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Jane Fonda

I Wasn't Into Cu*t!

2/14/2008 12:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jane Fonda said "c**t" on the "Today" show. Need we say more?


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Baseball Junkie    

Patton, if it weren't for you idiot right-wing conservatives and your total jack-ass of a president, Bush, we wouldn't have any soldiers over in Iraq to get blown up. We had a legitimate reason to invade Afghanistan after 9/11 but W. trumped up excuses to invade Iraq. We never had any business going in there. Hussein hurt the people of Iraq but most of them are worse off now than they were before we invaded or haven't you heard about how the religious right is trying to enforce Sharia (sp) laws by killing women who don't wear the headscarf, beating up men who's hair is the wrong length, etc. We went over there to help and instead, for many Iraqis, we made things worse.

2441 days ago



2441 days ago


I guess she is trying to act like she's young and tough. Whether a person is young, old, tough or not tough, the word is offensive and dirty and shouldn't be used. I've been to Canada several times on extended vacations, and I never heard anyone talking like that, trying to sound clever, cute, tough, whatever. I hear people talking "tough" all the time here.

2441 days ago


This is the type of "news" that embarasses me to be an American. She said one sexual-type word in passing and we go crazy about it. This is a non story. This is a nonstory that will probably soon have the FCC involved. We're the most taboo, sexually repressed country on the planet and it's starting to make us all look very silly. Let's not even get into the insane overreaction to the Janet Jackson incident.

2441 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

J.J. you'd be a lot more believable if you didn't shout. Just shows how little you really believe in yourself and your stories.
Why don't you get some real facts and then try to challenge me?

2441 days ago


This piece of S**T should have been shot for treason 40 years ago. But, noooooo, now we have to listen to this worthless skank all this time. Henry should have had her aborted.

2441 days ago

Kathryn M    

Liberals are allowed to talk like that. But if a conservative does - look out!!!!!

2441 days ago


Probably was weary of the lesbo interviewer.
Probably sick of same ol same ol gay media personel.

Who knows?
Who cares.

I likw someone who calls a spade a spade though. To hell with you wussies.

2441 days ago

Not FondaJane    

This is typical Hollywood filth-mouth. I'm sure she and her flaky degenerate friends use the word all the time, as well as other expletives. She is an attention-starved nut in need of serious therapy (and not the nutty liberal 'therapies', but some good, truthful hardball therapy).

That born-again driver she had did straighten her out for a while, but of course, anything involving true discipline is too much for these arrogant buffonish actresses and actors to endure. I guess I'd call her born-again with birth defects.

Hollywood degeneracy is the elephant in the room no one really wants to admit to. Tipper Gore never followed through (amoeba-brained Al needed the Hollywood dough to keep his 'cause', the global warming hoax, going). The liberal media, NBC, Fox, ABC, CBS - they're all complicit. That's why today's shows are absolute garbage - scatological can be very funny (where is Seinfeld, Jonathan Winters. Mel Brooks when you need them), but today's 'comedy writers' should just stay on strike. Thet're unfunny!!!!

2441 days ago

Media Man    

You Americans. Oh my, she dared to say the C word. So? And you wonder why the rest of the world laughs at you.

2441 days ago


Big deal!... Turn on the TV in prime time to watch a few more being murdered and tell me she's a sinner. What a joke.

2441 days ago


#74, I agree with everything you said except for going into Afghanistan. There was no need to drop bombs on Afghanis and kill thousands of innocent people who had nothing to do with 9/11. Special forces and police action was what was needed. Wasn't bombing Tora Bora enough? It's always over-kill with the Dogs of War, the right-wingers/Republicans.

2441 days ago

Lucy Phoenix    

I think it's funny that people get so upset over a word that isn't threatening. So what if she said it. The sun still shines, the earth still turns. Nobody died.

2441 days ago


go off yourself you piece of crap traitor. shouldnt you be living in asia or something. i guess you trying to say you not into yourself

2441 days ago

John Levesque    

I always TiVo the Today show and when the first segment with this Anti-American came on I just fast forwarded past the whole segment. Later when I saw her on again I couldn't fast forward because I was caught up to real time. I saw her face and immediately went to CNN. There is nothing fowl I need to here from this piece of garbage. In fact I went to CNN because I did not even want to hear her say so much as a hello. I am amazed how this Anti-American is treated as Holy when she is justy such garbage.

2441 days ago
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