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Brit's Lawyers to Commish -- We Have a Plan...

1/23/2008 3:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Brit's lawyers did exactly what we told you they would do -- they asked Commissioner Scott Gordon today for visitation in a therapeutic setting, but it went over like a lead balloon.
Britney Spears
As we first reported, Britney's lawyers know they're up against it -- their client has some sort of bipolar disorder but has refused to commit herself to a mental hospital for evaluation and treatment. She cannot be involuntarily committed. So, her lawyers and family have devised a "creative way" of treating Brit, and they wanted the Commish to let her visit the kids while she undergoes treatment.

We're told Commish Gordon was unmoved, especially since he has repeatedly ordered Brit to undergo a court-ordered psych evaluation, but she has refused.

We're also told Brit's lawyers said this "creative" treatment has not yet commenced.


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I think you all dont get it.. she doesnt want those kids!! HELLO, is there anyone out there that sees this! No one, insane or unsane does what she does in her actions.If you want your kids you fight and do whatever the judge orders you to do.. or you just dont allow yourself to be put int this position!!

2434 days ago


Okay seriously..who cares? Im so sick of britney this..britney that...what is the BIG DEAL!!!!! GET OVer it already. No body cares about what she did last night or what she will do again tonight..and tomorrow night..?? Somebody substantial died yesterday...and still its ALL about britney. Its ridiculous. Makes me not even want to read tmz or perezhilton...or anything else relating to entertainment. Shes not entertaining. She belongs on jerry springer. Shes over and that bad weave and her manly shoulders are far from entertaining.

2434 days ago


she is an adult and by law she cannot be involuntarily committed.
She left the hospital of her own free will and that is legal as well.
I don't understand the crap about the judge "ordering an evaluation" if he did that she is in contempt and should be in jail ????? or am I just so stupid I cant figured that one out??
She has lost her friggin mind
she needs to be left out of those kids life and KFed should have them she can stay with monitored visits.
Plenty of Male stars have kids all over the place they never see but no one says a thing about that. So she can still give her career a go maybe a few years of being out of the spot light. She never needs to work again she is worth so much money.
The thing is her mom pimped her out at what 8 years old so she has never had to face the world like the rest of us ie working or being broke. Now I dont defend Brit any longer but looking at the whole picture she has no way of knowing what real life is... not her fault...but her friggin mothers...

Have you noticed how many of these music stars are f-up? it amazes me.. I would not trade my broke ass life for that no way..

2434 days ago

Ding Dang Y'all    

stick it to Slutney...I bet she is so angry she did not get to see tater tot and small fry that she will go to gaucho grill, tony tavern, starbucks and two gas stations tonight

2434 days ago


I am not believing that she is insane/bipolar. She is an attention hog. She shaved her head last year after Anna Nicole Smith died, just to get some attention. Now with Heath Ledger dead, she will have another incident.

2434 days ago


I am not a lawyer, but my ex husband was court ordered to take a hair follicle drug test, which he refused to do. He was not arrested for breaking the law or jailed, he is just never going to get his visitation back until he takes the test and comes out clean. We are in California. So I think that unless Brit submits to the court order psych eval, she will not get her visitation back. Possibly, she could have supervised visitation at a neutral site, but definitely not unsupervised or visits are her own home. At least that's what I'd ask if I were Kevin's lawyer IF they agree that she should be able to see the kids. I did not agree to supervised at a neutral site and the judge agreed with me. No clean drug test, no visitation. No psych eval, no visitation. That's how it goes, I presume.

2434 days ago


I can explain something about the psych eval ordered by the court. In a custody dispute, a party can request a psych evaluation as part of the evidence that will be considered during the permanent orders hearing (which I think in this case is April, yes?). The court obviously agreed that there was cause to ask for this evaluation, and that it would be willing to consider the results in fashioning the final orders. She probably has until that date (or a date close to the hearing) to complete it. If at that time she has not completed the evaluation, the court could hold her in contempt for not completing it. The evaluation that was done at the hospital that night is very limited in scope. It is just to determine if she represents an imminent threat to herself or others. If not, she can't be held because it was involuntary that night. The psych evaluation the court has ordered is much more sweeping.

