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Brit's Conservators Smell Lutfi!

2/20/2008 5:49 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lawyers for Britney Spears' conservatorship filed papers yesterday in federal court, asking the court to reject the bid to remove the case from the California Court system.
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In the papers, the lawyers claim Britney was in no position to even hire a lawyer for the federal case because she's not allowed to under the conservatorship order. Attorney Jon Eardley, who filed the federal case, claims Britney hired him.

Lawyers for the conservator also want Eardley to identify everyone with whom he worked to get the federal case filed. It's real clear the conservators believe Sam Lutfi who is behind it, hand he's been restrained from having any contact with Brit.

The conservators' lawyers also want Eardley to pay attorney's fees, claiming the federal file is kinda frivolous.

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Its Lutfi not Lufti, but anyway you spell it he smells BAD!!

2436 days ago


Eardley received the call from Lutfi! Lutfi has a reason for hiding! He was at home one evening missing Britney and pulled out his pink wig and panties and put them on! He then disguised his voice to be like Brit's and called Eardley! Yes! Everyone Lutfi really wants to take over Britney and be her!!! He's jealous and has an obsessive fascination to be her! The pink wig he wears is from Britney's house, ( the items that were stolen), and panties! Mind you he only wants to be Britney because he wants K-fed! He's K-feds beeetch! Breaking News at 11:00, K-fed and Lutfi are LOVERS!!!!

2436 days ago


Sam, which Osama is related a group called, "I smell money" . I pray for Britny's recovery and keep those arab devils away from her. They are blood succers.

2436 days ago


I hope Osama and Eardley have to pay all the attorneys fees involved in this---that would be great. And they deserve to get stuck with the bill for wasting so many people's time.

2436 days ago

Dr. Adams    

Day'ummm (((BRIT-WHIT)))....learn how to get out of a car with a short dress on, "We can see what you had for lunch" worthless TWIT.....But then I have no class coming from the back-woods of the bayou....What the Spears clan need is very simple....give them a few fishing poles, a keg of beer a river somewhere far, far, far, away....and a canoe., FLOAT ON

2436 days ago


LMFAO #10 capnmarvel! I agree this "First" crap is way old and pathetic.

2436 days ago


Can you imagine how embarassing this must be professionally for that cheap ambulance chaser, Eardley? Guys like this give lawyers the bad rap. I hope he has to eat the costs and that the worthless crapmaster Osama gets his, too.

2436 days ago


And you can float you ass right along with them...

2436 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

Qoute: "1. first

Posted at 3:57PM on Feb 20th 2008 by AG"....
FIRST to do what...First to have 8,000 brainfarts per day..with nothing to say.
TMZ should look at these "no comments"..... Maybe you are a celeb with ZERO to offer and say. (No Comment)

Anyway.. Britney is crazy.. any help would be a help... She will kill herself soon..
then what will "the Firsts" or TMZ do then?

2436 days ago

i-fed up of fedex    

23. Can you imagine how embarassing this must be professionally for that cheap ambulance chaser, Eardley? Guys like this give lawyers the bad rap. I hope he has to eat the costs and that the worthless crapmaster Osama gets his, too.
Posted at 4:44PM on Feb 20th 2008 by cripe

But then you'd think it would be embarassing enough not to put foward a case with no merit. Must be something else in it for him?!

2436 days ago


I see Eardley has a history of pulling stunts like this - and it's cost him. Hope it costs him even more this time and Lutfi as well. I wish Lutfi would crawl back under his rock and leave the Spears family alone.

2436 days ago

appauled by the stalkarazzi    

Forget about the so-called Federal case Eardly and Lutfi thought they could get away with. We want to know when the LAPD is going to arrest Lutfi and take the socipath off the streets???

Sam Lutfi will look great in prison stripes with his room mate bubba the love muffin forcing himself on Lutfi (prison justice is the greatest justice)

2436 days ago


Jon Eardley = Osama Lutfi's Boy-Toy!!

What a tool! Wonder if Eardley is related to Debra Opri (Larry Birkheads fame whore)

Go Team Spears! Can Y'all also sue Lutfi for harassment and intimidation?

Go Judge! Make Eardley tell the Whole truth in regards to this (Sam and Sands or Kaplan) crap lawsuit! Under threat of perjury and disbarment

2436 days ago


Don't you have patients to see?

2436 days ago


Hope Team Spears still has an army of PI's keeping track of All the Baddies!

There are soooo many bottomfeeders trying to get a piece of the pie, or at least their names in lights! They are mentally disturbed! I don't think they care about trying to mess with Britney's life... they regard it as a game. I'm sure they think it is a fun game!

Hope the Judge puts an end to all this needless harassment and throws the book at ALL INVOLVED! GAME END

2436 days ago
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