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Spears Goes Nuclear on Sam

1/30/2008 4:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears went berserk on Sam Lutfi this morning -- swearing at him in front of paps, yelling for him to "Please f**king get out of the way!"

Brit and Sam argued over who would drive Spears' new car, after pulling over near Britney's Summit Circle home -- and she screamed at Lutfi with the British accent, scolding him like a child.


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appauled by the stalkarazzi    

Sam acts like he's the boss and the one paying the bills. Good for you for putting Sam in his place Brit. Don't let him make all your decisions for you Brit.....tell him where to go!

2466 days ago


So sick of this "act" and the accent..... COME ON TMZ..... ENOUGH ALREADY!

2466 days ago


Britney don't you know you're such an idot. What are your boyz going to think of you when they get old enough to read back on this crazy crap!!! Shame Shame Shame on you for wanting media attention to feel validated instead of being a mother to those boys.

2466 days ago


See? It's like Sam said a couple days ago: he FITS IN.

2466 days ago


Those BRITS!!! & I am including all personalities!! What a waste of EVERYTHING!! This trashy idiot has everything!! GROW UP GET YOUR KIDS and deal with life like the rest of us!!

2466 days ago


I like the comment about Madonna! Good for Brit; her family needs to send him packing. What is his role anyway?

2466 days ago

Allred Tree    

I really hate to think that this car could be the death car.

The police need to be on the alert for it and any other of her cars and enforce ALL TRAFFIC LAWS! Britney deserves not one bit of special attention. If and when she causes a SERIOUS/FATAL accident, the police will have plenty to answer to if they continue allowing her to get away with her erratic driving.

Did she buy Adnan a new Mercedes only a week or so ago?

2466 days ago


I've had enough reading about Britney...All this crap is fake.

It's obvious she'd rather play games with the media..than get the rights back to see her kids again.

No mental disorder.This is all for attention...and no more attention from this reader regarding this attention whore.

2466 days ago


21. Lol, who's crazier? 1. Britney, 2. TMZs obsession with her, 3. or TMZ readers who are obsessed and comment on EVERY move

Posted at 3:47PM on Jan 30th 2008 by Ledbetter1212

You would be a part of number 3.....WELCOME TO THE CLUB!!!!! LOL!!!!!

2466 days ago


LOL!! A day after he was bragging about being "in" with Britney. I think he meant he was "in check" with Britney...there IS a difference. lol...and another thing, I thought Britney's accent was just an act for paparazzi/the media but GEEZ, I didn't know she uses it in real life. Next one on the Crazy Train please.

2466 days ago


good for britney is a way but jeez lose the damn accent i agree with whoever said which one is crazier
tmz who is obessed or britney herself but kudos to her its her freaking car an this loser shouldnt be driving it in the first place my gosh that man is absoultely ugly if i ever find out shes slept with him i will break everything i have ever own of hers ewwww

2466 days ago


Is no on going to elaborate on the english accent? What is it with celeb's and why do they all want to be english, huh?

2466 days ago


No wonder K-Fed refused to come back to her when she asked him to after filing for the divorce.

Living with someone who is this dysfunctional has to be hell. There's not enough money. I would have taken the kids and run, also.

It has to be hell to be inside her skin right now. It's hell to watch. It must be fiery hell to have to live in a house when you never know what someone is doing, thinking or when they'll go off, what they'll go off about and who the frying pan will be aimed at.

2466 days ago


Her "accent" sounds painful. Maybe she had a stroke and didn't receive medical attention.

2466 days ago


He just wants what's Brit has, Good for her, I wish he would go away for a couple of months so we can see if she starts getting better with out him, then we wouls know if he is putting things in her head.

2466 days ago
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