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One Adult, One Adopted Child, Please

2/20/2008 2:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Fresh from a weekend in the snow, Angelina Jolie and son Maddox spent some time at the movies yesterday. Their flick of choice? "The Spiderwick Chronicles."

Mommy's "naked CGI movie" is long gone from theaters.


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This is so sad. As an adoptive parent myslef I find this headline to be very tasteless!!!! No matter what we think of these celebrities or any one else for that matter if one is going to parent a child and give them the love they need and deserve that should be respected! Whether that child is their biologial child or not !!!!!!!! A child is a child and you all should be ashamed of yourselves for labeling a child becasueof their cirumstances because it's not their fault that they were brought into this world and it's our jobs as adults, communities, etc. to love them and support them and raise them to be positive respectable human beings. What's up with the lack of decency and respect towards our kid's TMZ?????????

2434 days ago


so let me get this straight, since i can't get my 'original' comment on can say whatever you want, but we can't?

Screw you, TMZ. Drop the 'adopted kid' crap already. I'm adopted myself, and I'm offended. shut the hell up already.

2434 days ago

Who's an idiot?    

you idiot paparazzi - next time you see these two psychopaths, ask Maddox what he thinks about mommy having a baby!!! HE will spill the beans cuz kids don't lie!! then you have your exclusive!! YOU DUMB DUMB PAPARAZZI!!

2434 days ago

Who's an idiot?    

you stupid paparazzi - next time you see the freak, ask Maddox what he thinks about mommy having a baby!!! HE will spill the beans cuz kids don't lie!! then you have your exclusive!! YOU DUMB DUMB PAPARAZZI !!!!

2434 days ago

Who's an idiot?    

you stupid stupid paparazzi - next time you see the freak, ask Maddox what
he thinks about mommy having a baby!!! HE will spill the beans cuz
kids don't lie!! then you have your exclusive!! YOU DUMB

2434 days ago

another mom    

As others have said, if you were trying to be funny you weren't. Terrible headline. Stick to picking on adults, and please change that headline.

2434 days ago


This headline is so insulting. I am not visiting this site again. I have a daughter I adopted from China and let me tell you I have a stronger bond with her than many of the mothers I know who gave birth to their children. There are all types of ways to become parents and I happened to choose to adopt rather than give birth as Angelina did with three of her four kids. I am so sick of people knocking adoption..

How is going to a movie exploiting an adopted child? Just because Angelina goes out in public she's exploiting her kids? Give me a break.

2434 days ago


Angelina is my darling, Bless you angel and your family and your sexy man :0). LOVE TO ANGELINA AND HER FAMILY ALWAYS.

2434 days ago

another adoptive and bio mom    

That headline is so incredibly offensive. I too came to TMZ for laughs, but I will no longer make that mistake. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves.

2434 days ago

Just Wondering    

Maddox is the ugliest thing I've ever seen!!!

2434 days ago


Come on #80... What is wrong with people these days?? Geeez! He's a kid, leave him and his whole family alone

2434 days ago


WOW...the day I come back to check out your website after leaving because of the last poor taste headlines, I see this. What is your problem..this is so uncalled for. Children of celebs are off limits especially little one's. Her "adopted" Children ARE IN FACT HER CHILDREN, no need to state how they came into their family, I mean really, this is not news or gossip, leave Children alone.

Please everyone, boycott TMZ...if we need gossip has never attacked Children as far as I know!!

2434 days ago


One adopted child??? That made me sick!!! Come on! Let's see what kind of labels we can slap on your kids.

2434 days ago

can't fool me    

One poster asked about why Angelina didn't adopt American children. As the mother of adopted international children, I can tell you that there are many, many reasons why a person might not choose domestic adoption. Most compelling, many of us witnessed Baby Jessica being torn from her mother's arms and realized we would not survive the loss of a child. Child availability is also a factor in domestic adoptions; the waiting period can be very long. Please think twice before you judge Angelina or any person who has adopted. You DON'T know their story.

2434 days ago


I have thought that children that come into a parents life adopted, step child or biological should all be treated equal. I read a while back that Angelina stated that she did want her biological child to be "Spoiled". I think that if she treats all the children equal, it should not come to that. Sooo sad if she feels that what she is doing by making it harder for her biological child will be good. She is soo wrong. I have two Biological children as well as two step children, they were all treated equal...The outcome? Four Brothers that are thicker than molasses.

2434 days ago
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