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Brit's Lawyers Itchin' to Get Out

2/12/2008 6:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned there's another hearing tomorrow in the Britney Spears custody saga.

We're told Brit's law firm, Trope and Trope, has filed an ex parte motion to get out of the case even faster than scheduled. Right now, Trope's motion to withdraw as counsel is set to be heard on March 10, but apparently Trope can't wait to get out. We're told that tomorrow, the firm will ask the Commissioner to hear its request earlier.

Trope and Trope filed the withdrawal motion one day after TMZ reported that disso queen Laura Wasser secretly visited Brit in the hospital last week, and that Jamie Spears wanted to replace Trope with Laura. That's gotta hurt! But the fact is, we're hearing the firm has been divided for a while over whether it was a good idea to keep representing Britney.

Wasser would not return calls, but we're told she doesn't want back in because the case is nothing but grief.

The hearing is set for tomorrow at 8:30 AM. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Sources say there are two major reasons why Trope wants out, stat. First, they're pissed off that Brit likes Laura more, but even more fundamentally, it's impossible to rep anyone when you can't communicate with them, and we're told the court-appointed lawyer for Britney will not let the Trope lawyers have any contact with Britney.


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What is wrong with her? What happened to this girl? It's weird. It has to be drugs doesn't it?

2383 days ago

scouser gal    

tuna the girls on all kinds of medication to aid her many mental illnesses....she is off her face constantly.poor soul

2383 days ago


Trope doesn't care about Wasser. But it is problematic when Britney has no expert counsel besides her controlling parents. Lynnie sure loved the photo coverage at the clothes store. How does she have money to pay for her hair, nails, clothes and bag? Does she have a job?

2383 days ago

Obama Hussein Barak is the Anti-Christ    

All I wsnt to know is what happened to Commissioner Gordon? Was he replaced when they fixed the "leaks" in the court room?

2383 days ago


yep the drugs sam gave her

2383 days ago


I bet someone has dirt on kfed that will make him start singing soprano

2383 days ago


63. I agree with you about KFed. Britney never had a drug problem or behavior issues until she started dating KFed. She was a music success before KFed also. All the problems started when she hooked up with KFed then unhooked up with KFed and went totally crazy.

2382 days ago


Agree too. I think it's about time that the force that is Wasser come back and give K-fed a day of reckoning by making him takes test. Kaplan has the upper hand right now and I bet when he told his client which was was the mo' money route, Fed took it all in! They should have made him submit back in the day! Ugh! Can't wait to see his face in another press conference on Thu (note the sarcasm) talking about how his client really does not want to keep Britney away from the kids.

2382 days ago


Glad to hear about Trope! Wasser will now start getting down and taking names! Does the KFed know Sam?

2382 days ago


Just who is this "family source" that gives all this personal information about Britney? I know it's not her parents / conservators because they have shut down all media crap like that. I'm thinking that the "family source" is someone who has not spoken to the family or Britney since she left the hospital, someone just putting out sometimes negative publicity. I'm sure her parents are not saying these things about her. As in the case with most publicity, it usually proves false.

2382 days ago

cry baby    

WOW!!!!! TMZ your buddy must be tired tonight i don't see the hundreds of posts they usually make on these stupid Britney "stories". not to mention the hundreds and hundreds they make on the other stories. somebody needs to get another 8-ball so they'll have the energy to do better than this. it looks really bad for you TMZ.

2382 days ago


When will you understand that Britney has conservators because she is not mentally fit to make decisions right now -- especially about something as serious and important as hiring attorneys for her child custody case. The idea is for the conservators to find appropriate lawyers who won't exploit her and let her control them with her tantrums. How many different lawyers have we all heard about representing her for various things? it seemed like every few days a new name was mentioned. That's not necessary. One good and ethical law firm is all she needs. That's a waste of her money and either those attorneys were exploiting her or she was running out of control from one lawyer to another when she didn't like the legal advice given her by one or another of them. Either way, she needs conservators to protect her interests and one way of doing that is for the conservators to find attorneys to represent her. On the other hand, tomorow, isn't it, that they go to court to see if she still needs conservators? And if that judge continues to rule like he did in letting her out of the hospital, you can pretty much bet when he sees that she's lost a bit of weight and looks better, he'll make a stupid ruling to get rid of the conservators. But believe me, being skinny is not a positive sign of good mental health. If she gets out from under the conservators, goes crazy again, and ends up dead, I hope her family sues that judge.

2382 days ago


Penny, you're the dumbass. They want the fortune in legal fees they get from her, and the dumber she is, the better they fare financially. That's how the less than ethical attorneys in the country get rich. Go to any ritzy country club and watch them playing golf and dining.

2382 days ago


Britney had plenty of behavior issues and a few drug issues too before she ever met Kfed. Take the Jock-boy Alexander marriage as one example. What went wrong with Kfed is that he used her and hurt her and she couldn't buy her way out of it or win her way with tantrums.

2382 days ago



2382 days ago
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