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Rescue Me, Miley Cyrus!

2/28/2008 2:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

New "Nashville Star" host Billy Ray and paycheck daughter Miley Cyrus have gone too far this time. The pair rescued a lost dog yesterday and cared for the pup 'til the pooch was safely returned to its home. Gag us with a dog bowl!

Who do they think they are, Brangelina?!? Hopefully they picked up this dog's poop!


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That's great they helped the dog! Anyone who takes time out of their life to help a living creature gets kudos from me. People are too selfish now a days....last time I checked Brangelina weren't the only people in the world who were allowed to do nice things.

2428 days ago


Ya hope they picked up the dogs poop and sent it to the dirtbag that wrote the piece!!!!!!!

2428 days ago


TMZ's starting to get to me. I don't have much use for anyone, that wouldn't step up to help an animal in need.

2428 days ago


I think it's kinda cute. Pretty normal thing to do and nice to see that they aren't above doing a normal thing. PLENTY of stars wouldn't give two craps about a lost dog. A nice thing!!

2428 days ago


Seriously?! Her father is helping to keep this girl grounded by doing a wonderful thing with her...acting as a father should and teaching her to care for others (the people who lost the pet and the dog itself) and you think that is something to gag over?!!? If that is the way you feel perhaps you should stick to reporting strickly on the stars like Brit, Paris and the like and leave the children stars who have yet to mess up thier lives (for whatever reason) alone.
That was a completely inappropriate story.

2428 days ago

bebe#3 on the way    

Are you kidding....I hope anyone would stop and help! That just shows they are a good hearted family.

2428 days ago


Come on TMZ lets stick to what you do best MUCKRAKE .

2428 days ago


tmz, you are clutching as tightly as possible to your fifteen minutes of fame... remember, the tighter you hold onto it the more likely you are to lose it... this story is mean spirited, vindictive and useless... like your tv show and your web site... harvey, you better calm those wannabes down before you lose all respect... calling his daughter a paycheck?... if i were him i'd find you and kick your sorry butt...

2428 days ago


Sorry #19 (Christopher), no scandal here. Miley just turned 15 in November

2428 days ago


Tmz you gone to far with her now!!!she did something good unlike paris hilton

2428 days ago


They do something really nice and you have to run them down for it? It really makes me wonder how many of your stories are really exaggerated! They are great people and should be commended.

2428 days ago


You guys at tmz need to leave miley and her dad alone. Go harass crazy Britney Spears.

2428 days ago


What would someone have to do in order for TMZ to write a good story on them? Makes you wonder.........

2428 days ago


I believe Perez Hilton is running TMZ. He's the only one that could be so spiteful and mean about something so innocent as caring for a dog. Really TMZ..can't you find anything interesting to write about?

2428 days ago


I think when someone does something food for someone else they need to get credit for me, she is a young tean , who learning new things in life and doing a good job about it. Who cares If she is a paycheck , they are a love knit family. She brought a movie out to the theaters for people who couldn't afford her concert tickets cause some creep bought them all and try resell them more than what they were worth. Is there anything positive you can report on, I am tired of negativity.Cause with that your not found to listen too and watch anymore

2428 days ago
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