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Kat Von D: I Am Not a Racist!

2/9/2008 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"LA Ink" star Kat Von D took to the Internet and the streets of Hollywood yesterday to tell her fans she did not pen the anti-Semitic message she is accused of writing.

TMZ spotted Kat at Avalon last night, and while signing autographs she told our photog, "It was an obvious case of forgery."

On her MySpace page, Kat wrote a long blog post that said, in part, "The first time I saw the actual photo with the writing on it, I almost puked, considering, those are things I would NEVER even think about, let alone write!"

As TMZ reported, Ami James (Kat's former boss on "Miami Ink") received a photo with a swastika and a flaming Star of David that was allegedly written by Kat. She denies it, and TLC, which airs "LA Ink," is standing by her.


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HOLA empieza con un H ¿Q'tal?    

#7 -- Her parents are from Argentina (I think) but she was born in Mexico and grew up in LA. She's NOT German.

2448 days ago

She looks great    

The Jewish people are not a race. They are a creed and a culture - a system of beliefs and principles. The Jewish faith is comprised of a diversity of races from all over the world.

2448 days ago


OMG #4!! Kat is hispanic. And White people are not the ones throwing around the hatred! Blacks (I refuse to say "African American" - how many of them just came from Africa?) are racist, hispanics are racist, orientals are racist, muslims are racist (DUH!) There are racists in every culture and in every skin color and in every religion.

2448 days ago


Is there really a tv show about something as trival as clerks that work in a tattoo store?

2448 days ago


plz get over it.. seriously, they are gossip columnists.. they are doing there job, they post it, we read and comment.. ? whats the big deal ??

2448 days ago


oops - sorry. My comment was directed at #3. Sorry #4

2448 days ago


Why does everyone care so damn much? She is a stupid bit*h anyway. She is THE most ARROGANT tattooist I have witnessed. She's good, but not as good as she claims. Her portraits are amazing, don't get me wrong, but damn. Treat clients with respect. They are the reason your' eso huge. And who gives a damn what race she is? Racism exists in EVERY race, regardless of color. And to the person who said whites are racist? It's not just limited to white people dude. Skin color means nothing. Black, white, brown. It's in every color. So, before you speak for an entire race, do your research. I've witnessed racism in alot of colors other then white.

2448 days ago


She thinks everyone is jealous of her. What does she have??? You know she did it, if she didn't, she would already have a lawyer in the works to sue Ami and TMZ. She's a fraud.

2448 days ago


She looks very cheap and low class.

2448 days ago


Many argentinians are of german decent, so her parents could be german. Doesn't change the fact that white people as a whole spread hate and fear about every other race and culture. If we're not hating jewish people (for their organization, structure and "takeovers"), we're hating black people (for no reason), or we're hating latino's (saying they're all immigrants), or we're hating arabs (saying they're all terrorist), or we're hating asians, italians, russians, you name it. Why is that? Why is it that white people are the race which spreads the most hate to and about other races? cultures? Especially when the caucasian community sees itself as being of "high standard", why is it that we're always the ones to spur and churn hate? It's always us saying racially derogative things, talking down on other cultures and even spreading this hate to our children. Why?

2448 days ago

she smiled    

Wow, who would even suspect that the world of tatoos would cross with the world of white supremecy. Who knew???

2448 days ago


#9-"Kat VON D... I wonder if she is any relation to Elsa Von D, another tattoo artist based in Germany in the 1940s"

Tattoo artists will sometimes take the name of a famous old tattooist out of respect.

2448 days ago


Oh and don't get me wrong, I'm not saying their isn't racism in all races or cultures. However I'm saying that we as caucasians set the bar for all this racism, and you can't tell me otherwise. In fact I'd go as far as to say most racism originated for the early "hate" and bigotry we had generations ago. For instance, what reason do we have to hate jewish people? latino? asian? black? native american? etc? Most of them were either reprimanded, victims of genocide, enslaved, segregated, "taken over", by our fore fathers. While any racism or hate is wrong, they would at least have a reason to spite us. However what is our reason for hating them more than the few they have that spite us do? What is our reason for continuing to use derogatory remarks to address them? Why can't we show love instead of hate? Can you blame me for wondering? Why is it that when Brittany Spears does a million times worse than Eva Mendes, Mendes is looked at as a utter failure but Brittany is worshiped? Why is it that the Olsen twins are crack heads, however any rapper (rappers are actors, act tough) caught with drugs is deemed horrific? Why can't we all genuinely get along, instead of faking it? Why not? Seriously....

2448 days ago


She's hispanic and german.

2448 days ago


To truthiness. Yes, our FORE FATHERS did this. Not us. So, why hate us for something WE had no control over? With that state of mind, I am German, therefore should be hated because my ancestry is German and Germans did horrible things to Jews? I hate what the Nazi's did, but don't hate me for it. It was IN THE PAST, and this generation had no control over that. What happened to all the cultures was flat out wrong, and I hate it, but I don't see it as fair that we are still punished for something WE as a generation DID NOT DO.

2448 days ago
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