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Now Everyone Can Take Bindi Home

2/18/2008 6:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Bindi Irwin is such a doll -- literally.
Bindi Irwin's doll
The hardest-working 9-year-old in the world unveiled her new toy line at FAO Schwarz in NYC on Monday. Crimping iron sold separately.


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I think Bindi is a disgrace. Just the soun dof her voice makes me gag, she is so obnoxious and over the top gaggy. She is her mothers $$$$$ and everyone around her is using her for their jobs, their marketing, their profits. That mom and home schooled, lets make the kid a GEEK, home school her to isolate her from kids her own age, in a normal environment. She wil be a social outcast and a somewhat of a freak. Kids need to be around OTHER KIDS, not goofy male dancers looking like some freak. Then a Bindi doll, OH PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE, i have four kids, they need to go to school, they need to make mistakes, not parade infornt of atv like an annoying little parasite. I hate to say this but her father was so annoying, so loud and obnoxious theonly thing i could do when he was on was either change the channel or press the mute button. I cant stand her or her mother, they are so gaggy and fake, she is 9 years old, she is not 25, she does not know everything, infact she really knows nothing, only what her mother has planted in her head. Terry should get out of the spotlight and get her daughter out of it too. And to let her son get bit by a snake and say it did not fiz on him, this woman is obsessed with profiting off of not only her dead husband but now her money making little parasites that are around to give us a second round of HIM. Like her show is enough to make someone peuk, what 9yr old talks like that, she is not a martyr to suffering. She lost her dad. That is all he was. They have her building him u bigger than the man above for petes sake. Like give it up. It is disgusting and the whole show, and the ugly doll repulsess me. A Bindi doll, like who needs one of those. Something else that will end up in the land fill site a few years down the road or on ebay for .99c. Please dont pollute the environment with more ugly dolls.

2437 days ago


Child looks like spawn of gypsy and devil.

2437 days ago


Michelle, your irrational rants are very easy to spot and today isn't the first day that any of us have noticed you spedcifically in here. You apparently have nothing else to do in life but sit in front of your computer screen ranting and raving on people who are purposefully baiting you for your irrational responses.

Thanks for letting me know that I am twit - I have posted in here twice today which is the second post in about a month. You are so very entertaining that I hope you rake me over the coals more after you have shoved another twinkie down your gullet. I won't see it though because I have spent, oh maybe 10 minutes in here and am leaving for the rest of the day while you sit at your computer and focus your entire existence on this website. You provide many of us with a lot of entertainment! Thanks!!

2437 days ago


It truly saddens me when TMZ post children on this site for the public to take pot-shots at. I know this child lives in the public eye. However, growing up is hard enough without having to read cruel and hate filled comments directed at you by other people.

Shame on you TMZ, leave the kids alone, there are enough adults out there making fools of themselves for you to make a killing on!

2437 days ago


Talk about exploitation of your child for a buck - it's shameful! Let's hope that something will eat her soon and we can be done with the lot of them.

2437 days ago


you are disgusting for tearing apart a 9 yr old little girl. It's a shame that your lives are so pathetic that you have to lift yourselves up by ripping apart a child. Your parents must be so proud of you.

2437 days ago


She's so sweet!

2437 days ago


she looks like a sweet kid but i dont think is a good idea to play whit wild animals especiali after what happen to her father

2437 days ago


I understand she's a little obnoxious. But she's still just a kid. I wish the best for her and her family. Her dad was a man who actually tried to make a difference in the world, and there's nothing wrong with that.

2437 days ago


OK I know she is just a kid and all. But she CREEPS me OUT! I watched several interviews with her and she really is like some kind of annoying kidbot. She seems to just pep along at the urging of her mother. Let's see how wiling she is to share the spot light with her little bro in a few years. I think I saw footage somewhere and they say Bindi was under the Sing Ray and pushed the barb into Daddy's chest. VERY creepy!

2437 days ago


Yeah, I know. Michelle is a popular name. I wrote in caps, but we do agree on a few things at least.

2437 days ago


Watch what you say about this little girl. Look at the ears on her, she can probably hear you.

2437 days ago


Exactly. Michelle is an uber popular name. Just becasue we might all have the same opinion on something means it's one person in here all day? And he is the one searching out how many posts "Michelle" posts. That to me seems pathetic. Just saying.

2437 days ago

Mr. Hat    

Dear Get a Life:

Who are you to tell someone how many times they can blog?
It's a free country as far as I know.
Your insults to her were rude.

2437 days ago


She is sweet, talented and gifted. Her Dad was a free spirit and lots of fun ! He enjoyed his life and his family to the hilt ! I'm sure Bindi isn't out to just be pretty. At her young age, she already has more depth than all of our Hollywood airheads. She has a lot of great ideas about saving the earth and preserving the Animal Kingdom. What's up with you guys, being so cruel. Are there no childern in your lives ? Do you hate children ? Everything in life isn't about someone being a fox. Especially a child. Her Mom watches over her and helps her in her career. Her little brother is cute, too.

2437 days ago
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