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Brit Shops for Car During Intervention

1/29/2008 5:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

There is a lot of behind-the-scenes anger surrounding the Britney Spears' intervention, and the anger is directed at one Sam Lutfi, pictured here with Brit and mama Lynne today at Beverly Hills Mercedes.

As TMZ first reported, the family is staging an intervention so Britney can get help for her bipolar disorder. Family sources say they are furious at Lutfi, claiming he pushed Brit into going to B.H. Mercedes today to buy a new car -- in the middle of the effort to save her.

One source says the family believes Lutfi has been a "counterproductive, disquieting force" who has done nothing but harm.


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Are those the only boots she owns???

2437 days ago

getting irritated    

TMZ, you guys make all this crap up as you go along, don't you? And "intervention" is a specific thing (predicated on the element of surprise of course), not just the appearance of a mother, a little crying, and shopping for a car.

This "article" is laughable.

2437 days ago

K. Jackson    

That's all that bitch needs - another car! Hell she can't drive and is a hazard to herself and anyone else on the streets! She needs her driver's license revoked! Either gets some damn help or shut the hell up about it - it's getting really, really old.

2437 days ago


Notice she's carrying her checkbook...Hey Brit, I need a new Porsche...

2437 days ago


Go TMZ!..

I'm amused by the first post by CK..

CK if you have a problem with TMZ, then don't type TMZ in your web browser (duh). People are doing their job, Britt is just giving so much material.. Kinda like GWBush.

2437 days ago


Adnan is just as bad for her ...their both losers !!!

2437 days ago


To #1 CK - R u crazy? If u were so righteous you wouldn't even be on the TMZ site reading these articles. Obviously you love gossip and celeb trash or you would be doing something besides blogging. There is nothing worse than hypocrites like you. Go spew ur trash in church or where some idiot will actually belive the crap u spew loser!!

2437 days ago

Julie G.    

Sam is a sore loser!

2437 days ago

Nor Cal Reader    

There isn't one person in Brit-Brit's life who is interested in helping her. They just want to keep the gravy train going. COOL!! This is going to make one hell of a "Movie of the Week"! I love the Britney Spears Show. I hope they renew it for next season!

2437 days ago


What the heck is she wearing???!!!! The Country Bumpkin strikes again. I wish she would go away, but then what would I do without my daily BritBrit update =)

2437 days ago

Be kind to animals    

I think the way Britney is behaving, is all an act. She's going to show up at the Academy Awards and say, "Where's my Oscar, y'all?" Oscar will then become her new confidant.

2437 days ago


Why does this idiot need another car? And how could all her cars keep getting flat tires? That doesn't say much for the Mercedes cars. Or does she cut the tires herself to get more attention? No way could she have to many tires gone flat in recent months normally - are the streets in LA that bad? Another gimmick.

2437 days ago


who is the car for?

2437 days ago


Didn't Britney just get ANOTHER Mercedes at the end of November? I guess she needs to buy this month's model.. And what's with this Sam Lufti? He's her manager? What exactly is he doing for her? He's around her all the time and I don't see him finding any work for her or doing anything positive for her career.

2437 days ago


***BAD BOYYY...!!! But there is always gonna be a bad person in Brit's life until she gets it together. Sadley, she is ripe for the pluckin!!

2437 days ago
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