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What's Next? The Ivy to Serve Pigs' Feet?!

2/22/2008 2:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Ivy went country yesterday as someone named Chris Gaines Garth Brooks shed his cowboy hat and cheesy checked shirt for a more touristy ensemble -- and decided to munch on a $27 salad. This ain't Oklahoma anymore!

He was mobbed by a ton of fans as he walked out. Seems he's a big star.


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TMZ, you really are pathetic. There have already been so many great posts in defense of Garth Brooks, the south, and Oklahoma, that I don't feel the need to write more on the subject.

I'd like to ask if you even know who Chris Gaines is? I'm thinking don't really have a clue. And you also slammed "cheesy checkered shirts." Unless it's got actual cheese spilled on it, then it's just a checkered shirt. So if Paris Hilton or Brad Pitt wears a checkered shirt, I'm betting it will be okay with you.

This entire website has been going down and down, getting meaner and meaner, sounding more like middle schoolers are writing a gossip column. I know that celebrity news can be written without resorting to this cattiness. I thought that went out years ago.

2331 days ago

ann ominus    

Poor Harvey L. His ignorance is showing that he doesn't know who Garth Brooks is, even after Garth sang Harve's theme song "Friends in Low Places". Harvey, I would personally like to invite you to come to Okalhoma, Texas, and Lousiana and spout your low opinion of everyone from this part of the country. We know how to treat a rude, crude, egotistical hiney humper like you.

2331 days ago


Many of the under 30 'celebrities' of today would do well to study Mr Brooks and his treatment of his fans. His charity work has raised milions and millions for worthy causes. He regularly shows up for events to raise money for charities other than Teammates 4 Kids, and has particiapted in several Habitat builds, but seeks no publicity for that work.

Garth is a genuine person, a class act and a great entertainer. He's famous for being a hugely talented man, unlike the usual 'celebrities' that fill this site.

2331 days ago


Yes Garth Brooks is a star you moron!!!!!!

2331 days ago


He was having a SALAD?!! I saw a little bit of this man's appearance at the David Letterman show the other night, and he could HARDLY stay in the seat, let alone in his JEANS! This man is so fat, he was having difficulty breathing! He had all that success, now wants a comeback and thinks he deserves it and IMAGINES he's so great, and he is a joke. Just stay home and eat mashed potatoes with gravy, will ya? You are officially a HAS BEEN.

2331 days ago


obviously TMZ YALL DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HELL YALL ARE TALKING ABOUT! Garth Brooks is the Greatest!

2331 days ago


Amazing that some of the posters here seem to just post to put others and their opinions down! Must be something to do with the way they were raised! I grew up in a very "sophistocated" neighborhood and graduated in a hugh senior class of FIVE!! But yes, I have managed to walk upright! I will control myself about other's opinions!

Whether the posters want to admit it or not, Garth Brooks is a STAR!! Check the sales numbers for yourselves--don't take my word for it! He has far outsold many who cannot control their appetites for publicity not to mention controlled substances. Personally, I love that TMZ only has a $27 salad to slam him about!!

2331 days ago


Garth munches on $27 salad...all I can say is...........
Lucky Salad!!

2330 days ago


What's a Garth Brooks? Sounds like a new T-shirt or pair of shoes. Maybe he will revive the Village People again, and relive his glory days.

2330 days ago


Garth can have $27 salad if he wants. His record needs no defending, it speaks for itself! Anyone??? who would post that Garth is a "has been" is just plain ignorant. This person certainly was not at the Staples Center just last month. I was there for all five shows! It was the best time ever. The 80,000+ fans there kinda seemed to be having the time of their lives to me!!!!
I know I did and I even met Miss L in person at the show. How many people here can say we have impacted so many peoples lives like Garth has? Garths Teammates for Kids Foundation has given over $60,000,000 to kids charity. Anyone else on this board who has a problem with Garth done that much good for others in their own lives? Get real!


2330 days ago
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