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What's Next? The Ivy to Serve Pigs' Feet?!

2/22/2008 2:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Ivy went country yesterday as someone named Chris Gaines Garth Brooks shed his cowboy hat and cheesy checked shirt for a more touristy ensemble -- and decided to munch on a $27 salad. This ain't Oklahoma anymore!

He was mobbed by a ton of fans as he walked out. Seems he's a big star.


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Yeah...what Miss L said in post #23!

I saw him in concert and let me tell you out of all the concerts I have seen he is the best! What a show.

2442 days ago


Hey! I've lived in Oklahoma City for the last thirty two years. I hated all this country stuff when I came here. Country music is NOT my thing.
However in the last few years this place has actually been transformed into a beautiful city, and affordable to live here too.

2442 days ago


I'm not a fan of country music but, yes, Garth Brooks is a big star. As far as the pig's feet comment: I live in the South, have never had pig's feet (nor would I want to), and I would appreciate it if TMZ would stop perpetuating ridiculous stereotypes of the southern states.

2442 days ago


It's official! You're an idiot!

2442 days ago

Area 51    

I'm one of those hick Oklahomans, some 1400 miles away, that TMZ seems so mysteriously gleeful about insulting. I've never eaten pig's feet (or possum or squirrel), but I don't mind a good ribeye steak or a slab of ribs. I'll sure take it over tofu. And if the TMZ staff didn't have it sink in yet, I'll reiterate: Garth Brooks has topped Elvis in sales. Perhaps ya'll are familiar with the works of Mr. Presley. Now if ya don't mind, Elly Mae and I are gonna jump in the covered wagon and head to the general store.

2442 days ago


Not only did he donate every penny to firefighting and fire prevention for the state of California from those Staples shows, he got on a plane after that last show (5 shows in 36 hours!!) and was in Atlanta the next day to open a new therapy center at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta at Scottish Rite hospital. The man just keeps giving and giving.
"Seems" to be famous AND generous TMZ.

And high-5 to Miss L. - amen sister!

2442 days ago

Just Me    

GAS HERE IS $3.09!! UGH!!!

2442 days ago

Area 51    

'fabulous' said it quite well. I tend to believe that any organization that smugly practices regional bigotry is a good bet to secretly subscribe to racial and sexual bigotry as well.

2442 days ago


Ours was up to almost 3.85 a gallon, but has dropped considerably in the past month or so. Thank god. It was costing almost half a paycheck to make the commute to work everyday! HA!

2442 days ago


Do you people live under a rock? Seems like he's a big star? He is A SUPERSTAR!!! He's just not your kind of star, doesn't
give you sleazy headlines. Garth Brooks played 5 shows in 2 days for CHARITY raised over 7million dollars for Fire Relief in LA. Garth is a wonderful person treats everyone with respect. He gives more to his fans than any other entertainer. I am proud to be a Garth fan. The world could use more people like Garth Brooks.

2442 days ago


Did my post really disappear? Wow...I was post # 23 and now it is just GONE...say something positive and the TMZ powers that be just erase it?

THAT is just plain rude...but what else can I expect on here. Sheesh. I guess being positive is a negative.

Miss L. (sending love to the ones that have my back, and forgiving the ones that don't)

2442 days ago


Hey-the pigs feet comment was WAY out of line. You don't say crap like that about Brad Pitt, and he's from Oklahoma. We don't just have Toby, Vince, Reba, Carrie, Vince and Amy, Hoyt Axton, Roy Clark, but we also have The Flaming Lips, Leon Russell, James Garner, Hanson, Ron Howard, Clint Howard, Dennis Weaver, Johhn Bench, Troy Aikman, Mickey Mantle, Tony Randall, Gary Busey, Megan Mullally, Dr. Phil, Mary Kay Place, Kristen Chenoweth, Rex Linn, Dennis Weaver, Color Me Badd, Shannon Miller, Bart Conner, we also have 3 astronauts from Oklahoma. And by the way, we don't eat pigs feet here either. Geez what idiots you are. I didn't even mention all the authors, movie producers, and politicians who are from here. SHAME ON YOU.

2442 days ago

Smarter Than The Person That Wrote This    

He gives you $5 CDs, $25 concert tickets $12 double disc sets, $15 DVD box sets and you're going to complain about the salad the guy eats? Maybe he was eating a $27 salad because he could only find one place where he wouldn't be mobbed by paparazzi jerks like yourself while eating thanks to security inside. Go and leech onto somebody else.

Garth has never sold a t-shirt for $45.

Of course it's not Oklahoma anymore, in Oklahoma they know grammar and have a little something called class, maybe you should look into that. Garth has manners, unlike other celebrities he stops and signs autographs because 1. He actually cares about his fans and 2. He doesn't find himself so important that he doesn't have the time.

If your car costs $27 to fill, you apparently don't worry bout money because you're driving one heck of a hybrid.

2442 days ago


What jerks you are TMZ....implying that a country star would only eat "pigs feet"!! AND yes Garth Brooks is a HUGE STAR...actually a LEGEND! Guess you don't get too many of those around the Ivy......maybe that's your excuse! Funny, not many of you other supposedly "cooler" stars don't get bothered for autographs or photos! .....and wouldn't be as nice a Garth was to take time out for his fan! LOVE YA GARTH!!

2442 days ago


Guess unless you're some anorexic coke head actress showing off your cooch, you ain't a star? Whatever.......

2442 days ago
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