity. He did some musical theater when he lived in Raleigh as a kid so he is fully capable of doing a great job. I am also glad that people will get to hear his wonderful voice if they haven't heard it before through his cds or when he was on tour. He is a personality plus person and this role seems just tailor made for him. More power to Clay-his talent abounds.

2446 days ago


Im a Clay fan, and Im 32yrs old....I think he looks great, and gay or not..the guy can really sing!

2446 days ago


Yes, Spamalot is a ridiculous, crude, over the top comedy. Don't you know anything about Monty Python?? It is overacted and raunchy and HILARIOUS. I'm also a fan of Aikens. He's a nice guy and that seems to bother some of you. Don't worry Richard PIerce, Aiken isn't gay so you have Harv all to yourself.

2446 days ago
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