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Brad & Angie to Pax: You're Officially One of Us!

2/21/2008 5:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have officially adopted little Pax Thien.

We've learned they went to L.A. County Children's Court in Monterey Park, Calif. yesterday and appeared before a judge who finalized Pax's adoption.

The adoption was a two-step process. First, the adoption had to be approved in Vietnam, where Pax was born. The second step was getting an L.A. judge to approve the adoption -- that was done yesterday.

A rep for Angie tells us the Jolie-Pitts were literally celebrating at the courthouse. Mama Jolie walked out with a teddy bear -- a private foundation gives a stuff animal to every family that goes to Children's Court.

Hey Pax -- you're officially one of the luckiest young'uns alive!


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Are they adopting 31 year olds? I'll be happy to call Brad, dad.

2444 days ago


I like Angelina and Brad so much, i decided a while ago to make a site dedicated to them .....

I'm kidding, of course :P

2444 days ago


I think it is wonderful, I just wish they would get married for the childrens sake. It seems like it is all Angelina and seems like Brad is the one usually is with the kids. I am all for adoption from anywhere, it a least gives someone a good home.

2444 days ago


Angie -I get it, however, most people get MARRIED, yes, make a FORMAL commitment to the FATHER of the adopted children. For God's sake, woman ! For the stability of the children. Always the unconventional BS.

2444 days ago


Two Words... WHO CARES

2444 days ago


Sweet kids.. anyone notice Zahara is getting a little picky attitude lately? Oh them terrible twos...

2444 days ago


I dont understand why people find them boring and yet they come to this thread and click on the pics!

The jolie-Pitts are hardly ever boring, they are the only HW family who does intersting stuff! Love them!

2444 days ago


who cares...we still won't see your movies.....adopt as much as you want..and get the publicist out there telling everyone how great you both are...I can hardly wait for the tell all book by Shiloh...u know..the child left behind and left out of family outings all the time.

2444 days ago


Congraulations to this wonderful family. My heart goes out to these sick Jennifer fans who can't give up on their hate tirades. The family is obviously all happy and healthy. Young Pax is so cute, I don't know who is luckier, he or mom and dad!

2444 days ago



That is so wonderful, and I hope that they are all one big happy family.

Hats off to Angie and Brad for opening their hearts and home to more children, and spreading the love around. They are such an inspiration to all of us.

2444 days ago


Why don't they adopt some kids in AMERICA!! Woopity doo they adopted another kid from another country!! What about our kids here in America that need to be adopted????

2444 days ago


When will they answer this question: "So angie & Brad, How come you're never with your child who is your own flesh and blood? never seen going anywhere with her. Never seen taking a picture with her? Nothing! Are your adopted kids more important?" I can't stand them! Weirdos!

2444 days ago


We will see how lucky these kid's are in about 15 yrs or so! Don't forget most celeb kids end up drug users and in rehab!

2444 days ago


just another kid that will be screwed up by these two. she is pure evil and brad is her lap dog. she will get bored of trying to "save the world" and will move on to another hobby soon. wearing blood and kissing her brother again perhaps?

2444 days ago


I USE to like Brad and Angelina BEFORE they were a couple, now that they are together I can't stand to even watch one of thier movies. Why is it that there are hundreds of pics and stories of them adopting these kids, but none about the one they actually gave birth to? I think it's all for publicity. I don't doubt that she cares about children, but I'm sick of hearing about them and all of thier "good will". The adopted kids seemed to be used for show.

2444 days ago
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