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Jamie's Lawyer Denies "Hostile Takeover"

2/5/2008 9:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jamie SpearsAttorney Jeryll Cohen, who reps Jamie, submitted a declaration to the conservatorship commissioner, claiming Brit's divorce lawyers got it all wrong when they assumed Jamie was a control freak.

In the declaration, Cohen says Ron Rale, a high-powered lawyer at Trope and Trope, "accused Mr. Spears of attempting 'nothing more than a hostile takeover of our client for improper purposes.'"

Cohen says Jamie was looking "for the least ugly way to save this young woman's life, bring her back to her babies, and keep her safe from predators."


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2399 days ago


Ron Rale wa Anna Nicoles representation he is good friends with Howard Stern.
Ronnie back off this is not your child ,

2399 days ago

Elaine 27    

What the heck is that stinking, murderer Ron Rale haS to do with this? I am mad as shad. People we need to contact , the commissioner, the senators and Britney's parents because this is the same thief who faxed over the stupid will of Anna Nocloe just days before she died to murderer and drug pusher and pimp Howard K Stern, that gave Howard K Stern control of her estate and he is the second executor (Ron Rale) of Anna will, the same will that they drew up that disinherited her daughter, but gave Howard K Stern, RonRale and another lawyer form thier firm who was disbarred as executors of her will and totally shut out Anna' s mother. They kill Anna and her son out side of US jurisdiction and then use ET, TMZ to shread Anna mother's character, because they know that she was no fool. Now thy are on a quest to discredit Britney's father so that they can set up their man the pimp and drug pusher and enabler Sam to fry Britney's brain with those mind bending drugs so that they can kill her like Anna and take over her wealth.. These lawyers do not go to court and try cases like deacent lawyers, thy stalk out rich and vulnerable women and they try to con them out of thier wealth. FROM THE INSEPTION THIS WHOLE SAGA STINKS OF HOWARD K STERN AND THEN WHEN I REALIZED THAT THORP AND THORP WAS INCHARGE, I SAID THIS WAS TROUBLE FOR BRITNEY.PEOLPE WE NEED TO FIGHT FOR BRITNEY IN WHAT EVER WAY WE CAN BECAUSE IF RON RALE WHOSE EXPERTISE IS OFFSHORE BANKING is getting into this, BRITNEY IS DEAD. WE HAVE TO EXPOSE THORP AND THORP, WE CANNOT LET THIESE MURDERERS USE THEIR KNOWLEDGE OF THE LAW TO CREATE FRAUD UPON THE LEGAL SYSTEM.JESUS CHRIST I CANNOT BELEIVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM HAVING A GIANT SIZE HEADAKE. MY GOD NOT RON RALE AGAIN!! THEY WILL LITERALLY KILL BRITNEY BEFORE THE YEAR ENDS IF HER PEOPLE DO NOT STEP IN AND SAVE THEIR DAUGHTER. I AM SO MAD, I COULD KILL RON RALE WITH MY BEAR HANDS. THIS IS REDICULUS. SAM AND ADNAN NEED TO BE OUT OF BRITNEY'S LIFE FOR GOOD. We cannot sit back and watch Britney be murdered and then we have Dr. Purper said she loves her drugs and she was drinking it form the bottle.

2399 days ago



This may be the first time I'm not completely ashamed to be on this board.

I think I love you!!!

2399 days ago


Ron Rale I can't find words to express a person as low down as you. You have no rights trying to tell the Spears family what to do with their child. Of course a monster like SAM would hire another monster like RON RALE to try to get a woman drugged up & steal all her money. I bet RON RALE even has something Britney signed while she was drugged up.


2399 days ago

Elaine 27    

. Ron Rale & Howard K. Stern didn't wait long after Anna died to find their next victim. I think Howard was after getting his clutches into Britney before Anna died because he had Anna send a video message to Britney saying she would like to be her friend. Apparently Britney didn't respond to that message so they found Sam to weasel his way in. This is definitely the same thing these rats did to Anna Nicole & her mother.

Jamie Spears this are monsters you're dealing with who only want to destroy your daughter & take over her life & money.

Posted at 8:44PM on Feb 5th 2008 by Fred

Remember that conman and so called paparrazi Larry Birkhead was giiving off steam that he would like to date Britney, because he likes vulnerable and blond women. Sam was a set up from by Ron Rale and Howard K Stern to kill Britney after they have her durgged up on the mind bending drugs becuse they are the expert in giving vulnerable women binding drug and disinheriting thier kids and them kill them with the drugs to make it look like a drug over dose and then they walk away with her money after they siphoned her money in offshore banks over seas. I am mad as hell. I could punch out a couple of Ron Rale's teeth right now. We need to contact the bar association and have these creeps disbared.

