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Xenu Must Have Pull at the Station

2/3/2008 1:46 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Suri's parents oiled their hinges and went shopping at Joan's on Third yesterday -- where at least seven cops joined their regular security to escort the Scientolostars an incredible fifteen feet to their blacked-out SUV.

Do not look directly into their eyes!


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Good to see the tax payer's money and city resources hard at work. Wow!

2451 days ago

The "REAL" Xenu    


The mall is full of teenage thetans ready to pounce on their prey!!!!

Watch out Tom for Hot Dog On A Stick...Its really L Ron Hubbards dead body parts

2451 days ago


Pisses me off to see our tax dollars go to this!

2451 days ago

My goodness she's scary looking    

If the picture takers would leave people alone then maybe this wouldn't have to happen. People are free citizens here in American and should be able to move about freely without any forms of harassment whatsoever. What they do should be and hopefully will be made illegal. People are jealous of Tom and Katie because they are a happy and well adjusted couple. They take good care of their child and are classy through and through. They should be able to believe and participate in any organization they see fit as long as it is legal. Scientology is not a reigion but a belief system for those who participate. People mock what they do not understand. For the record, I am a Christian have no affiliation whatsoever with Scientology but I respect their right to exist and gain no satisfaction in making fun of it.

2451 days ago


if this doesn't make you want to run kicking and screaming away from that cult i dont know what would make you want to? who would want to live like that? get real. i feel sorry for katie and the baby. they seem like prisoners. he is ruining his career. but that is his choice. its sad, he was once a sane person. just goes to prove, cults do indeed make people crazy. i hate to see what this one is going to do to the rest of the stars he has recruited. and the latest i heard he has gotten to is will smith. please will, wake up!!!! your a great actor. RUN WILL RUN!!!!!!!!! jada, get will out now while hes will a real person please!!!!!

2451 days ago


I'm sick and tired of hearing about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes and Scientology!!! Xenu take them away and beam them up!! And the rest of the Scientologist weirdos!

2451 days ago


And how does anyone here know that this wasn't a paid police detail paid for by the person they were protecting??

You don't!! So cut the waste of tax payer money garbage because it is possible that no tax payer money was even used.

2451 days ago


I feel sorry for Katie getting brainwashed by the nutcase. I always thought she was smarter then to believe in Xenu, a alien god or what the hell ever they believe in.. Honestly, if some scientologist tried to convert me, all I could do would be to laugh my ass off and then kick his, seriously!

2451 days ago


When you need a police officer's help in Los Angeles, you can't get it - they always say they're "too busy"

Why in God's name does Tom Cruise need 7 LAPD officers to guard him? This angers us deeply. We're sick of seeing our precious tax resources, and law enforcement aid, going to frivolous and unjustifiable celebrity assistance.

Why did Britney Spears require a football field length of law enforcement to escort her to the hospital? Public safety, our rear-end! This was grotesque misuse of public funds and bad judgment.

Why does Jessica Simpson, Lohan, et al constantly get multiple police escorts at the L.A. Airport during these times of national security issues????????

The cops simply want to meet the celebs. Good luck coming to L.A., people.

In this town, if you're not a celeb, you do not exist.


2451 days ago


Did this boost TomKat's ego enough?? Wow, we require a police escort to walk out of a building! Such big stars, not. They are notorious for their "religion", baby that they flaunt around like a new accessory--well, anything to take the focus off their stalled careers!

2451 days ago


I wonder if the police are on Nutjobs payroll.. They ain't royalty nor a government official that would need police protection.. Totally redundant..

2451 days ago


If the freakentologists think they need so much security why aren't they paying for it themselves? This is unbelievable!
The people of Los Angeles should revolt. These people are beyond rich and never pay for anything. Disgusting.

2451 days ago

Anon 1342    

We are anonymous
we are legion
expect us

be wary of the 10th of feb

2451 days ago

CVS Whore    

Jerk is probably scared since that white powder incident at the Scientology "churches". And boy, does the use of police like this ,PISS ME OFF TO NO END!

2451 days ago


Are the LAPD on the take? It seems they always have and find the time to do this kind of stuff but not so much with non stars.

Something is amiss in the LAPD....

2451 days ago
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