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Amy Winehouse Does Two Bumps

2/13/2008 1:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Where has she been hiding the girls?!

After winning five Grammys, British popwreck Amy Winehouse was spotted in London on Tuesday, keeping it together with a healthier glow, fumigated weave and a buxom new figure.

It appears a couple of her parts have already been rehabbed!


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Beer And Golf    

thats my kind of bump

2415 days ago


gotta go! was fun chattin. good news today tmz. kept me entertain. thanks noyankeehere for fulfilling all the steriotypes and making my day SO much more interesting.

-the yankee xenophobic (wah)

2415 days ago


And they said she was in rehab....... Breast rehab.

2415 days ago


Well well well, the american people would rather have a black man as president before they would ever want a white woman. The people have spoken. Obama is on his way and there aint no stoppin him now. The democratic election is just about in the bag and than Obama will easily wipe out McCain. Over 90% of African Americans are voting for Obama and about 60% of all white democrat men are voting for him to. Do the math, our brother Obama is going to win. Amazing grace how sweet the sound........

Posted at 1:24PM on Feb 13th 2008 by Tamika


Please put down the cracke pipe, which I am sure you have in your hands. There is no way in Tarnation Obama would ever beat McCain, or even Hillary for that matter. This is not a race or gender matter; please do not misunderstand me. But, Obama is very under-experienced for the job. Ya, he talks a real big game, and ya, he is real charismatic. "We want change, we will change, we will bring bring prosperity and change!!!" Well, that is real easy to say, Obama, when you are giving a speech or on the platform. Try it in real life. It would be a catasrtophe if Obama got elected. A complete disaster. The guy is so way under-qualified. , I am very surprised he has made it far as he has. I am a die hard Republican and hate the Clinton's, but I would vote for Hillary WAY before I would vote for this squirrelly tool.

2415 days ago


Its just a push-up bra TMZ. How did Amy have time to go to rehab, perform on the Grammy's and have plastic surgery within a 2 week time period? They give you drugs after plastic surgery. She's supposed to be in rehab getting off of the drugs. Make up your minds people.

2415 days ago


T H E P I C T U R E I S F A K E ! The face and the body don't match up. If it's not that was a quick recovery. Wasn't the grammy's just the other night and then she was supposedly in rehab. Still won't make her sing or perform any better.

2415 days ago

Hogan knows nothing    

I'm not gay but nice hootiers!

2415 days ago


obama sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2415 days ago


She is very talented - hopefully she will get it together. In spite of all the tats, she looked great on the grammies!!

2415 days ago


The boobs are NOT NEW, you guys! She's always been chesty for her build, and she's wearing clothing and lingerie that enhance that. She DID get a new tooth right before the Grammys, though...however, the breasts have been there since she grew them.

2415 days ago

Michelle LL    

TMZ will you PLEASE delete the political crap out of here !!!

2415 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Yeah, she pops in those fake jelly into-the-bra boob inserts, and it pushes up her real boobs, which are actually less than 1/2 of what you see. Chick trick. In other, more casual shots, they're unaided, smaller, and back down where they actually live.

2415 days ago


People can say what they want, in this pic she is smokin hott and i would bang her...

2415 days ago



2415 days ago

big balls    

i dont know if id eat her pu--y. but i sure would like a hook of one of them titis

2415 days ago
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