2399 days ago


HELLO?? Judges are NOT STUPID!!! They hear all sides of a story and make a judgment in the case presented. I believe the family members have been true and honest. No matter what WE think, the mother and father in this situation LOVE their daughter and are finally able to step in despite the efforts of those who are "supposedly" on her side and "looking out" foe her best interest. WAKE UP SHEEPLE!!!!!

2398 days ago


That's a laugh isn't it - T&T thinking Jamie was taking over Brit in a hostile manner.

There are only hostile takeovers:
1. by Sam
2. by Adam streisand

T&T are obviously just scared to lose a high-paying client .. they didn't fight hard enough for her as the should have from the start.............

2398 days ago


#12, How can you even make the statement you made? Are you a parent with a child that has a disability (bipolar)? You have no idea what youare talking about, it may seem like Mr. Spears and Mrs. Spears where in the background or on the sidelines what ever you want to call it, but Osama (remember the evil name) Lufti (uses a fake name of Sam) was drugging and blackmailing Britney and calling her names and humiliating her TURNING HER AGAINST HER PARENTS AND EVEYONE ELSE DECENT IN HER LIFE, So that he could steal from her which he has done. And what kind of and idiot is he to tell Mrs. Spears the things he did to Britney and NOT THINK SHE WOULD REACT TO THEM? sHE AND mR. sPEARS ARE BEING THE PARENTS THEY SHOULD BE AND ARE, they waited until it was proven that there daughter was not capable of caring for herself " BECAUSE UNFORTUNATELY THaT IS THE LAW" they had no rights because she is an adult. Do you think it doesn't hurt them that the whole world knows their daughter has the medical condition she has/ " OBVIOUSLY YOU AREN'T A PARENT, AND IF YOU ARE YOU SHOULD CHECK YOUR PARENTING SKILLS" (imagine the pain they have been going through because some idiot was telling their daughter horrible lies about them). Hopefully someday people will not act so justified and opinionated about people they have no clue about. And you may be thinking well you said things about me and you dn't know me. Well I am responding to your ignorance that you posted on thius sight.

2398 days ago


Has anyone even bothered to check out whether Adnan or Sam are terrorists, in the literal "911" sense of the word? Does the security of this country only involve airports? If one wants to take down the economy of a country, why not attack an unsuspecting pop star who brings millions of tax dollars to this country? The "Sheep-like" voyueristic masses would not know what hit them, now would they? Where is the security in this country? Have they taken sleeping pills? What is it going to take to awaken them, and the people?

2398 days ago


Ron Rale rears his ugly, greedy head. Once again, he is front and center in a scandal that involves a blond, vulnerable, woman who is being preyed upon by a LEECH!
~Shame on you, Ron Rale!

2398 days ago


I'm no Brit fan but his whole thing is ridiculous! What kind of parent allows their child to spiril this far down before helping them anyway? Maybe the courts should appoint her an attorney who is completely unbiased and has nothing to gain either way to be over her affairs while she obviously can't? Sam is a bastard but her parents are worse because they obviously have taken advantage of both of their daughters all of their lives. Jamie & Lynn Spears both suck as people and parents!!!! You would have thought they would have caught a clue when k-fed got custody of those kids. How messed up is that? I sure as hell didn't see the parents trying to do anything to help their dughter then, let alone their grandchidren!!!! Now they want to try and act like they are saving her? What the hell ever!!!!! The whole crew is useless & pathetic!!!!!!

2398 days ago


This bitch is nuts.

2398 days ago


I have to say I have always been disgusted by Britney's behavior and did not have much sympathy for the girl....until tonight when I just read that Ron Rale was part of the attorney team on Lufti's side. I am viewing this whole crazy scenerio in a different way now. I think now it is obvious what has happened over the last months with Britney. Lufti was sent in to overtake Britney just as Howard was with Anna. There is a devious murdering, thieving scheme going on amongst these lawyers and I hope to hell the law is taking a real hard look at this.

2398 days ago

Elaine 27    

As of now, her father and a lawyer have control of her life, and that’s the best thing for the moment until Brit can get herself straightened out. Mental illness takes a long time to diagnose and a long time to properly get under control, so I hope someone is in it for the long haul with her. I’d personally love to see her drop out of sight for a long time…not because I’m tired of writing about her, but because I firmly believe that is the only way she’s going to get well.

I can tell you this much…if this were my daughter and some guy was giving her some sort of unknown drugs and was calling my daughter a whore, he’d be missing a testicle. But he wouldn’t care because he’d also be missing a life.

2398 days ago
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