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Heath's Body Removed from the Building

1/22/2008 8:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Heath Ledger's body has just been removed from the Soho building where he was found dead. The body was carried out in a black body bag and placed in the back of the City of New York Medical Examiner's truck.


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15. That is so Sad.....I am crying and thats not even a joke.

LOL TMZ You guys are allways cracking me up!

"You stay classy San Diego!"

2468 days ago


Wow, for some reason, that just bothered me more than anything. To see his body in a body bag, just sort of shoved into the back of that truck - it was just so pathetic and final. And then when they shoved that gurney in there with him... wow. It just was like his body was just an object. He is no longer a person - just this body that they toss in there. And to hear the passersby shout "Here he comes!" Wow. It just seems so inappropriate. I was happy that at least people remained silent for the most part. It was the least they could do.

2468 days ago


Tmz makes me sick.
Anything for a story!
I think it is sick that you show Heath's body being removed from the his place.
I also heard how you had a camera posted there as soon as you could. Anything for a story who cares to what lengths you go to get it and what you put out. It is sad. And I for one am going to stop watching you, and would like to encourge others to stop too. Maybe even the person that will read this and undoubtly not post this.

2468 days ago


sad...died so young, so full of life. what a loss

2468 days ago


This is a sad and horrible loss and it is shocking - unfortunately when it happens to someone who was nominated for an Oscar (or anyone else even remotely famous) it gets covered by TMZ and footage that you as a visitor to the site may not want to see is posted. I saw what the video was, it's pretty clearly titled - if you don't want to see the image, then you'd be wise not to play the video....just sayin'.

2467 days ago

Garrett Stokes    

Your soul will always be in our hearts.

2467 days ago


Did you really need to show Heath Ledger's body being removed?

2467 days ago


This terrible news is just such a SHOCKER! I had heard some buzz going around, but had no clue who it was I know. In no way is substance abuse a thing to laugh at or blame others for if substance abuse is the case in his untimely death. I myself have a prescription abuse problem and it is difficult to go through alone. I recently took an ambulance ride for an overdose, but not to kill myself. So please no one think that he tried to take his own life. This is just an accidental, untimely, and unfair death. I am still shocked by this news and I think everyone should just leave the family alone because it is hard enough to go through if you are a regular joe. R.I.P. Heath!!!!!

2467 days ago

vicki and Russell Price    

Heath was a close friend of my friends daughter, and her family and he had many good and real friends (most from his school days til now)in Perth. Western Australia. To the Ledger Family and all his close friends, I am thinking of you at this most awful time. I won't name friends, you know who you are. Heath brought so much happiness to you andyour families throughout the years and to the world. I hope your final time with us was at peace Heath. Sadly we have lost another true talent. And a particular good person, honest and true to all he knew. To the general public, please don't make decisions until the official findings. Respect the wishes of Heaths family in Perth. Lost but never forgotton.

2467 days ago

Sassy & Cute    

If you dont like that TMZ put this on here, why in the F*%$ are you on this site. IDOITS.

2467 days ago

Michele dos Santos-Maringá-Paraná-Brasil.    

Nossa estou super (mas super mesmo) arrasada com a morte do Heath , tanto que não acredito que é verdade. Fico na dúvida, mas sempre que olho as notícias na tv, internet, e etc... a gente acorda, mas depois parece mentira de novo.

Sem dúvida ele era um grande ator, e nos deixou saudade.

Descance em Paz!!!

2467 days ago

Michele dos Santos-Maringá-Paraná-Brasil.    

Estou chocada com essa notícia, não acreditei...depois de checar se era verdade, nossa aí quase cai de costas, dói demais saber que seu grande ator "se foi".
Sem dúvida ele era um grande (excelente) ator, e deixou saudade infinita.

2467 days ago


You left this world, living behind a daughter. what happen, Only you know the real story behind this traggic accident. What was going through your mind. were you sick and you took to many pills. This are question that we all wish could be answered. i would like to tell his family. That I am so very sorry for your lost. But remember his pirit lives on throught his daughter Matilda. Shes beautiful just like her father. From yamilet

2467 days ago


But its news, bummer.

2467 days ago


I have seen all the interviews, and all the comments people are making about him. They say there could have been deppression, and so on. Think about it though... Here is a guy totally in his prime! He has a wondeful family, a booming career, and some how to me that just doesn't seem like the type of person who just gets up one day, and says " I think I'll OD today". I am deeply moved by the fact that he will never get to see his little girl grow up. He will never get to see her get married, and he will never see her first bike ride. This may seem so small, but to her it is going to impact her life forever! I am so sad for this family, but most of all for the little girl who will never see her daddy again.
RIP Heath!
You were truely a great talent, and will be missed!

2467 days ago
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