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Chaos Inside UCLA

1/31/2008 2:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources inside UCLA Medical Center tell TMZ Britney checked into the facility using an alias. We will not divulge the name, but what happened inside is bizarre.

Our sources say Britney said she was on Adderall, a stimulant used to treat Attention Deficit Disorder, and was taking up to ten laxatives a day. Side note -- cameras caught Spears a few days ago picking up a bagful of laxatives.

We're also told, when she was admitted, Britney accused her mom of "sleeping with my boyfriend." She wasn't specific on who she was referring to.

We're also told that for a time she was hurling profanities at her parents and staff.


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Martha Jo    

This child is a train wreck waiting to happen, I just hope she stays in the hospital long enough to get the help she needs so desperately. What with uppers, downers, stuff to make her go and stuff to make her stop going, she's going to wind up like Elvis - dead on the damned toliet! What a totally un-classy way to go, pardon the pun!

2455 days ago


I've watched the progression every day on the internet to see what happens. Each day there are multiple stories. At first I thought it was only drug addiction but if this is bipolar disorder, Brit is in serious need of help. I would have a BIG problem with cameras stuck in my face every moment whether it was for bipolar disorder or not. I hope she will get the help she needs and will have the support of her family and not for the family's personal benefit. This is in fact a LIFE, she is a mother and a person, and much more.

Guys, none of us know if her actions are intentional or if it is in fact a disorder. Most families are disfunctional, do you know any "NORMAL" ones? It's hard not to be judgmental, but it's not our lives, we are not in the spotlight 24/7 or any day of the week.

Wish that she gets help and TRY TO TREAT HER AND OTHERS THE WAY YOU WOULD LIKE TO BE TREATED. Kindness never hurt anyone.


2455 days ago


Sounds to me like she has Borderline Personality Disorder. Here are the symptoms:

While a person with depression or bipolar disorder typically endures the same mood for weeks, a person with BPD may experience intense bouts of anger, depression, and anxiety that may last only hours, or at most a day.5 These may be associated with episodes of impulsive aggression, self-injury, and drug or alcohol abuse. Distortions in cognition and sense of self can lead to frequent changes in long-term goals, career plans, jobs, friendships, gender identity, and values. Sometimes people with BPD view themselves as fundamentally bad, or unworthy. They may feel unfairly misunderstood or mistreated, bored, empty, and have little idea who they are. Such symptoms are most acute when people with BPD feel isolated and lacking in social support, and may result in frantic efforts to avoid being alone.

People with BPD often have highly unstable patterns of social relationships. While they can develop intense but stormy attachments, their attitudes towards family, friends, and loved ones may suddenly shift from idealization (great admiration and love) to devaluation (intense anger and dislike). Thus, they may form an immediate attachment and idealize the other person, but when a slight separation or conflict occurs, they switch unexpectedly to the other extreme and angrily accuse the other person of not caring for them at all. Even with family members, individuals with BPD are highly sensitive to rejection, reacting with anger and distress to such mild separations as a vacation, a business trip, or a sudden change in plans. These fears of abandonment seem to be related to difficulties feeling emotionally connected to important persons when they are physically absent, leaving the individual with BPD feeling lost and perhaps worthless. Suicide threats and attempts may occur along with anger at perceived abandonment and disappointments.

People with BPD exhibit other impulsive behaviors, such as excessive spending, binge eating and risky sex. BPD often occurs together with other psychiatric problems, particularly bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety disorders, substance abuse, and other personality disorders.

2455 days ago

Oh Fer Sure    

Can U say PhotoShopped??? Com'on people. We know a fake pic when we see one TMZ. How is it that you lay your heads down at night knowing that you are helping a poor child ruin her life? Stop posting all of this nonsense and get to the FACTS.

2455 days ago


#387 jr - Exactly!!!

2455 days ago


WHOA....10 MOTORCYCLE POLICE, POLICE CRUISERS, POLICE HELICOPTERS, ETC?????? Just to escort a spoiled, rich, idiot to UCLA Med Ctr. SEND HER THE BILL TO COVER ALL THESE EXPENSES FOR HER LAST TWO ESCAPADES. I don't think the people of Los Angeles, or California, should spend their taxpaying dollars for someone who is as inconsiderate as Britney is. She has beaucoup bucks to be running all over tthe streets of L.A. driving erratically (she should have been arrested for those actions), constantantly at Starbucks (caffein high?), constantly buying (or leasing) new Mercedes every few weeks, all the junk food shops, grabbing her paraphernalia from the drug stores to support her habit, etc. etc. etc. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. I should not have to pay for a millionaires bizaar behavior.....LET HER PAY AND PAY DEARLY. She should go broke for all she has cost the taxpayers.

