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Spears' Lawyers Say Brit Ain't No Cash Register

2/25/2008 7:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained documents filed today in Federal court in the Britney Spears conservatorship case and her lawyers have made it clear -- Brit's not the Bank of America.

Jamie Spears' lawyers claim attorney Jon Eardley, who filed the motion to remove the case to Federal court, has triggered a flurry of legal moves that have already cost Brit more than $40 grand.

For his part, attorney Jon Eardley claims he was retained by Britney on February 12 and has spoken with her on several occasions. He says the last time she attempted to call him, "the telephone was taken away from her, and the number was disconnected the next day."

Eardley says Brit has "never been and is not now on comfortable terms with her live-in father conservator" and claims that he is "concerned for the emotional and physical safety of Britney."


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Lawyer and Liar sound alot alike, anyone else notice that?

2430 days ago


If she ain't a cash register then why do guys say "Ka-ching!" after doing her?

I'd do her too just to be able to say it too.

2430 days ago


everyone needs top lay off of her money its hers shes worked hgard for it for almost 10 years now and they should lea her alone

2430 days ago

I'll rent the DVD when it's done    

How can this guy be "retained" by her when she isn't able to legally "obtain" anything? Just another leech.

2430 days ago


She never should have had any money to begin with. She is a no-talent-got-lucky-by-using-her-bod.

How much money, and how many people does it take to babysit Britney Spears?

2430 days ago

Dyna ™    

Translation, he wants it the way it was so he and lufti can take advantage of her again, over and over again.....

2430 days ago

Nor Cal Reader    

Of course Britney is not happy with her daddy / conservator. Who wouldn't be bugged by having to admit that you can't handle your own life. That you daddy has to take over. Of course if he had taken this much interest in her life from the start, most of this stuff wouldn't be happening.

Too little too late? Only time will tell.

2430 days ago


Another flattering picture.

2430 days ago


She's a prisoner!!! I hate her but this is so wrong. How long is Daddy going to hold her purse??

2430 days ago


He's not concerned for her. He's concerend about his pockets. Jerk. All he cares about is making money. And being Brits lawyer is sure to bring in a load of cash.

2430 days ago


It is sad, but if Britney was capable of functioning in any capacity, then the conservatorship would not have been put in place.

There is no "conspiracy" against her. In order for that to happen, numerous factions such as family members, governmental employees, judges, psychiatrists, attorneys and other individuals would have to be working in tandem (hah!).

Except for this one attorney who says he has been hired by her, the only thing everyone else agrees on is the fact that she "just ain't right." Hopefully, with medication and counseling, she will be able to resume her life and the bonds that have been put in place for her safety and those of her children will be loosened and eventually disappear altogether.

2430 days ago


There is no cure for being a narcissitic brain-dead whore. Meaning, she'll never get better.

2430 days ago


haha Eardley got toldddddddddddd

2430 days ago


Britney need to swollow her pride and admit that she has a problem if she ever want to get well. As soon as her Dad is out she will be back to her old ways. You cannot train an adult child in a few weeks. Her parents should have install moral values,& education in her when she was growing up ,but instead her parent was alloing her to go around in school girl clothes and daning provacative. This is the result of their parenting decision. I feel for those innocent boys that are suffering as the result of her nonsense.

2430 days ago

frogs and gravel    

Whenever a lawyer sais something
just the opposite is true. Also, taking her
phone away? Is she 16 and it is
a school night?

2430 days ago
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