2434 days ago


Obviously, the Commish made an excellent decision. But I am puzzled about one thing?? If Brit is refusing the "court ordered" psych evaluation, that would make her in contempt of court, so arrest her for contempt of court and then try and get her the help that she so desperately needs! Anyone living in the real world would be held in contempt of court, so why doesn't this apply to famous people? How can you REFUSE a COURT ORDER!!!!

2434 days ago


Really Now is on point. What is up with California's Mental Health ? Why make her go for the 72 hour deal and not bother to truly eval her??? Common sense, people!

2434 days ago


GOOOOOOOOD...I'm so glad they did not give her visitation back. She has really projected harm upon her children. I used to love Britney...a big supporter...UP UNTIL...the thing with the pregnancy test. It became very apparent that SHE is COMPLETELY SELF CONSUMED. She can't possibly begin to know what it is to truly love those boys like a Mother loves a child. She writes in the church...not a prayer for her children and their safety...but for herself..."God Bless Me". I HOPE BRITNEY SPEARS READS THIS POST ....I HOPE BRITNEY SPEARS READS THIS POST....I HOPE BRITNEY SPEARS READS THIS POST....I HOPE BRITNEY SPEARS READS THIS POST....I HOPE BRITNEY SPEARS READS THIS POST....I HOPE BRITNEY SPEARS READS THIS POST....I HOPE BRITNEY SPEARS READS THIS POST ...BRITNEY READ THIS POST.... "God bless ME" she prays to God...not for her boys. She flaunts a pregnancy test in the press as if it's some genius promo shot...self serving of course. And...according to her MAN Adnan Ghalib...she had wished she was pregnant with HIS child....she's only been sleeping with him...according to him...since the end of December 2007...hummm let's see ...she's been sleeping with him about 4 weeks...she wants to have his child. Do you know why people? Because it's all about HER. She had her boys...SHE needed their love....not THEM needing her's all about her. Now that she can't have them...accessories if you her dogs. She'll have another baby. She's an idiot, she's self consumed, and she should be made to put every penny she has in a trust fund for her children...for Kevin to have enough to raise them to adults. And then the bulk of her estate goes to them. She doesn't deserve to go out and party...flaunting pregnancy tests in the media...sleeping with a man she just started dating and has declared she wants to have his baby and join his Muslim religion. One day, her children will read all of this and it will break their hearts. At least Anna Nicole loved her baby so much that she would move hell and high water to keep Dannielynn for herself. Princess Diana adored her boys and protected them. Britney Spears, she's self centered and doesn't give a rat's ass about her boys. Her actions have shown that she doesn't. She is one of those women that you read about in family court that doesn't have a clue about being a good Mother. She's all about her. I wish someone would sue her..she's insured I'm sure. But I would love to see her lose every penny she has. I think her boys should get it all. Because she should have never been able to have them. She should not be allowed to have more children. GOD BLESS PRESTON AND JAYDEN.

2434 days ago


She thrives on the paps........I guess she feels needed thru them.
It's ODD you never see her a a toy store or shopping for her boys!!
Use your head bitch,get a gift basket w/ toys,clothes, and balloons and send them to your boys!!!!!!!!!!

2434 days ago


This poor sad creature needs to be locked up in a padded cell for at least two years with intense psychotherapy as well as medicinal intervention! If not, she is ultimately going to end up killing someone, either intentially or accidentally, or herself, which at this point would be no loss whatsoever to humanity! She is a leftover, historical talent that went to hell in the proverbial handbasket. She continues to surround herself with syncophants who have no real regard for her and are too weak to assert any logical advice or assistance to help her out of this mess she has dug for herself. With friends like she has, enemies are wholly unnecessary! Terrible waste of a human being. Someone needs to stop her before she brings another helpless infant into this world to torture!!!!

2434 days ago


All she needs to do is go to a good head doctor to be diagnosed and be put on meds and monitored.
She does not have to be commited.

2434 days ago


First of all I agree with #69. Second. not to change the subject, but just what is almight K-Fed up to now?

2434 days ago


Brittany is not another Anna Nicole. Anna had Howard K. Stern pumping her with pills. Brittany doesn't have that. Get Howard over to her now.

2434 days ago
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