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Beatle Gets Stoned In New York

2/26/2008 4:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mick Jagger, 64, had Paul McCartney's back last night -- it's two against the bitch!

Photogs so wanted to know what Mickey thought of Paul's divorce, of course of course. Mick was mum.


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Blimey, give him a break.

2429 days ago

Jeremy P    

Drugs in NYC...NAH
Jeremy lesser men have tried to stop such things~~~~

2429 days ago


Everyone, including P McCartney's kids from his first marriage encouraged him to get a prenup with this bloodsucking lifeless tart of a wife he was going for. I really feel bad for the guy and I know everyone around the world were not suprised to hear of his divorce and said "We told you so"

As for Mick... I couldn't hear a damn word he said... if he said anything at all.

2429 days ago

Glisten Garbor for some real news:

February 25, 2008 -- The News of the World

Mucca fury at Macca plan for daughter

Warring Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills are on collision course for a new court battle over a trust fund for daughter Beatrice.

Mucca is incensed that Macca wants Bea's step-sister Stella on a board of trustees being set up to look after the four-year-old's financial future.

Heather, 40, has vowed to challenge the move-taking the matter to court if neccessary.

She has long been an sworn enemy of 35-year-old fashion designer Stella and blasted: "Keep that woman away from my daughter and my life."

Sir Paul is adamant he wants Stella to play a key role in Bea's future-in case anything happens to him before her 18th birthday.

But a source revealed: "Heather wants none of it, and has told Paul in no uncertain terms that she will fight any role Stella has in Bea's life."

She and Sir Paul are currently sweating on the result of their court divorce settlement-and how much of Macca's £825 million Heather will actually get for the four-year marriage.

Meanwhile Mucca was also angered by Macca pulling the plug on a divorce deal over her security-claiming it could lead to her being attacked.

Sources say she screamed at him in a furious row last week: "I'll be dead in three months."

2429 days ago


to poster #3 --Michelle, if you are going to cut & paste "news story articles", at least make sure they are accurate. Stella is Bea's HALF-SISTER (they both shareMacca as a father) NOT her STEP-SISTER.

2429 days ago


Hahahahaha! Thats the way to treat you rude, nosey paps! Stonewalled by a stone! LOL!

2429 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

To poster #5..if you are going to type my name, TYPE THE RIGHT NAME!!! and no one really cares about greedy Stella and her biological linkage to Bea..Here's hoping Heather Mills gets every cent that she is asking for..

2429 days ago

Jennifa O Jenny    

I'd feel like such skum of the earth if my job was to ask tasteless questions and take photos of people who'd rather ve left alone.

2429 days ago


Why should Heather get any of Paul's fortune, aside from what they made while they were together? She had no influence and no say over the vast fortune he amassed during the 58 years before he met her. She should get half of what they jointly made while they were married. Nothing more, nothing less.

2429 days ago


And so... you paid for this video??

2429 days ago


Like Mick Jagger is required to respond to that azzclown.

2428 days ago


i am sorry to say that i think there is something to what heather says about's tragic that paul's money will speak volumes as to his credibility in this divorce, and it plain always looks bad, since the beginning of time, for any wife to want a piece of the pie....i believe paul drinks like she says he does and that he has gotten nasty with her while drunk. she may not be the greatest either, but don't everybody discard what she's saying...........because it's about a "beatle".
unless you lived within four walls of the same house, don't act as though you're certain of everything that went on.

2428 days ago


i cant believe people are still talking about the, um, uh, what was i saying?

2428 days ago

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