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TomKat Cuts Rug for Suri's B-day Bash

3/2/2008 9:51 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Scientolotot Suri Cruise is only turning 2-years-old, but her old man and lady are planning what seems like a Sweet Sixteen, according to Showbizspy. TomKat were apparently so impressed with the spinning skills of DJ-producer Mark Ronson at their wedding that they are flying in the British sensation to hit the table and spin some tunes at the big April birthday bash. Princess Suri must be a serious dancer. Everybody do the LRH!

It's Hillary, Live From New York

It seemed like a year ago when Hillary Clinton was the inevitable candidate to represent the Dems, but now she is in the fight of her life. It's not easy trying to compete with the Rock Star qualities of Barack Obama, who fills stadiums of screaming followers.

In her attempt to appeal to young voters, Hillary has taken a few digs at Obama and most recently made a surprise appearance last night to open "Saturday Night Live". She tried to get the shows endorsement, but they're only in the political comedy game. The wanna-be president does have the support of Hollywood Playboy, Jack Nicholson, who even taped an ad pledging his devotion to Hill.

Party Favors: Lindsay's Hard Knock Life ... French Oscar Winner: 9/11 Conspiracy Theorist?

Lindsay Lohan spoke out about her troubled year to Paper magazine and said she partied and drank too much to forget about all her problems. Only problem: the Hollywood lifestyle created more problems, but now Lindz says she is better and over her wild child phase. ...The Oscar-winning French actress, Marion Cotillard, apparently thinks the U.S. didn't want to spend the money to modernize the World Trade Center so they decided to blow them up instead on September 11th (via Daily Mail). Looks like that is the first and only Oscar Marion will be taking home anytime soon.


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Big Daddy    

Very interesting, thanks

2393 days ago

Dyna ™    

Haven't heard that theory...... that's just stupid. OK, frenchy, you got an Oscar and nobody watched the movie, keep your mouth shut now while your're ahead.

2423 days ago


Even though I believe Hilly is homo sexual, I still would not vote for her, Obama's just too cute!

2423 days ago

Not ! a BrAngelina LOON !    

I think it's going to obama. Even though I prefer Hillary who I think is more than capable.

Thus said! I think the SNL skit was great! there is too much " hate" in politics and making fun keeps things light.

2423 days ago

He's Boring now    

The person who played Hillary on SNL was great. Obama was even better, especially the Fun House Cartoon they did with Sharpton and Jackson being on the outside looking in to the Obama Campaign.

Was nice to see Hillary show up and see the softer, lighter side of her, but I still believe she is ruthless and her husband and her would stop at nothing to stop anyone or anything in their way. We dont need that in the top job in the World.

a vote for Obama will put an end to whining by all races that "we cant get ahead"---excuse me, with a black man in that office it will be the final proof that oh yes we all can.

2423 days ago


I think the SNL skit was great and a prety close act of what actually happened in the debate.
for all the men out there who think that smart strong women are lesbians, GROW UP! why don't you lok deep down inside of you and think hard why do you hate smart strong women? why? are you afraid? I think that is my answer, the reason why men won't vote for HIllary, who by the way is an excellent candidate, amazingly smart and qualified, compared to Obama who is winning because he simply is a man, and unfortunatly in now days society, men win simply because they are men, they do not have to have an intellect. it's sad. So I guess men won't vote for a smart woman, because they are afraid to give the power to a woman and they just do not understand smart strong women. I am so sad to see this country rulled by such stupid creatures: men. maybe one day, a woman will get into the white house, but I guess she has tto sound stupid in the campaing and she must be drop dead gorgeous, for men to vote for her.

2423 days ago

montana mike    

so, anus marie, i guess you'll never make it to the white house

2423 days ago


Anyone who believes the government's "Incompetence Theories" is a complete moron. So called 'news' outlets which dont questions it are, frankley, traitors. We need more Marions.. and less YOU.

2423 days ago


so, because someone questions the "official story" of 911, she is labeled ANTI AMERICAN?? and gasp, she's FRENCH!! last time i checked, this country was founded on the principles set forth in the constitution.... one of those being freedom of speech. wake up people! the REAL terrorists are in our own government. want REAL change?

2423 days ago


Proof an Oscar makes you a member of the Academy, but not MENSA. Suuuuure, sweetheart, because the BILLIONS we've had to spend on clean-up, security, memorials, survivors' funds, medical costs for first responders, etc. etc. is a lot cheaper than remodeling a couple of buildings. I certainly hope the majority of the French people are not as foolish as this twit.

2423 days ago

She looks great    

Those "screaming fans" are planted by the Obama campaign. Ever notice how the swooners are always in front? Give us a break - the guy's an irritating speaker - can't stand that evangelical, preachy, pompous voice. The White House is going to become a makeshift church/mosque.

2423 days ago


I don't question her right to say what she wants about the U.S. government and 9/11. Americans do it all the time and so does everyone else in the world so why shouldn't she. The flip side of that is I can question her intelligence and gullibility and have the right to do so. I put her in the category of those who believe the Holocaust never happened and the first trip to the moon by the U.S. was staged right here on earth—I have a friend who firmly believes that. I don't agree with him but he is still my friend because he has the right to believe whatever he wants. So she can spout off as much as wants but if she is going to dish it out then she needs to learn to take. I was wondering if she mentioned this before or after she won her Oscar?

2423 days ago


No way.

2423 days ago



2423 days ago


That's what happens when you think you have everything wrapped up. You should have put your best foot forward
instead of your mouth.

2423 days ago
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