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Gisele -- No Tom in Her Pocket

2/5/2008 10:34 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Gisele Bundchen returned to New York last night -- a hero to all New York fans -- for successfully pulling a Jessica "Yoko Romo" Simpson on her guy, Tom Brady.

The supermodel came home last night after the Super Bowl -- sans her favorite gunslinger -- and a total stranger did about as good a job blocking for her as the New England Patriots o-line did for Brady, i.e., not at all.

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Gisele is not from France, she is of German, Russian and English extraction and she is fro Brazil.

2451 days ago


Good God! Eli Manning is not cute!!

2451 days ago


since biblical times, the women were the cause of everything. not fair

2451 days ago



You know nothing about Eli Manning. He was drafted by the Chargers and he refused to play for them. Hell, he even refused to put on the Charger draft day cap. Down to earth, my butt.

IMO, he is nothing more than a spoiled brat.

2451 days ago


To all the very well informed people leaving comments on this site. Instead of throwing mud at Brady for walking out on his pregnant girlfriend why don`t you google the keywords: Tom Brady, Bridget Moynahan and pregnancy. You will find several articles ( people..etc. ) repoting that when Bridget announced that she was 3 months pregnant Brady had already dated Giselle for a while. So how could he walk out on Bridget when she was 8 months pregnant? And why would he go back to her just because of the baby? A child cannot mend a broken relationship. I wouldn`t call myself a Pats fan but it annoys me when totally misinformed people post comments.
And for the Giants fans. Everyone says it`s not easy to be a good loser and in this case some fans should learn how to be a good winner, too. I know Pats were always surrounded by controversies but cannot you just give them a break? I think they have had enough already... I live in the NYC area and as I said I`m not a Pats/football fan but I don`t even want to read the news or watch TV because I`m so irritated by the continuous trash-talk about the Pats and Brady.

2451 days ago



When he looses his star power, she will be gone...
When she looses her star power, he will be gone...

Birds of a certain feather ALWAYS flock together...


2451 days ago


And when you learn to spell "lose" we might even take you seriously.........................

2451 days ago


It was her fault.....her fault....her fault!

2451 days ago


Gee thats funny - she dosn't look excited anymore. She was so excited for tom. She had a good time throwing back a few glasses of wine at the game while tom spent most of his time on the ground under Giants players. Too funny. I think she left the stadium with Eli.

2451 days ago


# 35 Amen to that!

2451 days ago


It is really sad to read how cruel and negative people can be leaving these comments. You guys can be really harsh. Is your lives so perfect that you have nothing else to do than leaving these mean comments? Is Tom Brady the only man on earth who has a baby with his ex? And even though they are not together anymore he is involved in the baby`s life. Or just because he is in the spotlight it is bad but if he would be average it would be OK? I don`t get it.

2451 days ago


Stats show that TB is the better QB. Eli has the ring because of the Giants AWESOME defense. I will give credit where credit is due but I don't think Eli should have been named MVP. I think it should have been somebody on the defense who put the pressure on the Pats.....

And I'm happy the Pats gave us 18 great weeks of football, just wish we could have extended it one more game to shut those 1972 Dolphins up!!!!

2451 days ago


Women are the root of all evil and Tom Brady is a douchebag and his head was not in the game. Brady is the most over rated QB in the league. Suck it New England.

2451 days ago



I agree with you about being a good winner.

The problem is that on several message boards, many Patriot band wagon fans were far more over the top than the Giant fans have been so far.

I am a Charger fan and seeing all of the trolling that had gone on over the past few years at Charger message boards as well as other teams message boards by band wagon Patriot fans is beyond ridiculous. The Giants win shut them all up.

I didn't route for either team in the SB. You have the over the top Patriot team and fans and in the Giants you have a QB that refused to play for the team that drafted him. The Chargers. Needless to say, I didn't watch the game.

All teams have great fans and some really over the top obnoxious bad fans. It is those trollish fans that makes everyone else looks so bad.

As for Brady, I agree with you in terms of everything you said about Brady.

2451 days ago


Exactly what lame ass Tom Brady deserves. I hope that Bridget is laughing her sweet ass off, while Nosealot Giselle, Gisella whatever looks on with shame

2451 days ago
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