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Federal Judge Says It Seems Bogus To Him

2/20/2008 5:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A Federal judge in the Britney conservatorship case has issued a tentative ruling that the move to make a federal case out of it is ridiculous.
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Judge Philip Gutierrez set a deadline of February 29 for Britney's so-called lawyer, Jon Eardley, to explain why on Earth the federal court has any business getting involved in Britney's mental affairs.

The court said it sure seems the Feds have no jurisdiction to interfere, and unless Eardley can convince the judge to the contrary, the case will go back to State court on Feb 29.

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2435 days ago

wait what    

Someone needs to murder Sam Lutfi.

2435 days ago


It's hard to believe that there's such mean evil people in the world as Sam Lutfi & his wacky attorney. The Spears family are working round the clock to try & save their daughter from the hands of this evil maniac & some attorney has to stick his nose in to help Sam try to keep her from getting well.

Britney needs to get well so she can get her precious boys back. They need their mother in their lives. I hope Sam & this attorney have to pay all the court cost & I hope Sam goes to jail. He's an evil man who has harmed enough people already.

2435 days ago


Osama is one tiny little man who acts like one tiny litte man.

Heard he wants to move in to Eddie Murphy's Guest-house and "manage" Eddie's career! But Eddie said no, he doesn't hire ugly trolls

2435 days ago


Eardly's removal to federal court is complete b.s. He had no client--indeed, the probate court in awarding the conservatorship explicitly stated that Britney lacked the power to retain counsel. In addition, his motion was completely lacking in merit. There was no federal jurisdiction in this case: the allegation of interference with unnamed provisions of the Food & Drug Act were complete fabrications and, even if true, failed to invoke any federal question; further, federal courts explicitly abstain from ALL domestic & family law issues, which are considered to be exclusively state law issues. Looks like a big publicity stunt to me--whether acting on his own to get attention for his firm or acting on behalf of some shady operative. My guess is that attorneys fees and sanctions are awarded under Rule 11. I hope he gets disbarred.

2435 days ago

Sick of people calling her the victim    

Here we go ~ the lawyers will end up with all her money.

2435 days ago


Just think this could happen to any of us. Your ex or someone wants your kids or money or both. You suffer from depression and make a new friend and what happens? He puts drugs in your drinks. He gets access to your money he lets the press know when you are screwed up by the drugs he fed you. Can you imagine your family not caring enough to stop this before it went this far?
The feds need to investigate Luft and these "attorneys" he has hired to try to get control of Brit. Maybe the Feds won't step in on this case but maybe they canorder some kind of investigation. I hope so.
I aslo would like to know why Kfed has not been ordered to take drug tests and family threapy? He was a free loader and spent millions of her money . He made 7000 thousand bucks in 2 years LOL Yet he had child support to pay ,new cars expensive clothes and left Brit sit hom,e while he partied. ANd he got the kids????????? and more support?????/ I wouldn't be surprisedif he is involved with this some way.

2435 days ago

Sick of people calling her the victim    

Do you know how much that cost to have the conservator's lawyer respond to that insane plea in federal court? Wastefulness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2435 days ago


#51 DBK-Yes, that is the intelligent version of my remarks. Much more professional.

2435 days ago

i-fed up of fedex    

Re post hopey-joe, 5.38:
a) it was kaplan that requested the latest point of debate in the custody hearing - psych eval, the judge just enforced his request, therefore he was probably the most difficult lawyer in the room.
b) eardley has no bearing on the custody case.
c) kevin's fed up of being tied down...... he'll be convinced quick enough: "And despite yesterday's court ruling, both Kevin and her family are willing to work to make it happen." (page6)

!! Normally page6 is anti-britney so i would almost believe them if they say something slightly positive... Rest of article FYI.

"Britney Spears isn't just spending her days shopping: She's calling ex Kevin Federline.
A source close to the Spears family tells that the 26-year-old singer has been in touch with K-Fed in the hopes of making an arrangement to see their sons. And despite yesterday's court ruling, both Kevin and her family are willing to work to make it happen.
"Besides getting her the ongoing medical care she needs, [dad] Jamie's sole focus is for her to regain some visitation rights to see her boys, Sean Preston and Jayden James," another source tells us.
The goal once again makes the Spears family and Kevin unlikely allies. While Kevin makes sure to talk about Britney with the boys whenever he can, Britney's family has been working so hard to find a solution for her troubles, they've brought in backup, via brother Bryan.
Despite being on Brit's side, our source says Kevin's not ready to give up primary custody: "Kevin has gotten so close to the boys that he can't hardly fathom them being put back into Britney's care. He fears for them and their future, but also fears for Britney if she does not get control and start seeing them again."
A source tells us that should Jamie Spears succeed and convince Commissioner Scott Gordon to grant visitation, safeguards would be put in place, including Papa Spears being present while Brit spends time with her sons.
The common cause will only be aided by new attorney Stacy Phillips, a Spears family insider explains. "Stacy will not exploit this sensitive situation for attention, and like the other conservatorship lawyers already in place, will take the high road and act with integrity."

2435 days ago


I'll bet Jon Eardley ,cough, attorney has hired Micheal Sands to spin something (Sam tells Sands what to say! Thats why no one can understand Sands!) in the press about his legal prowess! tee hee

2435 days ago

Mr. Hat    

Kelli get off the site You're a jerk.

2435 days ago


What's the hold-up ?

2435 days ago


Did anyone think that maybe this lawyer is trying to protect Britney's constitutional right to hire an attorney?
Or her right to make her own decisions regarding how she spends her money, career, etc?

Our beloved Brit was never convicted of a crime, yet she her civil rights are being restricted. Maybe that is what this is all about, not Sam.

2435 days ago


celeBRITy - STFU SAM!!!!

2435 days ago
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