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"DWTS" Training Technique: A Night on the Town

2/28/2008 4:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

While the kiddies of "American Idol" are put under lockdown, the "Dancing with the Stars" contestants were out for a tough night of "practicing" at Social. It takes brew to tango!

The "Stars" in attendance: Priscilla Presley, Penn Jillette, Cheryl Burke, Derek Hough, Shannon Elizabeth, Tom Bergeron, Kristi Yamaguchi and Jason Taylor. Eat your heart out Oscars!


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#14.... Why don't you "LIGHTEN UP" with Cheryl and Edyta

2318 days ago



2338 days ago


WOOHOOOOOOOO Ali you did it again.....LOL

2338 days ago


no one seems to be interested in posting a comment for this article.

2338 days ago


Kristy Yamaguchi is not dancing? Is she? Skaters are dancers? Their training involves grace. I've known skaters who also train in ballet. I don't think it's right to have a professional dancer. yeah she's a skater but just as good as a dancer. I'm not able to see the video so I'm not sure if she's really competing. I pray she isn't because it just doesn't seem correct.

2338 days ago


How disappointing that Cherly & Edyta (sp?) smoke. Interesting it appears they're trying to "hide" their cigarrettes while being photographed. They're both fabulous dancers - just imagine what they'd be able to do if they had clean lungs!

2338 days ago


Cheryl Burke looks like a great time!

2338 days ago


I don't care about any of this other crap, what I'd really like to know is if Britney has gone to Starbusks today. TMZ Saucks, where's Britney?

2338 days ago


Jason Taylor = hottie!!!!

2338 days ago


I want Priscilla and Louie to win. That would be a hoot but I like Louie.

2338 days ago


Kristi's going to be tough to beat.

2338 days ago

head still up there, harvy?    

Too bad that cutie Fabian Sanchez wasn't there. Vote for Fabian and Marlee!

2337 days ago


we agree with you Suzie Q. eeeewwwhow ugly to see a girl smoke anyway...but they must be ashamed they were trying to hide it from the cameras. how gross they must smell, in their hair and on their clothes...tacklesa. yes, we of course want Julianne to win but it would be refreshing to see Matlin or Yamaguchi win......Julianne you don't smoke do you

2337 days ago


OMG had to have your smoke? That is so proud of what you do or don't do it in public...if you feel it's your personal life then keep it personal....YUK is the word for today!

2337 days ago


It is disappointing that Cheryl and Edyta were smoking, but come on, none of you know whether or not they do it regularly. There is no need to brand them as nasty people. For all you know, they were just relaxing and trying to unwind. Everyone is entitled to do that in whatever way they please. I guarantee if they weren't famous no one wouId even bat an eye. That's the problem with us regular people: we put celebrities on pedestals, and when they do something that is even slightly negative, we jump all over them and say how could they do that? The truth is Cheryl and Edyta are regular people too, really more like us than we may realize. They are normal young ladies doing a normal thing. If that's the worst thing they are ever caught doing, then hats off to them. They are much better role models than most of the other young women in Hollywood their age. Personally, I hope they haven't fallen into the smoking habit, since it is bad for one's health, but if they are regular smokers, that is their own business. They are adults, I'm sure they know the risks involved. I am not a smoker myself, but I know a lot of people who do smoke and while I don't approve, I don't think any less of them for that. Smoking doesn't define who they are. And I certainly don't think any less of these two young women, specifically Cheryl. I have been a fan of hers from the moment I saw her, and nothing she could ever say or do would make me stop loving her and supporting her as a fan. She has been nothing but a good person and positive role model for others. No, she isn't perfect, but who is? Only Jesus was perfect. I get the feeling, though, that it wouldn't matter to certain Filipinos what she did, you would still disapprove. Even if she found the cure for cancer, you would be right there to ridicule her method of discovery. You have made up your minds to hate her, and that is your right. But I don't see the point in constantly criticizing her. She never did anything to deserve having her name run through the mud like that. You should be ashamed of yourselves for taking part in that. I hope that if she knew you, she wouldn't be half as judgmental toward you as you have been to her, a person you really don't even know. Enough is enough. Your negativity towards Cheryl is getting old, and I know I can speak for all of her fans (which, by the way, far outnumber your little group of disdain) when I say we are sick and tired of your ridiculous commentary. I'm puzzled as to why you always talk about her anyway. If you don't like her I don't know why you spend so much time talking about her and watching her every move. Most people steer clear of people or subjects they don't like, it does them good. You might want to try that sometime yourselves. As for me and my fellow fans. we love Cheryl. We don't like to hear others talking bad about her. Get that through your heads. Find another hobby, something positive to do instead of spreading hate. You will NEVER get us to change our minds about her and convert to your negativity. Those of us that are TRUE fans will not turn our backs on her, the way you have. We love her. End of story.

2336 days ago
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