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New Subpoena in Brit Case

2/4/2008 8:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael SandsThe man hired by Mark Vincent Kaplan (K-Daddy's lawyer) to field media calls has been subpoenaed in the Britney Spears case.

The subpoena subject -- PR guru Michael Sands. Everyone, including Sands' personal lawyer, Randolph W. Wright, is mum on the nature of the subpoena, however, one source says it is "substantial."

Britney's lawyers, Trope and Trope, drafted the subpoena. Expect a dogfight over whether the info Sands has is protected by the attorney-client privilege.


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It's about time trope and trope do there job...The truth is going to come out and unfortunately Brit has hit rock bottom but I wish her and the babies the best...

2454 days ago


This is getting interesting for a change. Why him? Huuummmm

I just hope that things take a turn for the best with this family. Man all the stress!!! I feel for them.

2454 days ago

Ayla of no people    

43. NOW Trope and Trope is going to start fighting back on behalf of Britney??? They should file a motion asking that K-Fed be drug tested as well to use the prior order from the court's language because he is a "habitual substance abuser"!! He's a POT HEAD!!! That is an ILLEGAL SUBSTANCE and he SHOULD NOT be around his children if he TESTS POSITIVE FOR MARIJUANA! If Britney can't be around her kids if she tests positive for illegal drugs, then NEITHER SHOULD K-FED!!!

Posted at 7:46PM on Feb 4th 2008 by DJ

You need to get your facts straight about the legality of marijuana in California. I suggest you read this page

It is hardly an offense anymore unless you have quite a quantity of it, are driving and smoking, or distrubuting. Please educate yourself a bit before you go spouting off at the mouth.

Dad, smoking a little pot isn't going to hurt those kids one bit. On the other hand, Britney's constant and habitual use of alcohol and controlled substances (as pointed out by the judge) will probably hurt her children which is why there is a custody case to begin with.

2454 days ago


I'm confused. Didn't Lutfi instigate Brit's being in the hospital (this current stay). How is this a bad thing? Just because the parental units showed up around the same time as the hospitalization doesn't mean they are the ones that stepped in/up and acted like caring adults. They only stepped in when they thought their shoes were being stepped on, not for Brit's sake.
As for Kfed. Brit should pay every cent of his lawyer's fees and a hefty monthly support. He's a victim in this mess, too.

2454 days ago

Daddy wants some of the pie too.    

Geez. Who cares???????? What's the next "Exclusive"?? "Britney has grapefruit for breakfast"? I can't believe that some people's lives are so empty and pointless they care about trivial crap like this.

2454 days ago


old hippie...The jdge is aware now that she is not under the influence he said that weeks ago and the only ones saying that is k-fed and fat tony... Does anyone know if Brits lawyer could sue due to these allegations ??

2454 days ago


I totally agree, Old Hippie!

2454 days ago


I wonder if they are trying to prove that Michael Sands orchestrated an anti-Britney assault on the web?

Posted at 7:41PM on Feb 4th 2008 by DIANE T

42. Ohh could have a point.....

Posted at 7:45PM on Feb 4th 2008 by AussieAussieAussie

I went to his web site and he claims his latest work is portraying his clients in a good light on web sites.

2454 days ago


I think they are bringing out evidence that Kaplan and Kevin paid Sands
to bring on an all out media assault on Britney to break her down. An
actuall strategic campaign... which is really evil.

Also, it is very weird how TMZ had some very specific information about
the custody battle. Sands was probably leaking information and even fabricating
stories to make Britney look bad.

2454 days ago


judge **

2454 days ago


There is no question that Mark Vincent Kaplan is a terrible person. Whys is he hiring a media consultant like Michael Sands? Why is he always the one giving a press conference, reporting on what transpired, and giving People and other magazines information? What should Britney have to pay for a lawyer who hires a Media Consultant who makes her look bad? What are there no controls over Mark Vincent Kaplan? There is absolutely no accountability for his actions. He can just run up bills with no one overseeing his work. He has a free pass. KFed is a leech. He should get work. Kevin doesn’t have to be as an artist. He should get a job.

2454 days ago


Counfused, are u Sam in disguise? lol Lutfi didnt instigate Brit going to the hospital. He just tried to take the credit when the family already said they were coming.

2454 days ago


k-fed is not a victim. kfed is an oppornunitst who took advantage of a sick and troubled girl to get some fame of his own. he's a con artist and a manipulator. he could have supported Brit emotionally, but he was too interested in clubbing and spending her money than being a caring and loving husband/father. Now he's washed up but rankin in 15g's a month because this Central Valley loser got the right girl pregnant, twice.

Look yo I can dance and rap @@....sike.

2454 days ago


Coco ....I have wondered that all along and boy I would love to see heads fly in the court by the commisioner...

2454 days ago


Trope and Trope should not even be allowed to be representing Britney. They did not support her. They did not accompany her to the courts; She was terrified and ran away from the hearings. Why couldn’t they support her? They did not provide any positive support to her and now they want her. Today was the day they were supposed to dump her! In addition, they said negative things about her during key times, like the first time she went to the hospital. Maybe they are concerned that they will not get a free pass any longer. They should not be allowed to go into her room and upset her more during this time! Of course, Britney is devastated that she lost the kids!

2454 days ago
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