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Ledger's Death Doesn't Look Like Suicide

1/23/2008 11:07 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Multiple sources in the NYPD tell TMZ, although it's too early to know, it's looking like Heath Ledger's death was accidental and not suicide.

There have been numerous reports suggesting that Ledger took his own life by ingesting a boatload of pills. Contrary to initial reports, the pills that were "scattered" around Ledger's apartment were actually in containers. We're told the containers were not littering the apartment. Rather, some were in the medicine cabinet and some in other rooms. As we reported, one container was on Ledger's nightstand. Cops found sleeping pills and an anti-anxiety drug in the bedroom.

A rep for the family tells TMZ that detectives have been in touch with Ledger's next of kin and the cops told them that so far there is no evidence suggesting suicide. Of course, until the toxicology reports come in, no one knows for sure.

A well-connected source in the NYPD told us this morning the "operating theory" right now within the department is that it was an accidental death, not suicide.

It's unclear if Ledger's health was a factor. As we first reported, he had pneumonia at the time of his death.


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I agree that it would be nice if TMZ and other news outlets did not report every rumor. It was reported as a sucicide... it was reported it as a drug overdose...he was in Mary Kate's apartment, he was not in Mary Kate's apartment. He was found naked in his bed, he was found naked faced down on the floor. Pills were scattered around the apartment...pills were in containers throughout the apartment. It goes on and on. In an effort to be the first to report something the "media" will report anything, hoping that if the info is correct they were first. I come to TMZ to get facts but when it comes to a breaking story they throw facts out in favor of being first. Also, shame on the NYPD for publicizing his death before his loved ones could be informed and turning his death into the circus it was last night.
This was a human being, dad, son, brother, friend who died...he chose to be an actor, this does not mean we are entitled to know every aspect of his life and death.
I read TMZ daily...I am not being a hypocrite...there is something different when a person has died...our "need" to know is not as important as his need for his privacy and respect.

2465 days ago


:(....Sooooooooooooooo sad!

Brillant actor and an AWESOME smile.

Heath will be greatly missed.

My prayers go out to his family.

2465 days ago

The Cringemaster    

Two down, one to go.

2465 days ago


I honestly can’t believe this. It is just so sad. I lost my brother two years ago to an accidental drug overdose and it is honestly the hardest thing in the world. My heart aches for him and his family. Heath was such a wonderful actor and such a handsome man. It is such a tragedy. So talented, good looking and so much more to offer his child and the rest of the world. His deep and sexy voice, his talent his love for his child, and the movies that he had to offer will surely be missed terribly. So so sad!

2465 days ago


"26. It's hard to feel sorry for him. He had everything and lost it. I'd be surprised if he just died of pneumonia. It had to be something like he took too many sleeping pills. How stupid do you have to be to not read the warning labels on a pill bottle? If he loved his daughter as much as people claim he wouldn't have been so stupid.

Posted at 9:38AM on Jan 23rd 2008 by ME"

It'll be VERY hard to feel sorry for you when you get run over by a truck for posting something so vicious. Karma...

2465 days ago

Cheryl Shuman    

Heath Ledger was an amazing talent, honorable and kind man with a heart of gold. He was a pleasure to work with and to know on a personal level. Peace, love and the divine be with Heath and his loved ones during this tragic time. I pray that we might all live to love each other and exist in peace and harmony.

Cheryl Shuman
Beverly Hills, California

2465 days ago

Jerri from Milwaukee, WI    

I am just in shock right now I feel like I am dreaming and I am about to wake up! But I see that I am not! Heath was a awsome actor and from what little I know he was a great father to his daughter I just feel so bad for her! To grow up now with out a father oh wow this is not real! I will be praying for his family! It goes to show you that life is just too damn short one min your here and the next your gone you just got to make each day count like if it was your last day on earth! I was not a big huge fan of Heath but I was a fan of his. And he will be missed. To his fans out there he is in a much better place now he is walking with Jesus now and he will always be looking down on his baby girl! God bless. R.I.P Heath

2465 days ago


Mhenad, I'm sorry if you can't face the truth. His death should be a wake up call to anyone who overdoes prescription medicine. What's so objectionable about what I said. It's the truth!

2465 days ago


"27. He was a cocaine and heroin addict, it was just a matter of time until this happened!

Why's there so much interest in this? If you live in a big city you can bet that someone in your street is a coke snorting smack head with weeks to live. He's nothing special.

Posted at 9:39AM on Jan 23rd 2008 by Taffy Titz"

Why don't you commit suicide and rid us all of people like you? You're a hateful human being with no compassion whatsoever even in the face of death. How could you post something so nasty about someone you probably don't know after he died and without knowing all the facts? Even if he was a junkie, let the man rest in peace. You act like you don't even have a shred of decency or consideration in your body. Oh... Please take numbers 4 and 38 with you.

2465 days ago


"40. Mhenad, I'm sorry if you can't face the truth. His death should be a wake up call to anyone who overdoes prescription medicine. What's so objectionable about what I said. It's the truth!

Posted at 9:48AM on Jan 23rd 2008 by ME"


2465 days ago


Whatever the cause of death may be, let us prayer for comfort for Heath, his family and his daughter. They need our prayers and good thoughts right now.

2465 days ago


Gee, imagine the NYT's making a statement like that! I bet it has nothing to do with the fact that stating a cause of death or claiming suicide without the autopsy might open them to liability!

Hey any of those with posting privilages even read what the others have posted? I didn't think so!

2465 days ago


I was personally Heartbroken!! I feel for his family and his little girl.. Rest in Peace Heath.. You will be missed

2465 days ago


this is just another indication of why the nation is in the condition it's in. okay he's dead and that's the end of a life granted. but all this attention to someone from hollywood who made two or three movies?? it wasn't like he was jack nickelson or al pacino in status in the film industry!! i guess he's being USED for now as an escape from the brittney/lindsey/paris ignorance that america seems to think is the most important thing in the country's life at the moment THAT'S LASTED WAYYYYYYYYYY TOO LONG ALREADY!! i don't care how he died there's no reason for all the attention since he's not the first person celebrity or not nor will he be the last who did not have sense enough to respect his own life. pathetic --sure but newsworthy, SO NOT!!

2465 days ago


If he took Ambien and Xanax, that will stop his breathing. If he had pneumonia, that would have done it for him. So many people have ended up in emergency not able to breath because they took both, doctors now tell patients--do not take both! It is sad, he was a good actor on his way to becoming great.

2465 days ago
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