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Mischa to Nicole: 82 Minutes in Jail?

2/28/2008 3:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ was in court today as Mischa Barton's DUI case was continued until April 10.

Powerhouse defense attorney Anthony Salerno appeared on the celebuwreck's behalf, telling us he believes the case will be resolved "favorably" -- meaning Mischa will probably get off with the standard sentence for a first time DUI offender. He also says he believes the marijuana charge will be dismissed.

Also, the driving without a license charge will most likely be dropped to an infraction, Salerno says. We're told the naturalized U.S. citizen is working on getting her California license now. 'Bout time!


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pattie in cali    

bout time is right. they think they are above the law. they all want something. nothing given back. take the time out of your busy life, AND OBEY THE LAWS

2395 days ago

Just my opinion    

That's BS, she needs to get what regular Joe/JoAnn would get.....DL service....and jail time...

2395 days ago


I say...

Deport her back to England.

2395 days ago


First off she isn't from england... I'm pretty sure she is american...
But look at this other thing on her...

2395 days ago


lucky BIT&H...i did 3 days for drivin on a suspended

2395 days ago


Amazing, I'm still trying to figure out why Kiefer Sutherland spent a month? Or however long it was. He did not have drugs, do you need drugs to just get a few days. I swear, this is insane. I think we're all tragically waiting for one of these star of the moment to kill someone. oh yeah, that already happened, a slap on the wrist? Nope, nothing, Us regular people would be tossed away.

2395 days ago


It's crazy that people will spend their lives believing that they can do anything that they want just because they are famous. I don't like how so many celebrities show to the world that they can do things and not get caught for it, they have to understand that they still have to pay for their wrong doing. I've read so many articles and headlines that is talking only about celebrities and they mistakes they make. What role models we are raising our children to look up to.

Just look at this website and also look at this website both great websites to get information from but the headlines are only for the wrong. Getting the dirty out of things.

2395 days ago

Whippet Good    

So if she's trying to get a California license, what kind did she have before?

2395 days ago


Ok haters... if any of you were famous you'd be happy getting the same treatment as her. I, for one, would love to toke up in my car...or the beach... or all the other places shes gotten caught doing it and not get in any trouble for it!

2395 days ago


#4 Bill...

She was born in London, England. (that's according to her IMDB profile. Why else would TMZ mention she's a "naturalized U.S. citizen"? Naturnalized U.S. citizen are citizens not born in the U.S.

I wrote this because, had she been of some hispanic, asian or middle eastern descent, YOU racist here would have been quick to suggest the same!!

2395 days ago


Why does it seem that all these young women in hollywood don't have valid driver's licenses? And why do they insist on driving when they can afford to have someone else drive them? Wow, things sure are strange on the west coast.

2395 days ago


p.s. julie at # 6 Kiefer spent more time because it wasn't his first offense. He's had numerous run ins with the law as well. But i get what you're saying.

2395 days ago

I hate k fed    

oh no, huh uh...Brit LOST CUSTODY over driving with her VALID Louisiana license, never allowed to drive her children again over running a red light! Brit got charged with hit and run for bumping an unoccupied car. Paris served TIME after suspicion of drunk driving charge and suspended license, violating probation. How come LiLo and Nicole got off so easily? They BOTH were in possession of and under the influence of alcohol/HARD DRUGS and DRIVING! Mischa deserves more than a slap, for ILLEGAL DRUG possession and driving DRUNK. Life may not be fair, but our courts should most certainly be FAIR.

2395 days ago


mischa barton is a dumb bitch. i hope she does get charged with a marijuana possesion, because in california all you get is a $90 ticket and attend one drug class! and if anyone wants to leave a smart ass remark about how would i know...its because ive gotten one before!

2395 days ago

BOEING 787    

Only a stupid idiot would deport a naturalized US Citizen. Mischa better clean up her life
now cause at this time their is virtually no difference between Mischa Barton and her O.C.
alter ego Marisa Cooper and she is going to end up the way like Cooper went if she doesn't
find help with her major problems and continue on with her career.

2395 days ago
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