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"Idol" Contestant a Giant Phony?

2/14/2008 7:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Last night, 16-year-old "Idol" contestant David Archuleta said he "doubted" his talent. We're calling his bluff!

This kid's been a pro for years. TMZ tracked down one of his earlier (and chubbier) performances from the"Jenny Jones" show. Jennifer Hudson eat your heart out -- the kid killed it with a version of "And I Am Telling You ..."

"Jones" wasn't his only pre-"Idol" TV appearance and he may have even had a record deal! For the record, FOX tells us that contestants cannot currently have a management or recording contract.

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TMZ must really be looking for stories. It sure seems that now you have to go making up CRAP since Britney is avoiding your stalker tactics. David is a good Kid. Leave him alone. He is enormously talented and for you to outright call him a phony makes you sound so uncredible. Why don't you guys do some real journalism ? Your stories read like a high school newspaper. You are ridiculous and I hope new laws take effect to prevent you from destroying peoples lives. I won't worry too much people know your website is evil. One day Harvey you will meet Karma and it won't feel so great.

2390 days ago


He may have doubted his talent because he has tried before and never broken mainstream. I don't see anything wrong with him taking a shot at American Idol. After all, the public will ultimately decide and he has to win them over.

2390 days ago


This is the kid with vocal chord paralysis. Of course he'd be doubting if he is as good as he was before. And he definitely is a whole lot better now.

2390 days ago

michael martineau    

Maybe he can sing the Start Spangled banner at the New England Patriots home opener next season!

2390 days ago


Leave the kid alone. Do you have nothing else in you life than this?

2390 days ago


So what! The hot Aussie guy and his band had a record deal with Madonna's label before he became an "idol". I doubt very much if any of these contestants were singing for the first time. Must be a slow news day, huh?

2390 days ago


Why don't you comment on Carly Hennessy Smithson being signed with Randy Jackson with a 2.2 million dollar contract?

This isn't anything new.

2390 days ago


I totally agree with Dan R. I love TMZ but sometimes you guys are ridiculous. AI only showed the fact that this young man lost the use of one of his voals cords. I don't understand why you would call him a giant phony. He has struggled thru something that could have ended any chance for a music career. Leave the poor guy alone.

2390 days ago


The problem is not that this kid won Star Search. It is that at no point in all the time they've given his "story" has SImon Fuller dared to mention this fact. Fuller also hides the fact that Carly Hennesey-Smithson had $2 million spent on her record that sold 300 copies. Simon played up that girl who supposedly sold her prized horse to pay for a plane ticket to Philly without mentioning she was once signed to a major label and opened for Britney Spears while managed by Britney's people. American Idol is going out of its way to hide the truth about their contestants. Ryan Secrest pushes the concept that the show is looking for unknown voices to give them their big break in the music industry. The show is scamming the viewers. They are hiding major facts in order to keep Sanjay Jr. and Taylor Hicks 2.0 from killing the franchise.

2390 days ago


They'll probably find out he did steroids and take away his victory.

2390 days ago


I would imagine a person could appear on national television and still doubt his talent. Self-confidence can be an elusive little devil...

2390 days ago


Geesh, as long as he isn't currently under contract, he's free to be on AI.(He's not the only contestant who has had a contract.) He's 16, he probably doubts his own name half the time. At that age, his voice is not stable and can do strange things all on it's own. He's a baby, give him a break!

2390 days ago


I'm absolutely shocked that NO ONE has mentioned the fact that he won "Star Search" 4 years ago...WTF? TMZ, do your homework, this kid isn't an "amateur" at all.

2390 days ago


Joshiah isn't mental -- he's a young passionate kid -- chose to live in his car so he could save $$ as we worked to get into the business. Would return home at times. Some of you people have not listened. In reality he is ready for more than what this competition offers.

His mother who is 39 has a rare form of cancer. She is supportive of his dreams. Info being reported on the other forums is the Ellen show called and he will be on next week and perform one of his songs. We can only hope that a producer picks him up - the kids got talent.

2390 days ago


He is not the only one check out almost all of the top 24 have had some type of recording deal...

2390 days ago
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