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Britney About to Be Temporarily Committed

1/31/2008 5:36 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources tell TMZ Britney's psychiatrist visited her tonight. As we first reported, she is under the daily care of a shrink who is giving her medicine for a bipolar disorder. The shrink was alarmed at her reckless driving and her conduct, and has decided Brit needs to be hospitalized on another 5150 hold -- meaning she is a danger to herself and others.

She has called for police who are en route. No one has entered the house yet.

Contrary to an online report, Britney has not tried to kill herself.

We're told Lynne Spears is at the house and is upset with the shrink. Sam Lutfi is in favor of the 5150, given Britney's mental state.

Britney is basically non-responsive about the whole thing -- out of it.

UPDATE: Alli Sims just arrived. We're told there is "extreme tension inside the house" between Sam Lutfi and members of Spears' family.

Story developing ...


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Another day in the life of the world's most publicized attention whore.

Did she get enough attention today? I know I'm tired of hearing about her and her little performances she puts on for the paps twice daily. *yawn*

Wake me if the dopey broad really does anything of interest.

2457 days ago


K- Fed, I know you are divoced from Brittany but you are her husand anyway and the father of your two sons. HELP HER !!!!!

2457 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Time for her neighbors to kick her the hell out of the hood! Someone get George Clooney going on this! Hope you L.A. residents enjoyed paying tens of thousands of dollars more in taxes so this selfish, attention starved BITCH could play her games tonight! Someone needs to investigate what L.A. and California spent on dealing with her ass!

2457 days ago


Let's see if TMZ is just BS-ing again. Everytime they report inaccurately or blow it out of proportion, it's not exactly fair - especially in a situation such as this that could be very serious. Oh, so there's 75 paps at her house? Let's see, is that helping? Who else's life will you ruin if Britney dies?

2457 days ago


I want to know why my tax dollars are going towards paying for the 30 cop cars that are at her house tonight? How about 2 cop cars and the 28 others go back to serving the community and doing what they are paid for. This is ridiculous. I am just glad that I no longer live in Studio City, Cuz you can bet if these helicopters were flying overhead constantly along with the mess the press have made in her neighborhood when I lived there, that there would have been some serious law suits thrown out.
Somebody lock her up already, so the neighborhood can get some sleep.

2457 days ago



2457 days ago


i can not believe it took this long to put this girl away. she is clearly very sick in her mind.this goes far more than drinking and drugs, im glad because it does not take a dr. to see shes sicko

2457 days ago

Semper Fi    

They're probably arguing over who gets the new car the bitch bought. Ya think? What a waste of taxpayer dollars when they could spend it on the people who really need it not this skank.

2457 days ago


Well all I have to say about these reports is...remember how many inaccuracies TMZ reported after Heath Ledger was found dead, constantly changing statements they had reported earlier. So, I'm very skeptical about what they are hearing from their sources, especially if their source is Sam, since we know he has called them in the past. And, Sam is not always truthful.

2457 days ago



WHAT A JOKE !!!!!!!!!!

2457 days ago


Who the hell is Sam Lutfi? As you can tell, I don't pay much attention to the bayou bimbo.

2457 days ago


It is so sad you just want to hug her and just help her out!!! I will be praying for her!

2457 days ago


How much time and money has to be wasted covering this nonessential news story?

2457 days ago


Thanks for the good post very interesting

2416 days ago


What a waste.One positive is she now has a assigned Psyc Doc of record and that Doc made the Psyc 5150 hold possible, not the family, not a on call doc, not the police, so now what happens is that doc has assigned Spears as a true 5150 by making the call to have her picked up under his instruction (he called personally is huge),(and ffinally she has someone clearly looking out for her best intrest, not the boy toys of family). So now what happens is Spears is under a real 5150 whcih is a 72 hour hold that she cannot be released from under California State Law. Also during this 72 hours if she asks to go home directly to either the staff or her psyc doc a longer hold by law can be induced by her psyc doc for as long as he says she must stay and where her says she must stay. So how can that happen well California BHU (behavioral health units) is authorised to do so, so basically one loses all their rights once one is catagorized as a 5150, period. If a 5150 is in bad shape and asks to go home he/she is clearly not in their right mind and is considered mentally incompetant because they clearly dont understand how ill they are. So this is good for her. I know the reports state the family is arguing over making medical decisions some reports are saying the parents are lobying and now making the decisions.Not true in a 5150 if they want the power to make Britts decisions they have to be endorced by Britts Psyc Doc, period. Being in this situation as a Metal Health 5150 nurse I guarentee the hospital is tired of the family fighting and is simply listening to what they have to say regarding Britts mental health like their wishes, decision making ect to ease the drama on the staff, trust me 5150 are under major protection, when under a Psyc doctors admission.The family has proven many times over how they care for their daughter, there is no way Britts psyc doc is going to give them permission, or the boy toys, to make medical decisions for Britt.We might see the Psyc doc go to court to assign a person/persons to make decisions based on britts medical health and financial, which usually happens. Oh and for sure, 5150 staff/docs do take the familys outside situation with the parents/boy toys into account, and if they say they dont, its a lie

2457 days ago
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