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Pedro and the Cockfight -- The Horrifying Video

2/7/2008 8:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the video of three-time Cy Young award winner Pedro Martinez at a cockfight with Hall of Fame pitcher Juan Marichal in the Dominican Republic. Did Michael Vick not teach us all a lesson?

The video shows Mets star Martinez and Marichal serving as "soltadores" -- the people who release the animals into the death ring. As the fight goes on -- which we have chosen not to show -- Martinez and Marichal can be seen in the audience, smiling and laughing.

Cockfighting is legal and popular in the Dominican Republic.

It's unclear whose rooster won, but really -- does it matter?

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THese people are reprehensible. I don't care IF the sport is legal or not in that backward country, these two men should know better. If murder was legal, would they be taking part?

2449 days ago


It's really sad how many people out there have so little disregard for any life other than there own. Their idea of entertainment is very disturbing. Not setting a very good lesson for his young and impressionable fans.

2449 days ago


What low life filthy pigs.

2449 days ago


SO WHAT! It is legal and part of the culture in many part of the world. American values are not the only values in the world - Get the Hell Over Yourselves!!!

2449 days ago


Why do people keep saying, "It's legal in "that" country?". Hate to break it to you but it's legal in three states of the good ol' USA too.

2449 days ago


How many of you trashtalkers have ever hunted before? Hunted for deer, birds, rabbits? Anything? I'm sure we can find a PETA employee or two who've killed an animal or two. HYPOCRITS!!!!

2449 days ago


Is this the same washed up Pedro that use to play for the REDSOX

2449 days ago


How is watching one animal fight another animal to the death entertainment? I just don't get it.......

2449 days ago


28. Why is this even news??? He is participating in a local ritual that is a custom for the DR. Is a bull fight in Spain any more cruel. The world is cruel and that's a just a fact of life. The sooner you learn to deal with this the sooner you join the real world.

Posted at 6:44PM on Feb 7th 2008 by A realist
It's idiots like you that make this world such a sick place! It is NOT OK to be cruel to animals and the sooner you stop this kind of thing the faster this world becomes a better place to live in. Please stop saying such stupid, ignorant things!

2449 days ago


To #15 there are worse things a parent can be ashamed of (porn industry) I dont see anything wrong with it, its perfectly legal, it is a part of their culture. You need to get off your high horse and accept other peoples differences, quit being so uppity. ITS JUST A ROOSTER NOT A HUMAN BEING, its either this or they get butchered...LIFE GOES ON

2449 days ago


TMZ why didnt u show the fight, i wanted to see who won!

2449 days ago


BIG DEAL!!! He is in his own country doing something that is legal! You can't Michael Vick these guys in the same way. Sure the MLB should have them stop participating since its sort of like the league vouching for the event. But its not illegal- give it a rest!!!

2449 days ago


Those peta broads are lonely, depraved & vicious women that need to get some! FAST!

This is in NO WAY like the Vick incident .

2449 days ago


Ok People... You are truly pathetic to be soooo concerned over a damn rooster and over pit bulls, get over it. Way more other things to be concerned over like the many starving kids in this country or the stupid way our government runs this country or the way our judicial system is ran oh wait how about the way we butt into every countries problems and issues oh wait how about the sick pedophiles who are just now getting tougher sentences but not tough enough, maybe the serious drug epidemic in this country which leads to so many crimes.. How PATHETIC we sit here and want to see this man have a slow death because of a damn bird which by the way most of you pathetic nay sayers eat, not a rooster but hey chickens are treated just as bad same with pork, same with beef. GET over it already and comment on something worth commenting about. I hate Baseball either way.

2449 days ago

Jessica SImpson    

Honestly, if you little b1tches care so much, why don't you go to the dominican republic and stop it,

2449 days ago
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