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Brit Could Be Involuntary Commitment Candidate

1/31/2008 10:16 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources at UCLA Medical Center tell TMZ Britney Spears has been classified as "G.D." -- Gravely Disabled. That is a huge and dangerous deal. That means the patient is unable to take care of basic needs, such as the acquisition of food, clothing or shelter. Being G.D. is one of the criteria for involuntary commitment.

Several health care professionals tell us Britney has fallen into a "manic state" due to her bipolar disorder. We're also told she arrived at the hospital this morning at around 2:15 AM, but wasn't admitted until 4:15 AM because she was causing such a scene in the hospital.

We first reported that Britney accused her mother of sleeping with her boyfriend. Now we have more. We're told Britney screamed, "The only reason she's admitting me is because she wants to be alone with her boyfriend! She wants to sleep with my boyfriend!!" Britney never said exactly who she was talking about.

When Brit calmed down, she talked about her kids, how much she misses them and how it's unfair that she doesn't have them.


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165. #155 well said! She doesn't care about the kids....she never did! Only cares about herself hummm I wonder the apple didn't fall from the tree did it!

Posted at 9:57PM on Jan 31st 2008 by she's a waste of oxgen

Exactly. She seems to pick and choose when the paps are in her wasted way. Seems most all the time she welcomes their attention....except....and this is a big one.....when she needs to go fight for her kids. KFed didn't take her kids from her.....she never fought for them!!!! Hell, but damn straight, don't get in her way when she goes to Starbucks. She manages just fine getting through the paps then.

2465 days ago

The Research Bug    

A bipolar manic episode describes her to a T. See below from the website

Inflated self-esteem or grandiosity: Inflated self-importance; in some, delusions or hallucinations. Feeling all-powerful, invincible, and destined for greatness.

Euphoric mood: Feeling “high”, excessively optimistic, better than ever before.

Extreme irritability: Feeling irritable or angry; Behavior that is aggressive, provocative, or intrusive.

Decreased need for sleep: Feeling rested after just a few hours of sleep.

More talkative than usual: Extremely talkative and sociable; pressure to keep talking.

Racing thoughts: Flight of ideas; can't keep up with your own ideas and thoughts.

Distractibility: Inability to concentrate, distracted, restless.

Increase in goal-directed activity or psychomotor agitation: Extremely energetic; increased productivity; a feeling of high intelligence and creativity.

Risky behavior: Excessive involvement in pleasurable or high risk activities, such as sex, drug or alcohol use, gambling, or spending sprees.

Impaired judgment: Reckless, impulsive, unpredictable; No perception that the mood and behaviors are abnormal.

Can't believe I took the time to post all that on this message board but believe the woman really must be sick and not just an attention whore & self-absorbed brat like I found myself thinking before I read about all this.

Get well.

2465 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi    

TMZ get your act together and stop the fabrications. Highly likely Brit will be relased in 72 hours due to the laws. A c ourt order is needed to keep her against her will. And, highly likely it isn't going to be exteneded because she is NOT a true threat to herself and others. It is going to wind up being in Brit's hands as to whether or not she will voluntarily stay for extended inpatient treatment!

In 1975, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that involuntary hospitalization and/or treatment violates an individual's civil rights. This ruling forced states including CA to change their statutes. IE, the individual must be exhibiting behavior that is a danger to himself or others in order to be held, the hold must be for evaluation only and a court order must be received for more than very short term treatment or hospitalization (typically no longer than 72 hours). This ruling has severely limited involuntary treatment and hospitalization in the United States

2465 days ago


Gee, TMZ. My favorite people in the whole wide world...Are you going to set up daily live cams outside of the hospital???

Oh, wait. Did I hear that the paps will get their butts kicked if they try and hang around UCLA? Yeah. I have it from reliable sources. Oh, well. Maybe you can have live cams from La Conte Avenue, the boring street right outside of UCLA.. Take pictures of cars, just like you do when you have your live cams from the Summit....

Hey. Wait. No more sick pap/media action/harrassment of a young woman who has a serious illness? Whatever will you guys DO???? It takes ONE HELL OF A LOT OF BABY BUMP PICTURES TO MAKE UP FOR ALL THE MONEY YOU USED TO MAKE ON BRITNEY SPEARS.

Hey Harvey Levin. Think about this: the only way you will ever be remembered is in the academic and journal articles that will be written about this time, and in a few books, about the time when the media (esp. internet) went insane, lost its moral compass, and made sport of a young woman who needed our sympathy, but got only scorn, derision, and humiliation. Harvey, books will be written about this, and leaders of the pack will be examined like bacteria under a microscope--and you are one of those bacteria. Your only mark in life will be--he was bacteria. He was one of those sick ones.

2465 days ago


Get it right, TMZ. "GD" means Gravely Disabled, not Greatly Disabled.

2465 days ago

The Research Bug    

Hey "midweest gal," it's HIPAA LAWS, not HIPPA Laws.

Geeze, if you're going to act like you know what you're talking about, at least know how to spell it...

HIPAA = Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

2465 days ago

Susan B    

I am hoping that Britney will stay in care until she is medicated appropriately..........Secondly, I agree with Britney that it is not fair that she does not have her children. This is probably what pushed this girl over the edge. I am hopeful that Brit gets the help she needs and the children are returned to their mommy. The boys will learn nothing from Kevin as he is a lowlife loser. These little children belong with Britney.

2465 days ago

She looks like hell    

9:12 PM, um I'm 42 and I don't look half as bad as that!

2465 days ago

April Fouels    


2465 days ago


Good grief. They finally rated this girl as "Greatly Disabled?" It only took about 6 months of watching her drive 200 miles a day to nowhere, going to the drug store/gas station/7-11 at 3 a.m. day after day. Not to mention running over people's feet, hitting other cars, leaving cars on the side of the road and mulitple tire blow-outs. Good god, what does it take to get you off the road in California? And why is she so special that she can pollute the common public space (like roads, shopes, convenience stores...) that everyone else in her vicinity has to be inconvenienced? Finally, that got that girl some help. Sheesh.

2465 days ago


Will someone please do the world a favor and get this girl a RAZOR BLADE.

2465 days ago

Susan B    

It appears that HIPPA laws have been violated. The public should not have access to Britney's medical records.

The children should be returned to Britney..........I hope that nut of a judge will get it right the next time. No wonder Britney is having such a bad time. She is a good mother and the babies should be returned to Britney. That's all!

2465 days ago

to bad it wasn't sooner!    

#173....right on time! Seems she want's to fight her mom for sleeping with her boyfriends.....but she doesn't want to fight K-fed for the kids! The only thing important to her is her! Just think some people do want kids and can't have them and she just has one after another....she is not a mom....she's a dog in heat!

2465 days ago

TMZ is pathetic    


2465 days ago


Yeah right !! Bipolar or METH HEAD ???!!!!!! That's what National Enquirer is reportng ......

2465 days ago
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