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Paris Has a New Pal: The Green Fairy

2/20/2008 5:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

As if Paris Hilton needed more rocket fuel to make her visits to Las Vegas even more insane and unintelligible, now she's got absinthe to amp it up -- mais oui, that sly green slurry that makes sober adults go totally bats**t.
Paris Hilton and absinthe
Spies at the Palms Hotel and Casino tell TMZ that Paris and sis Nicky and their entourage indulged last weekend in a bottle of Le Tourment Vert, a French import, as did partymate Tommy Lee. And we're also told that Lil' Wayne liked it so much -- he's featuring it in his newest music video.

Why is absinthe making stars' hearts (and minds) grow crazazier? Until just a few months ago, it had been banned, because it had been portrayed since the early 20th century as a dangerous, psychoactive drug -- and production was prohibited here. Sounds just like what Paris Hilton needs.


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2404 days ago


i'll make a music video about this drink too

2404 days ago

pimp after a 120yr hiatus, we might start to see another bunch of 'artists' go nuts from their love affair with the green faery

2404 days ago


absinthe makes the heart grow fonder

2404 days ago

Paris has herpes    

So what you're basically saying is this is a paid advertisement made to look like a "story"? Thought so.

2404 days ago


...expect a new video from Paris soon, if she's partaking of the green fairy....

2404 days ago


Does it really contain wormwood? I thought that was forbidden by law.

2404 days ago


Abysinthe is cool. i can remember when you could order it from a certain magazine because it was banned in the uk. you can buy it now in shops and in pubs/clubs if they decide to sell it. the reason why it is sooo dangerous it is the volume. its 100%

2404 days ago


next picture of "Size 11" she'll be almost nude with her arms up in the air again....jeeepers!

2404 days ago

who dat    

TMZ is a paid advertiser. I you want to promote yourself, all you have to do is pay TMZ or that other whore, perez. They will feature your story under the idea that it's a news story. Tommy Lee just wants to bang either of these hos.

2404 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

The real stuff a hundred years ago had Wormwood in it which has natural LSA, a weak form of LSD. The modern stuff is flavored with Wormwood but contains no useable LSA. This is an expensive gimic--you'll get higher drinking cough syrup.

2404 days ago


Nice thing this Absinth,but not for every weekend .If it is real
with a high content of Thujon 60 - 90 and if it to drink correctly-
It causes small visuals !!!
Best thing is a VODKA, "Absolut Black Currant or Russian Standart
"...Clean ,good taste , good mood and no hang over...

2404 days ago

Grace E.    

This is the same drink that the young newly wed American couple were drinking when the husband "fell" off the boat in foreign seas never to be found again. Sounds like a great time! Not.

2404 days ago


That is so stupidly photo-shopped. Where's the source you jack@sses.

2404 days ago


Oh for God's sakes. Its time you guys stopped talking about this whore, let her drink the stuff and maybe she will be put out of our miseries!

2404 days ago
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