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Where is Jake Gyllenhaal?

1/23/2008 8:39 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jake GyllenhaalJake Gyllenhaal has yet to be seen or heard from since the death of his close friend, Heath Ledger -- and people on the set of his new film are working hard to keep it that way.

Gyllenhaal is in New Mexico, currently filming his new movie, "Brothers." We're told there are no plans to shut down production, but Jake is very upset and doesn't want to talk to the media -- so the set has been closed to non-crew members and extra security has been hired.

Jake is the godfather to Heath's daughter, Matilda Rose.


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2463 days ago


For God sake,what does anybody expect??!! Jake has just lost a beloved friend. The press,the same press who beseiged Michelle and Matilda on their home-coming to New York,will doubtless claim the usual pathetic excuse that they are "just doing their job", when they try to get a photograph or a comment from a man who is understandably distraught and coming to terms with an absolute tragedy! All of you,press,religious nutters claiming it's retribution for starring in "Brokeback",paparazzi bastards trying to make a fast buck out of people's misery (yes,remember,these are real human beings you are persecuting) - just back off!!
Heath got a raw deal from a large section of the press in life - have the decency to leave him alone in death. I just pray for Jake,Michelle,Matilda and all who knew and loved Heath that they find a way through this desperate time.

2463 days ago


Where was Jake when his best friend was going through a horrible time that ultimately led to his death. Jake was filming.
Where is Jake now? According to this report, Jake is filming.
Jake only cares about his Hollywood image. He does not want his fans to know he's gay. He's distanced himself from Brokeback. And, despite still having a sexual relationship with his longtime boyfriend, Austin, he's running around with Reese trying to look straight.
In the end, Jake was not a good friend to Heath, and I'll never forgive him for it. I may be just one person, but I'm willing to bet a lot of others feel the same way about this worthless coward.

2463 days ago


I'mDisgustedByJake, just shut the hell up! Your obsession with Jake's sexuality and your nasty, judgemental attitude about his relationship with Heath is pathetic. You are the one that is disgusting for trying to exploit internet rumors as a basis for fact. You know nothing about Jake, his sex life, his relationship with Heath or anything else, so leave him alone, disgusting idiot. Unlike you, Jake's real friend just died. Respect his privacy.

2463 days ago


I am NOT using internet rumors to form my opinions.
Hey, Jake, do you still have the crystal hyppo, or did Austin make you toss it?

All you Jake-ASS lovers, don't you worry. Jake will come out of this unscathed. He has his powerful Hollywood family behind him.

RIP Heath

2463 days ago


OMG! You people are all nuts!

2463 days ago


DisgustedByJake, you are vile and disgusting.

2463 days ago

Mark Posner    

I feel for the entire family - what a horrific tragedy. He probably didnt get the help he needed, health wise. As for Jake - I was surprised there were no public comments, but understandably, he must be devastated. He may even blame himself for not seeing the signs that Heath needed help. Jake, Michelle, Matilda, the Ledger family have to all be devastaed and need privacy. I can see Jake doing a euligy. May Heath rest in peace!

2463 days ago


He was just in Ojai , ca {{80 miles north of Los Angeles}}

That was about 3 days was Reese witherspoon....

2462 days ago


I think people need to back off and give this man time to grieve and come to terms with what has just happened. How many people can say that when a loved one dies, famous or not, that they didn't grieve in their own personal way. I could careless if Jake was Bi, Gay, or Straight. That doesn't say who your friends are. Its time that you spend together and the other stuff that matters. As for the radical christian group that is planning on protesting the funeral, nowhere in the bible does it state that anyone has the right to go and pounce on anyone while they are grieving and it also says that nobody should do anything in God's name. Nor was it right for that group to basically say that God killed Heath Ledger because he played a gay guy in a film. God is not like that and he also grieves for that family's loss and the other people that were close to Heath Ledger. Those people are just trying to get attention and if I was even close to that funeral and saw them doing that, I would be one of the people to have something to say to them...They don't speak for God and they need to get a reality check...Personally I hope that its not mentioned so that this stupid radical christian group can't find out when it is. And my heart goes out to everyone affected by the loss of Heath Ledger...he was a talented and gifted soul and may he rest in peace.

2462 days ago


The last time I checked, there was no written rule that says a person has to hold a press conference when a friend or family member passes away. Everyone needs to let these people grieve in private. Have some respect for his family and friends.

2462 days ago


Does anyone really believe this has anything to do with Brokeback Mountain?

2462 days ago

Jason Kish    

First of all the media needs to get off there high horse and back off really fast. Secondly people not just here in America "US and Canada" but also in Austrialia, Great Brittian, Mexico, Brazil, and EU need to find something more important to talk about like impeaching bush or plaining his prision sentence instead of jumping all over the mans family and friends that are unable to grieve. As for the Paparazzi They need to stop before one of them get hurt. Didnt watch the movie i man really man.... We already ruined the Royal Family in London cause we and Yes WE as a world of people killed Lady Diania, so now we are going to stick our noses so far up these peoples rears that there is nothing left to hide. It goes to show that PEOPLE in this world have no life at all and care nothing for the word RESPECT. It makes me sick to see how the US/Canadian Media has blown this out of context and is just out right wrong. There worried so much about this one mans death.... What about the death of raped women that where murdered and there cases are still in limbo after 30 years, what about getting on the medical and pharm companies about price of health care, and what about the oil companys. we are so worried about one person we are not even looking at what is important. I have only one thing to say Now I see what people hate Gay men and women cause we act nothing like you people.... We know what the meaning of RESPECT is. and this dead mans family has asked for it. Now give it to the family and friends of this man......

2462 days ago

RIP MJ    

Just leave people alone and let them deal with it in there own way. Give them some privacy. How would you like it if one of your family members died and it was thrown all over the tv and news papers and internet.. GET A LIFE !!!!

2462 days ago


He's NEXT!!!!!!

RIP Jake!!

2462 days ago
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