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Great White Way Ridiculous

1/21/2008 4:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Clay Aiken's Saturday night debut in Broadway's "Spamalot" was full of absurdity -- and not because of Monty Python's material.

As Aiken made his debut at Broadway's "Spamalot" on Saturday, TMZ was in the house and -- believe us -- the Shubert Theater was full of middle-aged housewives (who comprise the Claymates) elbowed and bitched their way through a crazy throng to get their Romeo's autograph.

If Kelly Ripa doesn't want him touching her, there are definitely plenty of 40-and-overs who do!


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Katy W.    

You know what - I had a rant typed out but it's so not worth it.

Clay was, by all accounts, absolutely amazing his first night, and is having an absolute ball on the stage of the Shubert Theatre. I hope that continues, and I'll be looking forward very much to seeing him in April (my mum and I are coming over from Britain to see him and can't wait!).

Stereotypes are too boring to comment on. I'll just enjoy the video of Clay's moment in the spotlight, thanks.

2466 days ago


Clay is a good man and for some reason, certain people fear that. TMZ is very stupid. If they were decent to Clay and didn't take every opportunity to feed the vultures, countess thousands of Clay's fans would be giving hits to this site. Instead, his boards will not allow links to TMZ, nor do any Clay fan boards allow trashing of ANY celebrity. Clay doesn't approve of that. Too bad the courtesy is not returned.

Oh, Jet. Just wait until your mommy catches you posting on this site.

2466 days ago

**its me**    

Clay WHO???? (:

2466 days ago


Hey, my cousin is in the chorus of SPAMALOT and she's in love with the guy. She says that the whole cast and crew can't stop talking about how great he is and how supportive his fans have been of everyone connected to the show. The family is going to see it again over my spring break. Oh, btw, that clip is from the curtain call, not the play itself.

2466 days ago


wtf is your problem?
why do you always have something negative to say about Clay?
you're all just a bunch of jelaous idiots.
he's a GREAT guy!
oh and btw i'm a fan and i'm 17 years old.
does that make me a middle aged woman?
didn't think so.


2466 days ago


This guy is a total closet homosexual with pent up young boy fascination.

2466 days ago


From reading what all the apparent Aiken fans postings I have this to ask you. Why are you all acting like Clay is the star of the show. You would think it was a one-man show. What happened to all the other actors in the play....did they disappear once this beginner stepped on stage. If he is so wonderful why doesn't he just play each part and to heck with the others. What happened to saying it was a great play and everyone involved did a great job? Whatever happened to respect for the other performers and the audience. If this is the way the claymates are acting, screaming out at this person in the middle of the show then I'm glad I will never be seeing it and I'm glad I'm not a fan of his. Oh, and just because someone does charity work does not always make them a great person that everyone should like. It could be done for publicity. Does he give of his own money? Everyone should be able to like who they want without his fans telling you to like him. Without the claymates where would aiken be?

2466 days ago


Now that I have seen Spamalot 3 times in Las Vegas, I am thoroughly addicted . Having said that, it is not a one man show. Sir Robin is not even the main Character. I hope that Clay can do the part justice. It is just a huge shame that instead of using a truly gifted broakway performer to take on the role that they gave it to Clay Aiken. I have no doubt that he can handle the vocal aspect of the role, however one does need to act as well.
In My opinion His joining the cast is a definite minus for the broakway cast.
Its a shame, that publicity and marketing takes precedence over talent.

2466 days ago


Give me a break, what or where would any celebrity be without fans. So yeah, Clay wouldn't be famous and loved by so many without his fans - DUH!!
Isn't this a blog about Clay's debut on Broadway and Clay's fans? Think that this could be the reason he's the one being discussed here, and not the other actors?
Clay's fans were out in full force for his performance, but no one yelled out during the show!! The yelling and screaming for his attention happened at the stage door after the show. He was there to meet with fans, and generally fans do get excited at the prospect of interaction with the person they're a fan of.
And while being an ambassador for Unicef, Clay does pay his way. He also give a lot of his time, and for a lot of celebritys, their time is money. Just think of all of them who just appear at worthless club openings and get paid big $$$$ just for showing up. Clay is not paid to show up in all the third world countries he travels to in his endeavor to help and give hurting people hope. Well, yes he does - because if give his life worth other then being just another useless celebrity that so many of the tabloids can't get enough of.

2466 days ago


Noone is claiming Clay is the star of the show. This is an ensemble cast of great actors and Clay is a part of that. We are discussing Clay because TMZ chose to spread lies about his debut. They certainly could not trash his performance as he was a smash-according to the other actors in the show. Instead, the teenie boppers who work for Harvey chose to trash the fans-who they claim are "over the hill". Hah. Take a good look at that video folks. Clay will be 30 this year and those folks at the stage door appear to be in that age group. Someday, you TMZ staff will be 40 and will hopefully be smart by then.


2466 days ago


From what I've read and heard, Clay Aiken is doing a fantastic job at singing, acting, dancing and being extremely entertaining on Broadway. What have you guys at TMZ been doing lately? That's right, nothing. And what do you guys have against older people? Are you bigots? From the video I saw a lot of young people getting his autograph anyway. Can't you report anything accurately?

2466 days ago


Everybody who lives long enough will be over forty, no way to avoid, but you can avoid Clay by not responding to threads about or going to sites to respond about him.

2466 days ago


Good for him!! He seems happy, so that's all that matters, right?

2466 days ago


What I find amusing about these people making these disparaging "old lady" or "middle aged lady" comments is, if someone were to say these things about their own mothers, they'd probably come unglued on you.

2466 days ago


Yes, Clay Aiken has a lot of middle aged women as fans. So what's your point? Are middle aged woman not allowed to have a favorite singer and enjoy his music. Clay has fans of all ages but the middle aged women get picked on and talked about. I, like many of the middle aged women referred to, are baby boomers. We remember the hysteria of the Beatles, we remember teen idols whose music was clean with lyrics we could understand. Clay reminds us of the idols of our teens. If you're implying that we're not cool then so be it.

2466 days ago
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