2455 days ago

for real    

I think that Sam Lufti needs to have any and all influence over Britney REMOVED!! Hey Mom & Dad, lets get moving and get this parasite out of your daughter's life. She is suffering and is not herself. She needs you to do something, NOW. PROTECT HER. Has anyone given any thought as to SAM giving Britney any kind of mind altering drug or something. This needs to be investigated ASAP.

2455 days ago


I just had 2 babies and have been exactly where brit is, minus the pop-star B.S., but it is a living HELL. and from that point it seems there is only one way out. a long series of inapproprite acts that we inherintly know will end in in jail, insititutionialaztion or DEATH. and up until that point it is on fast speed to our arrival gate. Luckily I pulled out after a YEAR of treatment against my will. A year of crazy tear filled living and detoxing. IT HURTS LIKE HELL BUT YOU CAB DO IT BRIT! CALL ME I KNOW!!! and I know how much the pills temporar

2455 days ago

Elaine 27    

415. I think that Sam Lufti needs to have any and all influence over Britney REMOVED!! Hey Mom & Dad, lets get moving and get this parasite out of your daughter's life. She is suffering and is not herself. She needs you to do something, NOW. PROTECT HER. Has anyone given any thought as to SAM giving Britney any kind of mind altering drug or something. This needs to be investigated ASAP.

Posted at 11:25PM on Jan 31st 2008 by for real

I suspected all along that he is giving her some mind altering drugs. I hope that her mother and father and her brother do not give up but be a permanent fixture in her life and take Sam to court and get this so called power that Brit gave him to make medical decisions for her dropped. Sam is another HKS who is give her drugs and trying to isolate her from her family so that he can con her of her money and when she is of no use kill her. Hopefully the true journalists will rat him out. He will not blatantly do to Britney what HKS did to Anna and get away with it, because Britney's parents are not giving up and they will take him to court because her mother has the means and the respected members of the media will not have this foreigner get away with exploiting Brit for long. On FOX they labeled him an enaber and they were happy that her mother was there and said that she should go home to her mother. We need to reprint all the dirt on Sam and Adnan over the internet.

2455 days ago


I said recently.. they are going to lock that girl up in a straight jacket...
I hope now, she gets the helps she needs.
On the other hand... who the heck wouldnt go bonkers not having the freedon of walking anywhere without people standing in her path... with lights and clicks constantly clicking....
I think the paps...should take a break....leave the girl alone.. you have long lenses to put on your cams... you all dont need to be in the girls face...for God Sake!!!!!!!!
You should all be charged with mental crulety..

2455 days ago


The hospital is not the answer for Britney, what she need is Jesus Christ, he came to set the captives free, Britney is in captivity and need to be free from the enemy. That is the bottom line.

2455 days ago


lol i think that in the middle of the nit at the hospital tmz should go in her room and put a pillow on her face j/j she needs alot of help !

2455 days ago

Here We Go Again    

I totally agree with #15 except for the part about the mother. She loves her daughter, no doubt. Britney needs her family. K-fed thought he was going to play while she stayed home and took care of babies, he used her big time, now we have Sam, another Howard K Stern as far as I am concerned.

2455 days ago

cat b    

Duhhh Adderall explains alot...who is monitoring this girl medically? Dr. Kavorkian could do a better job...Heads up adderall can cause restlessness sleep loss ...uh wasnt she up three days? can also cause hallucinations...not to mention the fluid electrolyte loss from correctol which can cause ya to feel pretty squirrely...I hope they eleminate the physical before the mental...I have seen far to many people get toxic from medication thrown into mental wards only to be ignored and stroke out or have massive MI's and the staff ignore them labeling them emotionally labile ...I hope Ms Spears fairs better...and she has a doctor who wont put her on a roulette wheel of medication...a pill for the side effects a pill for the side effect pill a pill to wake up a pill to go to sleep and so on...I think if she is detoxed from the add meds and the correctol her sanity may improve a great deal

2455 days ago


i feel for the family as my mom is bipolar and these episodes are really dramatic when they start saying crazy truley out there things but to the family this episode will pass and hopefully britney wil just take some meds and get semi better

2455 days ago
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