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Renfro Not Feel Good Enough for Oscar?

2/25/2008 4:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brad RenfroSo why did the Academy snub Brad Renfro by not including him in the memoriam? The Academy is pretty much tight as a drum.

A flack tells us a small group of people make extremely difficult choices but refused to say what criteria are used to make those decisions. She added we shouldn't waste our time cause no one would discuss it further.

Could it have something to do with the circumstances surrounding Renfro's death? It's uncomfortable to applaud when an actor dies from an overdose. Of course, exceptions must be made for huge stars who OD. Heath Ledger made the cut.

The red carpet wasn't the only thing that was sanitized last night.


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What a..    

maybe the people with some common sense have gained influence in National Broadcasting Co. and persuaded them to stop glorifying self-abusing icons. Dude O.D.'s and you want to honor him? What is wrong with you? Honor those who live in deserve of honor, not some sub-prime wasted life. You should be honoring the veterans, the teachers, and the scientists. With out those people you'd might as well live in Mozambique.

2430 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

I'd rather watch any of Brad's movies all over again than ever watch the stupid academy awards. I didn't watch (looks like I'm not the only one), & I don't plan to watch a bunch of pompous ego inflated attention whores celebrate themselves.

2430 days ago


In 2002, Dorothy McGuire who starred in many classics and was an Oscar-nominee was excluded INTENTIONALLY by the Academy.

2430 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

I don't know whether Brad Renfro should have been included in the montage or not. If you check the cast lists of the movies they both did Heath Ledger had more major roles than Brad Renfro did. He may have been in fewer movies but it takes longer to film your part if you're in more scenes and you can do more movies if you only have small parts and can jump from one set to another.
To the people who are still arguing that Heath Ledger must have deliberately overdosed because nobody takes that many depressants at one time by accident. They do if their doctor(s) have not explained that they are all CNS depressants and doctors do not explain the medications they prescribe unless you ask. Convict Heath Ledger of being a bad consumer because he was uninformed and did not know enough to ask the right questions but that does not mean he intended to get high off these drugs. Never ascribe to intention that which can be easily explained by lack of information or stupidity.
The fact that Brad Renfro had an audition in the morning does not mean he did not intend to overdose. In the dark of the night, death can look like a very good option if you're depressed. Been there, considered that, luckily for me never carried through.
Give them both the benefit of the doubt. Brad Renfro was depressed and did not know that since he'd been clean for a while his body couldn't tolerate the doses he'd been used to. Heath Ledger was sick and ill-informed about the prescriptions he was taking. By this theory they both died because they didn't understand exactly what they were doing. Last I checked stupidity is not a crime in any country's books. It can easily be a fatal mistake though.

2430 days ago


Brad should have been mentioned no matter how he died. It would not be a reward for overdosing. You can't reward a dead person. Owen Wilson tried to off himself, yet he was a presenter. Would he have been included in the montage if he had succeeded? Brad's family and friends should have been shown the same compassion as Owen.

2430 days ago


It's b.s. that the Academy of Old White Men didn't recognize Brad Renfro's death. I was completely shocked. I thought for a second- maybe I just missed it. No, the Academy purposely excluded Brad Renfro from the tribute segment for people in the film industry who died in 2007-2008. They showed no class. If Brad Renfro's death isn't going to be recognized, then Heath Ledger shouldn't be recognized either. The only differences between the two were popularity and body of work. Both were young, talented and obviously troubled. Both died of drug overdoses. Brad's drug of choice was heroin and Heath's was prescription drugs. They were both drug addicts. Lets not make one death out to be any cleaner than the other. No respect.

2430 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

DMODE101, Brad Renfro should have been recognized if the only thing they went by was body of work. Manner of death should not have mattered if it did.
There is however a difference in the manner of their deaths. Renfro died of an accidental overdose of a single illegal drug which he had previously abused but he had been clean for a year from what I read. Ledger died from a mixture of several prescription drugs and he probably didn't know that several of them were variants of the same drugs but he also had stopped using drugs (that stupid, badly edited video doesn't count) and was trying to keep things together. In fact, by some definitions they died of accidental overdoses of the same drug since oxycodone and hydrocodone are both made from opium as is heroin.
I agree with your last point. Death is death. An accidental overdose is an accidental overdose. They were both addicts who had tried to get clean and had succeeded at least for awhile. For that they should be applauded.

2430 days ago


what difference does it make to him? He's dead. The guy had a child he had nothing to do with. No chance for that child to ever see his father. No chance for the guy to change his life. He didnt care enough about his own life and you people want to make an issue out of this? We should be talking about how drugs are destroying peoples, families lives. Who really cares about this award show anyways?

2429 days ago


I was so upset about Brad Renfro's omission that I emailed the Academy immediately after I saw the "In Memorium" montage. He was a brilliant actor who starred in many studio and independent films, one of which, "The Client," was actually nominated for an Oscar!

2429 days ago


To 95...The movie the client was not nominated, susan sarandon was, also, what about Don Knotts...he is in the same boat as this kid and Roy Scheider and if you read the montage before the playing of who died..they specifically had the dates of feb 1st of last year to jan29 of this please people enough already.

2429 days ago


This reminds me of the year John Candy passed away. They snubbed him in the exact same way!

2429 days ago


They probably omitted him because he wasn't an Academy member.

2429 days ago


You stupid ASS. Heath Ledger was an "accidental overdose" of prescription medicines while Renfro died from an overdose of HEROIN. Jeez, I wonder what the difference could possibly be??

2429 days ago

for the haters!    

This is so weird - I have recently been reading all the scathing, scandalous and nasty words being used to describe Amy Winehouse and her drug addiction and why she shouldnt have won her grammy's. Brad Renfro died of a heroin overdose and didnt get a mention on an awards show and everybody is having a damned fit over it! Someone please explain to me what the deal is here?

2429 days ago


I guess the Academy thinks you have to have super high-profile career and or death to rate being remembered by your peers. I think they made a big mistake in not including him in the memoriam.

2429 days ago
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