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Jacko Hides Face, Kids Drop Masks

1/31/2008 5:39 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson (left) let two of his kids, Paris and Prince Michael, roam the Luxor Casino in Las Vegas without their usual masks -- and they're damned cute!

Looks like the apple fell far from the tree. Very, very far.

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2455 days ago

GRP - Atlanta    

Okay, I read (scanned) through most of the comments. Obviously I have nothing better to do this evening and I have gotten sucked into this crap. I then had to search Michael's bio and read about "his" conception of "his" children. Now, I have nothing against adoption (I'm adopted). Don't know why he doesn't admit to the adoption and stop lying about being the biological father.

Here is a paragraph from his bio:

Later that same year, Jackson announced that Deborah Rowe, an assistant to his dermatologist, was pregnant with his child. The couple were married in Australia soon after his announcement, and Rowe subsequently gave birth to a son, Prince Michael Jackson Jr. A daughter, Paris Michael Katherine, was born in the spring of 1998. Jackson and Rowe announced their intention to divorce in the fall of 1999. In 2002, under a veil of secrecy, a second son named Prince Michael II was added to the brood. The child's mother remains unnamed

So, where is the 3rd child? I guess he was left in the hotel room? Considering Vegas is not a place for a 6 year old (Prince Michael II). Then again Vegas isn't a place for an 11 year old (Prince Michael Jackson Jr) or a 10 year old (Paris Michael Katherine). Then again I am a normal person and wouldn't take anyone under the age of 21 to Vegas on Vacation.

2455 days ago


I want a D.N.A test

2455 days ago

Phineas T. Thunderballs    

Prince Michael l seems to have a Mickey Mouse hat on. Maybe MJ paid this white lad $10 and asked that he plays the role of his son. The real Prince Michael l and Paris could be at the mansion with their scarves still on. They could really have a darker complexion, they might have the skin color of a Croation.

2455 days ago

Phineas T. Thunderballs    

The Reason why MJ 's kids don't look black is because he had surgery done on them while they were young to look white. That's why they wore scarves.

2455 days ago


Biological or adopted...they are his children ! The rude and viscious comments are just evil. They are innocent kids !

2455 days ago


Please someone declare that its not his sperm so that white people can chill the hell out. He's the most talented artist in our lifetime and the mother is a loser. One would hope they have his blood! He owns the Beatles, he married Elvis' daughter, and he has never been convicted of a crime...and white people in America poop on themselves!

Posted at 1:58PM on Jan 31st 2008 by Nat

Most talented artist---debabteable
Mother is a loser---nothing more than your opinion
He owns the beatles---Ugh, he owns the beatles music, not them. And not for long
He married Elvis daughter---Only to quell rumours of his being gay. It didn't work. Smart people (not you), saw thru it
Never been convicted of a crime---Found "not guilty", and being "not guilty" are two different things. He didles little boys. Once again, smart people.


2455 days ago


Yep. Michael Jackson did very well by protecting his kids and keeping them out of the glare of the paps. MJ might be strange, but he's been doing the right thing with his kids. Who cares where they are from. Thousands of kids are adopted every year. So if they are not biologically his, then who cares. They are still his kids and he has been taking good care of him.

Good for MJ! Now let him be.

Posted at 2:05PM on Jan 31st 2008 by Good for MJ!

Yep, good parents dangle their babies from balconies.
Yep, good parents didle little boys.
Yep, good parents don't hide behind maraige to make people think they are straight.
In reality, good parents see right through this piece of crap.

Now let him be. F--k you idiot.

2455 days ago


Those are not his children.

2455 days ago


It almost looks as if the boy had the same nose or whatever surgery his "father" had. Very odd looking little kids. They do look like siblings but not at all like MJ...BEFORE his surgery he had a wide nose, big lips, dark skin...Is he trying to fool people into thinking that he had kids that came out with the same physical features as he has POST OP? YIKES! I wouldn't put it past him to have hired those kids to pose as his "real" kids for the public eye. Do you really think he'd all of a sudden let them be normal or exposed just like that without their crazy, little masks?

2455 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi    

I have to agree with another sarcastic poster.

Those of you being so cruel and mean were probably so butt ugly at birth the labor and delivery Dr. *itch slapped your mom instead of slapping in you in the @ss

2455 days ago


Um, I thought Rodney Dangerfield was dead?!?!?!

2455 days ago



2455 days ago

too sad    

they both look related t o each other, are they twins ?
they look alike .

not like him, but they look similar to each other ...............

2455 days ago

too sad    

but did 'nt that debbie woman

2455 days ago
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