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Feds Want to Know How Heath Got His Meds

2/6/2008 5:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The feds are trying to figure out how Heath Ledger got all the prescriptions for the dangerous combination of painkillers and sedatives that led to his accidental overdose.

TV Guide reports that the Drug Enforcement Administration has launched an investigation into how Ledger got prescriptions, if in fact they were prescriptions. According to officials, the DEA has requested copies of Ledger's autopsy as well as the original police report from the crime scene. The NYC medical examiner said this morning that he found the cause of death to be a lethal array of opiates and benzodiazepines; oxycodone, hydrocodone, diazepam, temazepam, alprazolam and doxylamine.

The NYPD has not indicated whether the bottles of medication found at Ledger's apartment, which include some of the drugs found in his body, were specifically prescribed to Ledger.

TMZ spoke to three clinical psychiatrists today, all of whom said it would be "highly unusual" and "reckless" for one physician to prescribe this combination of meds, and suggested that more than one doctor would have to have been involved, or that Ledger could have obtained them by other means.

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I went to one doctor, this is what he prescribed...150 40milligrams oxycontin. 90 80milligrams oxycontin(oxycodone) 150
hydrocodone 10milligram. 1milligram xanax...enough to kill a horse...but now im clean...withdrawls were a bitch, i thought i was going to die!!!stay away Oh yeah, i was also on temazapen.

2385 days ago


What happened to Heath Ledger was an accident, it is easy to get addicted to these medication and they make you feel like you are more effective in your daily life. I have a doctor that put me on five of the six medications that Heath Ledger was taken. I was taken for treatment in December and have been in recovery for 10 weeks now. I would like to tell the family and friends of Heath Ledger that this was a complete accident. I know exactly what he was feeling and how this medication alters your thought process. The nartocis can give you energy and make you feel better about yourself. Then it depresses you so you start on depression medication. Finally you cant sleep so they give you sleeping medication. That is how you get all this medication. Doctors will give you whatever you ask for, I encourage everyone to get help if you have an addiction to any medication. I thought I could control taking medication and it has cost me everything.

2382 days ago


It's interesting to me, that the only way a doctor knows what Meds a person is already taking is what that patient tells 'em. The prescription card we all get should be able to slide into some computer at the doctor's office that automatically shows what meds you are already receiving. That way a patient can't lie. Plus some patients may not remember everything they are receiving. I remember when my Father took heart medications - he had to write it out on a small note pad there were so many, and bring it with him if say, he went to a regular doctor to treat a cold, or the dentist to treat tooth pain, or a specialist for the arthritic pain from his shrapnel wound from his time in the military. People go to lot of doctors for many legit reasons. Let's put that prescription card to better use. I have to carry it around anyway...

2381 days ago


Actually, it didn't take extensive reserach to learn that it IS VERY common in several states, e.g.NC, MA, NH, CA, AZ to have these prescriptions given by ethical MD's for people who experience anxiety, and depression.

These can slow things down in one's mind to the point that it is very easy to forget when the last pills were last taken. He had jet lag, went to the grocery store - not out partying! He was exhausted, and a tragic death occurred.

Assuming he was 'doc shopping' is more than insulting, and beside the point. And that they were Not his prescriptions? You are obviously NOT getting interviews with agency individuals who would/could provide the facts. Maybe they already have, and you just don't want to print anything that is truthful.

His memory is continuing to be slandered, on the basis on NO FACTS. Stop villianizing Heath Ledger.

You couldn't leave him alone when he was alive - continuing to slander him after his death?--what did he ever do to you to turn you all into such bottom feeders. No wonder he was always so visibly uncomfortable with the press - always asking him the same stupid, and dumb questions over and over and oever again.

Let's see some writing on the schedule the 28 year old happened to be keeping during the week before his death; and the interviews with cast and crew (Christopher Plummer is more than credible) who clearly state there was none of the sleazy behaviour that is being attributed to Heath Ledger. - in fact, the stated facts are so plain and simple and credible and logical, that digging up sleaze and slander is a tragic lack of ethics.

2381 days ago


thanks for the interesting news

2374 days ago


My son was injured in a commercial boating acccident and was precribrd vicotin for pain a few yrears ago and is adddicted to it and has been incarcared for the addictyion several times since.

1439 days ago
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