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Linda to Hulk -- You Bamboozled Me!

1/28/2008 5:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Linda Hogan claims Hulk Hogan tricked her into giving his lawyer confidential info that could cost her millions in their divorce.
read the documents
According to legal documents filed by Linda before they split, the Hulkster had her meet with an estate planning lawyer. She claims the lawyer was actually on board to dupe her into signing a post-nuptial agreement. She says before realizing what Hulk was up to, she divulged info that could now hurt her in the divorce. She's accusing him of "legal shenanigans."

Linda claims "Due to Husband's suspicious behavior," she withdrew $1.5 million from their bank account. But she says that's nothing, because $10 mil is missing from their fortune and she apparently thinks Hulk pilfered it. Linda wants Hulk's assets frozen and wants a judge to prevent him from using any of the money.

A call to Hulk's lawyer wasn't immediately returned.


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All the comments saying that Linda hasn't "worked" during the marriage illustrate the hypocrisy of a society that assures women that being a homemaker and mother is "the most important job in the world" and that they are "equal partners" in a marriage. Yeah right. That's what they say until there's a divorce. Then the truth comes out. Society is telling women this crap just to manipulate them into staying home and providing nanny/maid service for free. Their contribution is not considered equal to the breadwinner's. Any woman who doesn't make sure she's got the education and training to support herself is hopelessly naive and probably not very bright to begin with. However, having said all that I do agree that in this case she shouldn't get half. She should get a good settlement (yes, her homemaking/mothering work IS valuable) but not half. He was the one out there getting pounded in the ring. And maybe if she had to work for a living she'd be forced to develop a brain or two.

2416 days ago


Hey Hulkster, remember my phrase, HEY DONT TOUCH ME! I HAVE LAWYERS!! contact me for the best!

2401 days ago


How sad. A man is dying in a hospital for a member of their families irresponsible, childish actions and they actually have the butt to start a public fight over their money. How morally sick..... Poor man and family that got hurt...

2401 days ago


First of all Hulk Rules! And his body is the one tore all to hell making all that money.

But no, Linda has no idea when it comes to money - watch the episode where Hulk tries to show Brooke how to balance a checkbook...Linda sits there clueless and says as long as she's within like 50k she doesn't worry about it...

Brooke spends just like her Mom - no concept of what it takes to really work for a living...stupid whores...

And as for everyone crying about the guy that was hurt in the accident - 1 - He was an idiot for getting in the car with Nick, everyone knows the little bastard can't drive, but he did so willingly. 2 - He didn't have a seat belt on! And 3 - Oh yeah, he didn't have a seatbelt on!

2400 days ago

Lucy Phoenix    

Wrestle her for it, Hulk!

2429 days ago



Yeah, he suckered you into it.


Why dont you try working................

2429 days ago


not too hard to trick someone as dumb as a box of rocks...wait the rocks are probably smarter than this dumb whore.

2429 days ago

Cranky Pants    

The whole family is disgusting. Fighting over money while a kid THEIR kid put in the hspital fights to survive.

No talent, too tan freaks.

2429 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

What a pair of bone heads. A pox on both their houses. They fight over money--what about the dead kid?

2429 days ago


She looks like she could be duped into anything........dah! Go Hulk!!!!!! Has his son gone to jail yet?????

2429 days ago


So sad. All familes have issues, but to have asuch a long marraige fall apart really is sad. I wonder if the Nick Hogan crash added to the marital stress.

2429 days ago


this is all because of NICK! they are only doing this to take the light off him. no divorce will actually take place.

2429 days ago

She looks great    

Half the money belongs to her. They built a brand, a life, a family together

What a crook he is.

Hope she gets the money back.

2429 days ago

Cranky Pants    

#7 the "divorce" is an act. It's the only way they'd be sure to keep their millions from falling into the hands of the family of the kid on life support. And the bickering? All part of the act. They are low lifes.

2429 days ago


How on earth do these two idiots have that kind of money??? They have contributed NOTHING to society.

2429 days ago
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