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"Dancing with the Stars" for Hillary?!

2/5/2008 6:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hillary ClintonProducers of the "Dancing with the Stars" tour want to tango with Hillary Clinton!

TMZ has obtained a copy of the letter Jared Paul, co-producer of the "DWTS" tour, sent to Hillary -- inviting her to shake her groove thang -- on one of the next stops on the tour. Paul sent the letter after Hills told Tyra Banks in an interview that she might like to compete on "DWTS" someday. Depending on today's primary results, it may happen sooner than she thinks!

Hillary knows how to hustle for votes, but can she do the hustle?!

A call to a rep for Hillary Clinton was not immediately returned.

Click to launch -- cold as ice!


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How about "Dancing with a (stuffed) Pant Suit"?

2429 days ago

Oscar in Miami Beach    

To put Romney in the White House is like electing Charles Manson. Both are members of a cult. Mormonism looks like Christianity but just that, looks like. It uses some christian believes to dup the people in believing that they belong to a christian sect. It is like voodoo that uses christian saints but is a cultand mormonism is as dangerous as voodoo. Also, lets not forget that Barack Hussein Obama middle name is HUSSEIN just like Sadam of Iraq. In fact, he's name after Sadam, whom his father admired greatly. And, like father, like son.

2429 days ago


Faith you are so right. The war is justified because of all those weapons of mass destruction. That makes up for all the lose of life for our brave men and women.

2429 days ago


What a pathetic attempt for attention dwts

2429 days ago

I'll rent the DVD when it's done    

Iraq? Please, Afghanastan okay, that's where Osama bin Laden was/is hiding. Now "GB" has spread our military out too thin. He misinformed the public regarding just about EVERYTHING about Iraq and went in there to justify his father (who I thought was a good Prez). This Bush is burning America at every turn and needs to go.

2429 days ago


#79 Al, If you were listening, you'd know that Hillary is planning on raising taxes on the wealthiest... not on the middle class and poor.

2429 days ago


#93 - That is such a lie. He was named after his father, NOT SADDAM.
You can't help your name or where you came from...right Oscar? You
obviously have had to endure an extemely unfortunate name as well and
God knows what rock you came out from under. Barack was born in 1961,
Saddam didn't come into power until 1979. So you are a liar AND an
idiot. Kudos.

2429 days ago

justice for daniel    

Faith you are so right. The war is justified because of all those weapons of mass destruction. That makes up for all the lose of life for our brave men and women.

Posted at 7:56PM on Feb 5th 2008 by whatever

In recognition of your sarcasim and no offfense taken as we all have the right to express our opinions,,,,,,,,NO nothing will ever Justify the loss of all our brave men and women in any war, INCLUDING my brother who was a high ranking Officer who willingly put his life on the line for me and you, but to just do nothing is not right either, As long as countries want to fight to take control there will be wars. There is nothing we "little" people can do about it. And the President of the United States has decisions to make whether we agree with that decision or not. Remember, we had Osama Bin Laden while Bill Clinton was in office and he let him go. He and Hillary are also members of the Illuminaties - Tri-Laterals, the rich people like the Buildabergers, the Rockefellers, etc, which pretty much control the world and will be bringing in the One World Order.

We have only had two Presidents that didn't belong to the Illuninaties and they were assaniated, ie Kennedy and Lincoln. The main reason I am against Hillary is her socialistic agenda as in her Free health ins. It will not be free. Just how hard is it to see a Dr. now? Can you imagine everyone having free health ins? There are no free lunches, you work for and pay for what you get. There would have to be gatekeepers to make the decision who would be able to see the Dr.and people with terminal illnesses don't have 5 or 6 months to wait to see their Dr's. And with Russia becoming allies with Iran and selling them nuclear weapons, we will need a strong leader, not a give away leader. All I would like to see is for people to really study the person they want to vote for. Not whether he/she is Democrate or Republican, not because of race, or religion, but who they really are, who is the best/qualified, educated, with high morals, trustworthy and honest to run our Great Country. Not someone who tells us only what we want to hear to get elected.

2429 days ago

justice for daniel    

Sorry about the typos.

2429 days ago


Thats right Faith, you cant count GWB, he didn't even win the election!

2429 days ago


TO ALL OF YOU WHO REFER TO Barack Hussein Obama as "the man", you're wrong. But you might want to take a second look at his wife. Scary enough is that "Betty Rubble hairdo" and her "dieing to be white" attitude, but then add to that her serious masculinity. The thing moves like a lumberjack. And when she makes that signature move of putting her arm around B. Hussein, it's like a man putting his arm around a woman.

Scary. I'll bet if there's a "johnson" between them, she's got it and it ain't attached to him!!!

2429 days ago


OH please, just get her out of here, I cannot bear to see that big butt and UGLY FACE.

2429 days ago

Mary Worth    

Well, she certainly has danced around a lot of issues!

2429 days ago

I think you underestimate her. If she can hustle for votes, YES, she can do the hustle

2429 days ago


She has always been evil and gross. I can understand why Bill dosen't want to go near this thing :-p

2428 days ago
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