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Denzel Gets His A$$ to the Gym. So Should You.

2/14/2008 1:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Two-time Oscar winner Denzel Washington still finds time in his busy schedule to hit the gym.

What's your excuse?


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Is it just me or does he look fat??????????????

2409 days ago


Say.. it's the day for romance, love and kisses not sweating like a dog and working out you FOOL!

2409 days ago


Working out is tough work but the benefits are great

2409 days ago


My excuse is that I'm reading your crappy web site, but we'll change that as of now.

Go eat a twinkie TMZ, you fat b itch.

2409 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Denzel was born in 1954, so that makes him 53 years old. You pretty much have to work out in your 30's, 40's and 50's if you want to look like anything or want to still have good energy. Weight creep is about 10 pounds per decade, and from your 20's to your 50's you can find yourself 30 or 40 pounds overweight with everything going south, without changing a thing that you did in your 20's. You burn less calories as you age, so you have to cut back on the food and consciously exercise, or it catches up to you in a big way. Just a friendly warning so you can start early, lol.

2409 days ago

luv my TMZ    

Oh Denzel you are so FINE! I have now had my Valentine's Day chocolate fix!! Yummy!

2409 days ago


Why was it deemed necessary to insert the word "ass" into this headline? Couldnt you have just said "Denzel Hits The Gym, So Should You" ?? I tell you, the writers here are terrible. Can you imagine seeing this story on Entertainment Tonight and the anchor saying "Well, Denzel got his ass to the gym today......." ? TMZ, you are a news website. Yes, it's celeb gossip but you should still act like professionals, not like all the writers are still in puberty.

2409 days ago


Capnmarvel, TMZ has NO respect for anyone or anything. These are the same people who follow Britney Spears around while she goes mad in front of everyone, the same jerks who shoved cameras at Heath Ledger's family while they were grieving and trying to bury the man. They have NO class, and NO respect. Whatever salary their writers get, they are way overpaid. You cant expect these jerks to act like decent human beings because they are devoid of any human decency whatsoever.

This site, and their crappy TV show, needs to be shut down.

2409 days ago


Doesn't look like me

2409 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

Are you sure that's Denzel Washington? The face just looks wrong to me.

Go Sox

2408 days ago


Father Time, you are so right. 20 years ago, I was a size 2. Today, I'm struggling to maintain a size 6. Working out regularly is a MUST and I'm learning to enjoy it.

2408 days ago


My excuse? I have a job & a family & do everything for myself! If I am ever rich & famous, you'd better believe I wouldn't have trouble finding time for the gym.

2408 days ago


My and one of the best BB program is :
Days .
1. A breast and biceps
2. Serratus muscles /or a rest
3. A back and triceps
4. Top of a stomach / or a rest
5. Shoulders and legs
6. Bottom of a stomach / or a rest
7. ---->repeat
+ Whey Protein,Amino,BCAA,Creatine Monohydrate,L-Arginin,Vitamins +
---> A lot of chicken meal and cottage cheese !!! 2 years and you Ronnie Coleman !!!
Maybe whom it would be useful,,,

2408 days ago


Denzel is a great actor and a fine looking gentleman gosh if he were to only let me work him out on a daily basis...just kidding but can't help to at least think of

2408 days ago


Pauletta, girl, you are one lucky woman!!!

2408 days ago
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