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"Idol" Wannabe's Gun-Totin' Past

1/23/2008 3:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Perrie CataldoPerrie Cataldo -- a smooth-talking "AI" contestant who crooned his way to Hollywood last night -- once had a secret weapon up his sleeve ... literally!

TMZ has obtained an arrest record revealing that Cataldo carried a handgun into a bar in Glendale, Ariz. back in 2006, after being kicked out for fighting. According to the arresting officer, Cataldo was "concealing" the gun under his clothing, and was confronted by security and arrested.

Cataldo plead no contest to carrying a concealed weapon (a misdemeanor) and was fined $568.

Cataldo went to serious lengths on last night's show to explain to the judges that he'd turned his life around since then. He revealed his baby mama was killed for being "at the wrong place, at the wrong time, with the wrong people, doing the wrong thing."

FOX had no comment.


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Leave the guy alone TMZ. Enough is enough. Peope really do turn their lives around....

2473 days ago


I saw him last night and the minute he started talking I had him correctly labeled and then he said 'the wrong place, wrong time' thing and then I didn't feel too bad for judging a book by its cover. Dudes gonna play by the rules until he doesn't. Get it?

2473 days ago


Wow I concure! Reporting on people who are currently doing something bad is one thing but to dig up a story just to give a person a bad name for no apperant reason other then he "might" be on AI that is even low for you guys.

I have often said that if a spotlight was shown on everyone 24hrs a day which is what you guys are doing to the celebrities of today not one single one would still have a good name. Even Bob Hope I am sure got a ticket for something sometime, does that change who he is or the great works he has done?

Really, I think i will be visiting this sight a lot less from now on.

2473 days ago


I thought his kid was a girl. WHY do parents not cut their little boys hair? Ridiculous.

The singing...could take or leave it..nothing special, but he certainly shouldn't be judged on his past mistakes if he has paid for them.

Funny how so many TMZ posters are standing up for this guy, but they won't give up on ripping Mel Gibson...hypocrits.

2473 days ago

Jeez, can't a guy get a break? Having a kid (and losing your wife) changes your life for sure. I think he's great and I hope he goes on past the next round!!

2473 days ago


Now what do this have to do with him trying out for Idol...Come on that was 2 years ago drop...He is really a nice guy...and his son he so handsome

2473 days ago


and your point is.................i semed to miss it. all I saw was a single father taking care of his son and going for his that wrong now?

2473 days ago


Turned his life around? Because he auditioned for American Idol. How do you know he turned his life around?
And actually I don't know which is worse the gun, or trying out for Idol. If you enter the public life, Actor, Actress, Singer, Politician, then you are fair game for TMZ and all the other media. He is a loser, so was he thinking about his kid when he had the gun under his shirt.

2473 days ago


This guy deserves a second chance -- it's what America is all about. He didn't hurt anyone and he seems like a genuine person who is turning his life around.

2473 days ago


Once a thug, always a thug. His performance was totally cliche anyway.

2473 days ago


So, I guess nobody happend to notice the Latin Kings pendant on both his, and his childs chains?

2473 days ago


I usually don't post twice, but I can't freaking beleive all you stupid people out there, that "think he is a nice guy now, or that he 'turned' his life around" becasue he stood in line for a few hours and got to audition on a 'Realtiy TV Show' Christ people are you that dumb? Would you believe someone who you met in a bar for 3 minutes if he told you how 'nice' he was or how he 'turned his life around'. He didn't 'hurt' anybody because they 'caught him first'. Turning his life around would be getting a 'real job' and making sure he was taking care of his kid. Not living 'his' dream of being a 'pop star'

2473 days ago


I'm just glad that security stopped him before he ruined his life for good. I have no doubt at all that in this case being a single parent has changed his life for the better. On the other hand I thought his singing ability was just average and he wasn't the only one. I'm praying they don't end up with a bunch of average performers and singers in the finals like they had last year.

2473 days ago


This is NOT an American Idol!! He's a gang member and both He and his girllie looking mini-me son, need to have MAJOR haircuts!! They even look, sound and act like gang members!!! If it quacks like a duck IT IS !!! Mark my words he'll be eliminated in one of the first shows once they get to Hollywood.

2473 days ago


TV GUY 1 I couldn't of said it ANY BETTER!!!

2473 days ago
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