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Chaos Inside UCLA

1/31/2008 2:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources inside UCLA Medical Center tell TMZ Britney checked into the facility using an alias. We will not divulge the name, but what happened inside is bizarre.

Our sources say Britney said she was on Adderall, a stimulant used to treat Attention Deficit Disorder, and was taking up to ten laxatives a day. Side note -- cameras caught Spears a few days ago picking up a bagful of laxatives.

We're also told, when she was admitted, Britney accused her mom of "sleeping with my boyfriend." She wasn't specific on who she was referring to.

We're also told that for a time she was hurling profanities at her parents and staff.


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okay everybody, those without compassion need some, those without understanding need some, those who don't know the Lord, need him a lot more than they realize b/c they are just plain lost in this world without Him.

now, people make bad choices and mistakes, it is a growing process us humans go through, called LIFE. some are strong and some are weak. the strong wicked or just plain ole wicked will devour a weak nice person in a second, it happens all the time on all levels of society.

have some of you listen to and or seen the video britney did "Someday" (I Will Understand). this is britney to me.

i believe this all has happened to her for a reason. i am prayerfully hopeful she will get the medical/thearpy help she needs to fullyl recover and support from caring people, loving, and understanding people. i am thankful she at this point is alive and has a chance for a second chance (and more if needed, some of us do), to be with and watch her sons grow up, would love to see/hear her sing gospel music too, not only pop type music, a chance to reconnect with herself again and family and society and become a mature responsible adult and to be concerned about others in a constructive way. a chance to get away from the evil that has surrounded her while in her state of mind.

i am prayerfully hopeful k-feds attorneys, and the judge will be compassionate and not financially take advantage of her right now too and realize how much denying her visitations with her sons has truly cost her already ( but sadly, that alone may be the very thing that has also helped save her life, because i believe that loosing all visitation with her boys (even though phone calls were eventually allowed) was the straw that finally broke her.

i thank God her parents reunited for the effort to save their daughter. i pray God will help jamie lynn, learn (and others) a vauable lesson from all this and will be the wiser and stronger for it and will be able to enjoy their great sister relationship again.

while many may think she has been acting ( really she has been trying to pretend everything is okay and that she is tough and everything has not been bothering her, while deep down inside it has been killing her . )

Her life has unfolded for all of us to see. take a good hard look. someday, we will all understand in God's own plan.

2456 days ago

Jusst saying    

Just found out........ she checked in as I.M. Craazzy

2456 days ago

TMZ is pathetic    

hey eric~~~no one would give a damn about harvey levin if he was ill, or better yet dead. there'd be no $$ to make.

2456 days ago


No.366, thanks for the brillant post. Now go write a theory on relativity or something. As for Britney, she is pathetic, we are pathetic, they are pathetic. The whole damn planet is pathetic. She is just one of the more glaring examples. It's alot more fun and much easier to keep track of her nonsense than learn or care about anything that might actually matter though, so GO BRITNEY.....AND THANKS FOR ALL THE LAUGHS.......

2456 days ago


I hope this works out for her. Very sad situation.

2456 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi    

369. hey eric~~~no one would give a damn about harvey levin if he was ill, or better yet dead. there'd be no $$ to make.

Posted at 6:33PM on Jan 31st 2008 by bb

Rest assured Levin's family would get lawyers and suit the pants off whom ever was leaking such private and personal information. They wouldn't like the invasion of privacy, character assassination, and slander either. The problem with the stalkarazzi they know no boundries and have convinced themselves the crap they print is freedom of speech!

2456 days ago

Jusst saying    

I'm so sick of this loopy beotch already. Put her in a straight jacket and take her back to Louisianna.

2456 days ago


I can see by reading the comments that we have a few mother haters spewing out their two cents worth but Britney needs her family now more than anyone else & all the grifters need to get lost & go home. Regardless whether it's mental illness or drugs, it is for this family to work out & heal.

There is nothing like the love of parents & siblings & I do feel bad for all you poor souls who never knew that kind of love.

2456 days ago


I just read about Britney's ambulance being escorted to the hospital by more than a dozen motorcycle officers, two police cruisers and two police helicopters. She is NOT the President of the United States. I am all for people getting help when they need it, but get real. She is just some stupid little girl looking for attention. No talent, no sense. She needs to mature.

2456 days ago


Maybe if she gives her life to Jesus she will be okay.

2456 days ago


Lock this nutjob up once and for all in padded cell and THROW AWAY THE KEY!

2456 days ago


Did Los Angeles taxpayers have to pay for all the cops and ambulance and whatnot it took to take her to the hospital - twice? Or will that bill go to Britney? She might have health insurance I suppose but that doesn't usually cover ambulances and most definitely wouldn't cover 8 police escorts and additional police to block roadways and everything that went in to it. Why can't she get into a car quietly in her garage and sneak out hidden in a car? Or take a LIMO!!?? I mean, are you telling me that the only way she could get to the hospital for this preplanned event was with all this hoopla? She might as well sent out a news report just to make sure everyone knew it was her in that big ole brigade.
And I think the Grey's star checked himself in as well (watch TMZ for that hookup next week) and I am pretty sure he just walked in on his own.

2456 days ago


Jesus fixes everything, right?

2456 days ago


She's got a few demons.

2456 days ago

Middletown, RI    

Wellbutrin (an antidepressant) induces mania in bipolar patients and should not be used. Adderall is a stimulant for ADHD but affects those without ADHD like speed. It slows down ADHD patients. Adderall and Wellbutrin cause lose of appetite and thus weight loss. The main thing she should be on is a mood stabalizer--unfortunately mose cause weight gain.

2456 days ago
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