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Britney Spears -- In-N-Out Already?!

2/1/2008 10:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Being locked up in the psych ward won't keep Britney from getting her fast food fix! Her manservant, Sam Lutfi, dropped by with some In-N-Out for the popwreck.

On the long walk to and from his car at UCLA Medical Center, Sam was bombarded with questions by TMZ. He said Britney is doing "good" and that he doesn't speak to Lynne Spears at all -- and denies that he argued with Brit's father, Jamie.

As TMZ first reported, an all-out war over Britney erupted early Thursday morning when she was committed -- with Sam reportedly fighting with Brit's family over who would control her treatment. As of now, her parents are in the driver's seat.


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Standards are badly needed.    

What's chasing down a few burgers compared to losing your ticket to easy street? He enables her. A few days on hospital food is one of the great motivators to get with the program so you can get out of there. Next she'll have a 50 inch screen. This girl will never get the tough love she needs to want to make a change.

2425 days ago


I can see that Sam cares. I think he is good for Brit. He is always by her side and he has so much patience with her. I'm glad he is around making sure no one takes advantage of Brit b/c he knows Brit needs help. Too many people bash Sam but I think he really cares.

2425 days ago


I hope the hospital security checks what's in the bag and in the cups. Howard K. Stern went to pick up fast food for Anna and Daniel and less than 8 hours later, Daniel was DEAD. I thought in a mental ward there should be NO visitors. Osama Lufti is a BAD dud.

2425 days ago


She'll be out by Sunday.

2425 days ago


This is replaying the life of Anna Nicole. He should step aside and let Britney's family take care of things at such a crucial time. Does this guy work for a living? If he is her "manager"--how many managers stay with their clients 24/7, try to keep other people away, etc. This guy is scary.

2425 days ago

:what ev errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr    

Earth to #16..............................................

2425 days ago

G spot    

Shame on you, TMZ. DELIBERATELY misleading headline.

2425 days ago


has anyone seen the stories on E!NEWS website lol they have a story about poor Sam noone understands his moral obligation to Brit. It also tells how he is through trying to keep peace with her and her parents they just dont understand.This guy must have been studying Howard K Sterns tactics because he reminds me so much of him.The only obligation I think he is trying to fill is to keep his pockets lined at anyones expense.I do feel for her in some ways mentally she is just a kid with nobody to trust or turn to they all keep selling her story and I dont think she cares anymore what they sell because she just expects it. But on the other hand I think she is a spoiled brat also but I cant help but feel for someone that never had a childhood or a chance to grow up.She is acting like a 13 year old now because she never had the chance to before

2425 days ago


It makes me sick to think that this man is still able to have contact with Britney. The crap that he feeds her in the condition she's in and in all honesty, he's got to be saying something to her because if his intensions were only for the good, she would have been taken care of sooner rather than later. It's no surprise she's in such horrible condition. I don't know how visitations work in a situation like this but if he is still able to be in a room with her, for god sake, don't leave him alone with her. Their conversations need to be monitored. He doesn't want out of her life because then his income stops and I'm sure he's not having that , so he will do or say anything in his power to remain in her life.

2425 days ago


This guy is nothing but a bum. Her family are the only ones that are truly concerned about her well being. I wish they could get this idiot away from her. This poor girl needs to detox from all the crap that she eats too. No wonder why she's constipated and can't think straight. How can anyone function properly eating all that fast food and all the Frappucinos. Yuck... I'm surprised she hasn't turned into a huge cow yet.

2425 days ago


fast food???? with no midnight run to the the gas stations shes going to get more larder than she is...

2425 days ago


and by feed I mean tells her.

2425 days ago



It's obvious TMZ has nbo clue what's really going on in there so let's just stop with all the madness. First he was allowed in and he set it up then he wasn't allowed in. Then he was the one calling the shots because Britney authorized him and not her parents to do so then he wasn't even allowed in the hospital. Come on... When will this end? Who cares who Sam is or what he does or what his involvement is? Why has he become a celebrity? BECAUSE TMZ AND X17 MADE HIM ONE.

2425 days ago


Shame on TMZ, and all the other privacy invasion mongers who should be leaving Britney Spears and her family alone at a critical time, when she is ill, I am not a fan of hers, and would never buy her music. But this horrible invasion of the idiotic, selfish, intrusive media is reminiscent of the way Princess Diana and Marilyn Monroe were treated by the media. Look at old video fo Monroe after she had divorced Joe Dimaggio, she was on the court house steps crying and all the damned media could try to do was get a piece of her. This ass, and the so called papparrazi man who is her "friend " will probably sell her out in a second to the media for the right price , This is all so disgusting, it is really sad,

2425 days ago



2425 days ago
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