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Jeri Ryan -- The Real Obama Girl

2/15/2008 3:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jeri Ryan, Barack ObamaIf Barack Obama ends up winning the White House, the first person he should probably thank on Election Night is ... Jeri Ryan. Like, "Star Trek's" Seven of Nine Jeri Ryan? Yup.

Let's explain.

Back in 2004, when Obama was a small-time State Senator from Illinois and running for a U.S. Senate seat, his GOP opponent was Jack Ryan, a super-wealthy businessman who was actually favored in the contest -- and who had gone through a messy divorce from ... Jeri Ryan.

The divorce was a slapfight of Hasselhoffian proportions, and Jeri's allegations that Jack had forced her to go to sex clubs in New York and Paris -- and wanted her to have sex with him in the clubs -- completely ruined Jack's campaign ... and Obama went on to win the seat. And now, perhaps, the one in the Oval Office.

We asked Ryan's rep how she feels about it, but haven't heard back yet.

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Liz H    

Jeri Ryan is my role model. For several years she's been my mainstay for strength and determination. I actually look up to the character. I think Obama is wonderful and I hope he gets the nomination.

2402 days ago


I have seen Obama in a few debates, not sure what the attraction is.

2444 days ago


lol, stupid.

2444 days ago


TMZ this is low even for you....................Tell the WHOLE story! Not just tidbits!

2444 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

If he does become President, the poor guy inherits Bush's record war debt, and a possible depression/recession, so I guess his skill at inspirational speaking will be sorely needed.

2444 days ago


GO OBAMA!!!! If Hillary can't manage her own staff and campaign funds, how does she expect to manage a nation???

2444 days ago


Hussein Obama will not be president.

2444 days ago


I'd give Gery Ryan 7 of my 9....hey that rymes.


2444 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

7. Hussein Obama will not be president.

Posted at 2:02PM on Feb 15th 2008 by huckbilly
Well, I know something for CERTAIN. YOU will not be president. Just keep watching, billy bob huckster.

2444 days ago


OK, Commenter No. 5: You're a complete idiot and clearly only read this headline and looked at the photo. Your comment in no way even comes close to relating to what this (worthless) "story" is about.


2444 days ago

M Izak G.    

You know what really is a controversial statement said by a celebrity?....What Madonna recently said about Britney Spears.,they asked her if she had any advice for Britney Spears, and she commented back by saying,"I dont like to give advice to people I don’t really know, and I don’t know her,...So no, I have no advice for her"...I love Madonna, but after hearing her say that, I am embarrassed by her. How the F*@! do you ask someone to come out in your MTV Performance, How the F@!* do you come out as a featured artist on that person's album and go around saying I don’t know her. That made her seem like a total idiot. it goes back to what I say. Do entertainers have any control on what they do, or are they Entertainment puppies and they are told what to do, when to take a S@!* and etc. Because if you do have control, how does one do all these things for one's career and go saying something stupid. She could of said "no comment" Or " I don't agree to how she is living her life, so I will not comment on that"...Don’t go around contradicting your actions and basically make it a point that you used her to make use pay attention to you, so you can market yourself. Because at the end of the day, Madonna is where she is because of us...we chose to continue to follow her because of the choices she makes career wise, and if those choices are made just to make us make you money...we are the dummies falling for these tricks. And if you think that of your fans, then there is something that needs to change. Remember Madonna, you are nothing without us! SO take a little more responsibly in your actions and especially what comes out of your mouth!!!!

2444 days ago


Bros before Hoes!

2444 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

NoYankHere has comedic vision, Branden. He does not EXPECT you to understand it. He probably assumes you won't.

2444 days ago


Tony, I'd suspect that even a current undergraduate Harvard student could come up with something more articulate than name calling. Obama did not go to "Harvard Community College," so I suspect that you are mistaken in your claim.

Then again, there has to be a last place in every graduating law school class, right? Maybe you're just jealous because you realized to late that the name of the school on the degree alone won't land you a job when you show no constructive ability to do the job...

2444 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Madonna is simply distancing herself from Spears. They are acquaintances, not friends. The kiss was business, and we all knew that.

2444 days ago
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